10 French Companies in the U.S. You Need to Know About [Tech Edition]

Posted by Frank Gogol

Wondering which are the hottest French tech startup companies in the US? If you are looking to find out the most appealing French startups based out of the US, then you have landed at the right place. This article lists down the top 10 most attractive US-based French tech startups to work for in 2019.

55 The Data Company

An initiative by former Google executives, 55 The Data Company was established back in 2010. Its focal point of operation lies in data analytics. It aims to bring organizations and their consumers on the same platform with the help of effective data collection, exploration and activation.

55 The Data Company has helped brands leverage data-driven technology to craft superior brand experiences. Data architecture, strategic consulting, and consumer experience enhancement are the core services offered by this organization. It currently employs more than 200 digital strategists, media experts, data scientists, and engineers.

AB Tasty

A website optimization specialist, AB Tasty is all about helping marketers extract the most out of their internet presence. The journey began in 2009 when Alix Sagazan and Rémi Aubert joined forces to create Liwio – a web analytics agency which specialized in conversion optimization. Today, it employs more than 200 professionals dedicated to providing the most intuitive and effective web optimization solutions to clients from all over the world.


As the name suggests, Adwanted is focused on the online advertising market. Established in the year 2012, it provides an automated platform for managing advertising campaigns – right from ad buying to placement and optimization across all traditional media formats.

Enterprises can leverage Adwanted platform to create private and secure marketplace to buy advertising space on all linear channels. Brands can engage in direct negotiations with ad agencies, while Adwanted ensures automated management of campaigns to gain the desired level of efficiency and performance.

Chili Piper

Chili Piper is a startup venture that deals with B2B sales. It specializes in helping organizations enhance their buyers’ experiences – right from the start of the buying journey to retaining happy customers. It aims to bridge the gap between buyers and sellers through seamless integration of technology.

It has helped several organizations in dramatically improving the conversion rate and creating more leads from the existing traffic. Within just 3 years from its inception, Chili Piper is ranked among the fastest growing French startup ventures in the United States.


CyberAngel exists to keep a watchful eye on organizations’ cybersecurity blind spots to prevent data leaks. Sensitive data exposure vulnerability is one of the most dreaded situations for today’s corporate world. CyberAngel is a data leak detection platform that comprehensively monitors every layer of the World Wide Web for enterprise data leaks and digital threats. In the event of data exposure, CyberAngel provides all the actionable insight into the affected enterprise for quick remediation.


Founded by Andrew Jamison, Danny Morrow, and Guillaume Bouvard, Extend is a leading operator in the Fintech industry. It’s a stealth-mode app which offers extremely secure peer-to-peer credit card access platform to businesses of all sizes.

It allows enterprises to create unique digital credit cards with a defined spend limit and expiration date. You can track the card usage online and revoke access once your purpose is solved. If your organization is looking for gaining control, accountability, and visibility over business purchases, then Extend has a tailor-made solution to serve the purpose right.


GAROU is a Virtual Reality (VR) platform which is dedicated to building a community where users can share their VR content, interact with like-minded people, engage with brands and discover new avenues. This startup venture was founded in 2017 and it has made steady inroads ever since its inception.

GAROU is changing the way people experience and explore new destinations through the lens of virtual reality. It allows you to take a virtual tour of a particular geographic location from the comfort of your home. Currently, they have an active community for New York City. You can explore key landmarks, visit real estate sites, catch spectacular hawk-eye views and browse stunning architectures through virtual reality.

Infinite Flight

Infinite Flight specializes in developing aviation-related software products for smartphone devices. It is basically an advanced flight simulation platform that offers the most comprehensive simulator experience on mobile devices. No matter whether you are just an aviation enthusiast, an aspiring pilot or a veteran flight commander, you can be assured to gain insightful simulator experience with realistic graphics and practical controls on a wide variety of modern and classic aircrafts. Infinite Flight app is available for both Apple iPhone and Android users.


Klaxoon is all about efficient teamwork. It revolutionizes the way corporate meetings are run. It’s a platform that turns spectators into actors – bringing your team together through effective participation, brainstorming and decision making.

Klaxoon apps suite boasts of various interactive modules to create a new playground for teamwork. If you consider meetings to be a complete waste of time, then Klaxoon will make you think again. Through Klaxoon, you can collaborate with your team from anywhere and at any time. You can get each of your team members onboard – from all parts of the world. You can share ideas, manage projects or lead agile workshops. Klaxoon is the way to go for gathering collective intelligence and promoting out of the box thinking capability.


Founded in 2017 as a social investment network, MoneyGoat was an instant hit among the new-age investors looking for authentic tips and market insights from the industry insiders. It’s a platform which allows prospective investors to tap into the wisdom of the crowd.

With a MoneyGoat account, one can peek into the public portfolio of other members, collaborate in closed groups, get real-time reactions on new investment avenues and get insider information tailored to personalized interests. MoneyGoat enables investors to connect with influencers, discover new investment opportunities and build a diversified investment portfolio which ensures great returns.

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If you are looking to build a career in a US-based French tech startup, then the companies mentioned above can be worth trying out. Each of these 10 companies can provide you the right opportunity to grow along with the organization and achieve greater things together.

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