Loans for immigrants and the underserved

F-1, OPT, H-1B, H-4, O-1, L-1, TN, J-1, DACA and U.S. citizens


$1,000 - $25,000Starting from 7.99% APRUp to 2 years term*

What our customers say

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I applied and they asked 4 legitimate questions. Within 24 hours, my loan was approved at about 1/3rd of the rate offered by big financial institutions. Hooray!!
My experience for a refinance loan from Stilt was smooth and easy. I received great support and clarity from the Stilt team during the entire process. The turnaround time was really fast!
Stilt is great and different from other banks and online lending companies. As an H1B Visa holder, Stilt is THE ONE you should apply for a loan.

Loans for immigrants and non-U.S. citizens

A loan customized for you. Better rates and no hidden fees.
No SSN. No Problem.
If you are new to the U.S. and do not have an SSN yet there is no need to worry, you are still eligible to apply.

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No Cosigner Required
We make decisions based only on your merit and do not need a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident cosigner.

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Low Interest Rates
We look at your education, work experience, income, and financial behavior to give you lower rates.

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No Prepayment Fees
Feel free to pay as early as you want. We don't charge any prepayment fees. You save interest with prepayments.

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Answers to common questions about loans with Stilt.

What is Stilt?

Stilt Inc. financial technology company located in San Francisco. We are revolutionizing the way individuals with build and access credit. We help people with limited or zero credit history in the U.S.

What interest rate will I get?

Our minimum APR is 7.99% and the maximum APR depends on your state. Your exact rate will depend on your creditworthiness and can only be known after you apply for a loan.

What is the eligibility criteria for Stilt loans?

The minimum eligibility criteria is - you have to be physically present in the U.S. with a U.S. bank account in your name and a U.S. address.

Can international students get a personal loan?

Yes, we give loans to students on F-1 visa irrespective of the semester. We also give loans to students enrolled in Day 1 CPT programs.

Will checking my rate impact my credit score?

No, we do only a soft pull to give you a rate. This will not impact your credit score. We will only do a hard pull after you accept the loan.

Can I apply for a loan without an SSN?

Yes, if you don't have an SSN, you are still eligible to apply. We are focused on helping non-U.S. citizens get a loan that they deserve.

Can I get an international loan?

We offer loans to US immigrants, international students, visa holders, and the underserved who meet our minimum eligibility criteria. No cosigner required.

What are the interest rates on international student loans?

The same as regular loans - starting at 7.99% APR. Many Stilt customers use this to refinance their student loans, buy/lease a car, or relocate to a new job.

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