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When you go to the United States with the purpose of building a life there, becoming a citizen is not something that you can do with the snap of your fingers. It would take a few years until you can receive actual citizenship – during which time, you need to remain there as a permanent […]

The U.S.’s 46th president Joe Biden was inaugurated on 20 January – a momentous occasion for the country. While the new Commander in Chief already faces many challenges, one of the more pressing ones is getting his American Rescue Plan through Congress. The $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief plan is a vital lifeline for millions of […]

It can be hard to imagine that people still use checks in the age of digital banking and payment apps. But there might still be times where you’ll encounter this valuable slip of paper.  Understanding how checks work and how long does it take for a check to clear is important. Especially when you’re paid […]

There are millions of Americans without a bank account for various reasons. But that doesn’t mean they are excluded from using financial services, including cashing a check.  Whether it’s a government, payroll, or personal check, here’s how to cash a check without a bank account and what you should take into consideration before choosing the […]

President-elect Joe Biden has a lot of new plans, and as soon as he’s in office, he wants to apply them. The new policies will undo what President Trump’s administration did over the last few years. So, what is the Biden Immigration Reform and what exactly does it include? Below, you will find out what […]

President-elect Joe Biden comes with some plans regarding student loan forgiveness. These plans include benefits for students who took out loans. What exactly is the student loan forgiveness plan, though, and what does it include? Here’s all you need to know regarding the plans of the president-elect. Joe Biden Student Debt Strategy There have been […]

After requiring medical treatment, you might be shocked to get a medical bill that costs more than you expected. But that’s not where your worries stop – you may also wonder if your credit will be affected by this bill. So, do medical bills affect credit? You will find out the answer by reading this […]

There has been some good news recently. NRIs will be allowed to vote for the Indian elections, and they can do so even if they are not in India when the voting starts. But now that NRIs are allowed to vote in Indian elections, how can they do that? Here’s all you need to know […]

Most investment strategies fall into two overarching categories: passive vs. active investing. This might be painting with a broad brush, but there are two schools of thought in the world of managing your portfolio. Active investing means taking a more concerted role in how your portfolio performs, whereas passive investing offers a less hands-on approach […]

On January 8, 2021, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services issued a final rule that replaced H1B lottery visas with a selection process based on the wages in which they are placed. So if you’ve been looking forward to the H1B lottery results, then you must learn about these changes that are about to […]