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Many people decide to join the e-commerce industry and make some money. Amazon is one of the hottest options, making it easy for anyone to sell their products and start getting some extra cash. That being said, if you want to make some money, don’t start thinking about how to cancel Amazon Prime just yet. […]

Many people think they should refinance a personal loan in order to save money on it. But can you do the same thing when it comes to car loans? Some individuals who go for auto loans are not always lucky enough to get good rates, so they may deal with high interest or high monthly […]

Instacart is a service that focuses on grocery delivery. It can save you the trouble of going to the shop as it hires personal shoppers who will do all the shopping on your behalf, after which your products will be delivered to your house. Perhaps you’ve been thinking of joining Instacart too, but as a […]

Insurance contracts are among the most complex legal agreements in ordinary life. Understanding your insurance policy is very important so you understand what is and isn’t covered, and the premiums due. Read on to learn what is an insurance premium. What is an Insurance Premium? An insurance premium is a sum of money you pay […]

The financial industry can be confusing for new investors or when investing for H1B visa holders. Many investment-related concepts are unfamiliar. Among these is the concept of pooled investments like ETFs and mutual funds. Understanding the difference between ETF vs mutual fund is important for understanding which investment is best for your needs. ETFs vs. […]

Tax compliance combines the difficulty of navigating complex laws with the challenge of understanding your finances. Especially if you’re still wondering how to file taxes for the first time. Being in debt to the IRS is a stressful position to be in. In the worst-case scenario, you may be wondering, ‘Can the IRS take money […]

The process of applying for lawful permanent residence (a green card) in the U.S. has a lot of requirements. One of these requirements is that your application must fall into a particular category when you file. After filing your employment-based application, you may want to change the category. If so, you will need to understand […]

At the end of 2020, there were 365 million credit card accounts in the United States. Most people have a credit card nowadays, and this gives them a huge responsibility because they must make regular payments back. But what happens when you cannot pay the whole amount one time? Here is where minimum payments come […]

People get deported from the U.S. for all sorts of reasons. Some commit crimes or violate the immigration laws of the country, while others are unable to obey a visa’s terms. After being removed from the U.S., you will be unable to enter the country for 5, 1o, or 20 years, although some are permanently […]

Amazon Prime Video is a great video streaming service provided by Amazon. It allows you to subscribe to numerous channels, including BritBox, Paramount+, and many others. This way, you will always stay up to date with your favorite films and shows. But not everyone wants to stay subscribed to this service forever. Some start wondering […]