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If there is a business ecosystem that enables transparent data flow, making way for efficient collaboration, then it is VeChain. Earlier, when the supply chain data was distributed among multiple stakeholders, there was no way to ensure information flow. The blockchain technology supported by VeChain lets both the businesses and consumers have a clear view […]

Imagine your company offers a great training program that will really help you advance your career. You take the training opportunity, right? But what if the training happens in the U.S. and there is no similar training where you live. Is the situation hopeless? No! You can still attend the training in the U.S. by […]

MoonShot Crypto is unique in the crypto world as its protocol rewards a buy-and-hold investment strategy over a high-volume trading strategy. MoonShot also rewards users with non-fungible tokens like animated series and games. With all these interesting benefits you might be asking: How do I buy MoonShot Crypto? Buying MoonShot is slightly more complicated than […]

Individuals born in the United States or to parents who are US citizens will automatically be granted US citizenship and can apply for a Certificate of Citizenship. However, individuals who were not born on US soil and whose parents are not US citizens either do not qualify for a Certificate of Citizenship. Instead, they have […]

Investors are always looking for the best options when it comes to tokens, but it is not always that easy to find the most profitable ones. Perhaps you’ve come across the AMP crypto, and you were wondering whether you should join its community or not. Well, you first need to discover its worth and how […]

There are certain rules and regulations that lawfully permanent residents need to follow if they wish to leave the United States of America for extended periods. This is where knowledge of the re-entry permit can come in handy. In this article, we will discuss everything about Form I-327 and Form I-331, both of which are […]

So, you’ve decided to invest in Ripple XRP rather than Bitcoin. Now you need to choose an XRP wallet to store your crypto assets in. Choosing the best XRP wallet is not as easy as it sounds. Do you want a hardware or a software wallet? What is more important, security or accessibility?  Below is […]

If you’re a journalist, you want to make sure you do an impeccable job at spreading objective news. That means you might have to travel the world to find your sources of information. But if you want to go to the U.S. to do your job, you need the right documents to enter the country […]

Polygon is a protocol that allows you to connect blockchain networks compatible with Ethereum. Now that decentralized finance is gaining more and more popularity, there are a lot of high network fees because the networks are full of transactions. Polygon comes as a solution for the issues commonly brought by blockchains, such as slow speeds […]

Having U.S. citizenship is great, especially for people looking for a future in the U.S.  – a future that involves working, as well as other benefits. But not everyone wants to keep this status forever, and some end up renouncing their citizenship instead. This may be confusing to outsiders, or people who wish they could […]