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LinkedIn is one of the top social networking sites for job seekers and recruiters alike. It’s also a great platform for passive job seekers who are already employed but are open to switching to a new company. Through LinkedIn, connecting with people within your industry is as easy as clicking a button, allowing you to […]

If you have an Apple device like an iPad or iPhone, Apple Cash is an easy way to access your money using your device. The Apple Wallet app provides different services to make it easy to use your money. Integrating Apple Cash payments into your normal banking gives you even more convenience. If you want […]

Xbox Live is one of the best entertainment subscriptions around, allowing you to connect to Microsoft’s exclusive gaming network and a whole lot of other benefits besides. However, you might want to cancel your Xbox Live subscription for any number of reasons. And when you do, it’s important that your know-how. This article will discuss […]

Even if you are self-employed, you still have responsibilities when it comes to your income. Your income should be reported, and in order to do so, you will need a special form known as Form 1099. But what do you do if you don’t have a 1099 form? How to report self-employment income without a […]

Discovery Plus offers on-demand streaming of many television series. Like many other subscription services, it is easy to sign up. However, if you decide you no longer want the service, you may not find it as simple to unsubscribe because the procedure depends on what device you used to sign up. Read on to learn […]

Filing taxes is one of the essential parts of being an adult. While the right way can lead to many benefits for you, it could lead you to a jail term if you file them in the wrong way. But the question is, at what age should you start filing taxes? Do you disclose the […]

A credit score is needed to obtain various benefits, such as loans. But in order to have high chances of obtaining a benefit, your credit score must be good. It is very difficult to build a credit score, especially when you are doing it from scratch, and it can also be very challenging to maintain […]

Given how complex and challenging it is to file your taxes and how easy it is to make errors, you might have to write an explanation letter to the IRS explaining your mistake and asking them to forgive you for your mistakes. An explanation letter is not just any letter. If executed poorly, you could […]

Filing federal income taxes is a must, and when doing so, you will have to decide on a filing status. Perhaps you are married, and people suggested that you file jointly, but you may want to file single instead. Can you file single if you are married, though? This is a question you may have […]

If you live in the US, there’s a big chance that you have your own Venmo account. Its use is so widespread that it’s now part of the everyday life of the average US resident. That said, they may come a time that you have to cancel a payment made on Venmo. Luckily, canceling a […]