About Stilt

Founded by immigrants for immigrants, we specialize in providing financial and immigration-related services tailored to the unique needs of newcomers to the U.S. At Stilt, we believe in financial inclusion for everyone, regardless of their background. We understand firsthand the challenges faced by immigrants, from building credit to navigating complex immigration processes. That’s why our services are designed to be accessible, straightforward, and supportive.

Our Mission

Stilt is dedicated to empowering immigrants by simplifying access to essential financial and immigration services. Our goal is to demystify these systems, offering tailored solutions that foster financial inclusion and support their immigration journey. We strive to be a trusted partner for immigrants, helping them establish a secure and prosperous future in their new communities.

The Stilt Team

Rohit Mittal


Rohit Mittal co-founded Stilt with a focus on addressing the financial challenges of immigrants, drawing from his own experiences. As CEO, he leverages his finance and technology background to drive innovation and inclusivity, ensuring Stilt provides accessible financial solutions.

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Priyank Singh


Priyank Singh, as co-founder and COO, combines his engineering and business expertise to optimize Stilt’s operations and customer experience. His personal immigrant journey fuels his dedication to creating effective and empathetic financial services for immigrants.

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Frank Gogol

Content Strategist

Frank Gogol spearheads Stilt’s marketing with a focus on content creation and digital strategies. His expertise in communications shines through in crafting compelling narratives that highlight Stilt’s mission, connecting with diverse audiences and enhancing the company’s presence and influence.

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