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At a Glance: Need-based appeals detail your financial situation and funding requirements. Merit-based appeals are based on your achievements and abilities as a student or athlete. Both types of appeals must be supported by evidence. Paying for college or university is usually the single largest financial hurdle for young people. There are several different ways […]

At a Glance: There are several different alternatives to student loans. Contact your university’s financial aid office for information and assistance. Other options include getting a job or applying for an income-sharing agreement. If you are seeking ways to pay for your education, there are several options to explore. Getting student loans for international students […]

Getting a new qualification can boost your career and earning potential, or it can create a path for you to enter a new career field entirely. Read on to learn how to defer student loans when going back to school so you can re-enroll in college without worrying about your student loan debt. Do Student […]

Before joining a college in the US on an F1 visa, students must be sure that they have all of their research covered. We do not want you to miss out on any potential aid you can get to complete your graduation. Credit hours or credits just happen to be one of the major aspects […]

To measure varying levels of achievements during and completion of a course, many performance standards are set. A student’s performance may be reflected in terms of number or percentage or even GPA depending on the country’s criterion. The US uses Grading System as in alphabetical letters to reflect on a student’s performance. Now if you […]

In some visa categories, such as ambassadors, students, and exchange visits, the foreigner may be allowed into the United States for as long as the individual is still engaged in the purpose for which the visa was granted, rather than for a set period. This is referred to as “duration of status” admittance. What Does […]

At a Glance: You can opt to bypass your Master’s by enrolling in a Ph.-D. program. Or you could upgrade the Master’s you are currently enrolled in, and then apply for a PhD. You have completed your Bachelor’s degree. You have good grades and amazing research skills. You know what your area of specialization will […]

At a Glance: The processing period for an OPT EAD card could last up to 30 days. A majority of cards arrive within 7–10 days. An OPT application is expected to take 90–120 days in total. Many immigrants show a willingness to work in the United States as they require money to get by. However, […]

Grad school is costly, but you can get your desired degree without spending a fortune thanks to government aid, state and university scholarships, and loans. Let’s talk about the safest loans, scholarships, and other options for funding your education programs. How Much Does Grad School Cost? As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, millions worldwide have applied […]

Recently, the Student and Exchange Visitor Program made an announcement regarding international students who have an M, F1, or J1 visa. Apparently, these students will be allowed to take online classes while the pandemic is still going and the U.S. is fighting to make things better. However, why is ICE suddenly deciding to do this […]