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The Ultimate Guide to Travel Visas for Indians

Updated on March 11, 2024

As an Indian passport holder, one of the biggest hurdles to international travel can be securing the proper visas to enter your destination countries. With different requirements for every nation, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the process. But never fear! This ultimate guide will walk you through everything you need to know about getting travel visas as an Indian citizen.

What Exactly is a Travel Visa?

A visa is an official document granting approval to enter, transit through, or remain temporarily in a particular country. Every country has its own visa policies for Indian passport holders based on reciprocal agreements. Some may allow visa-free entry, while others require applying for a visa well in advance.

What’s the Difference Between a Travel Visa and an eVisa for Travel?

The main difference between a traditional travel visa and an eVisa (electronic visa) for travel lies in the application process and how the visa is obtained. Here are the key distinctions:

Traditional Travel Visa:

  • Applications are made in person or by mail at the embassy or consulate of the destination country
  • Requires submitting physical documents like visa application forms, photographs, and sometimes supporting documentation
  • The visa, once approved, is a stamp or sticker placed in the traveler’s passport
  • Processing times can take several days or weeks depending on the country

eVisa (Electronic Visa):

  • The entire application process is completed online via the destination country’s eVisa system
  • No need to visit an embassy/consulate – applications and payments are done electronically
  • Typically requires submitting scanned copies of the passport and a digital photograph
  • Upon approval, the eVisa is sent to the applicant via email as an electronic document or code
  • Processing is generally faster than traditional visas, often within a few days

Key Advantages of eVisas:

  • Convenience of applying from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Faster processing times compared to conventional visas
  • No need to visit embassies/consulates or submit physical documents
  • eVisas are linked electronically to the traveler’s passport number

While eVisas are gaining popularity due to their convenience, many countries still require traditional paper visas, especially for longer stays or non-tourism purposes. But for eligible nationalities traveling to destinations with eVisa programs, it can be a major timesaver.

Visa Requirements for Indian Travelers

As an Indian citizen, visa requirements can vary significantly depending on your destination country. It’s essential to research and understand the visa policies well in advance of your travel date to ensure a smooth journey. Here’s an overview of visa requirements for Indian passport holders across the globe:

CountryVisa RequirementAllowed StayNotes
AfghanistanVisa requiredVisa fee waived for regular or ordinary Indian passport holders.
AlbaniaeVisaVisa Exempt for persons having a valid residence permit or multi-entry visa from Schengen countries, US, UK, or a 10-year UAE residence permit. The visa or permit must have been used at least once.
AlgeriaVisa required
AndorraVisa requiredAccess through France and Spain with a double- or multiple-entry Schengen Visa or a Schengen Area residence permit required.
AngolaVisa not required30 daysUnilaterally exempted visa for tourism only. Return/onward ticket, hotel reservation, and International Vaccination Certificate required.
Antigua and BarbudaeVisa30 daysVisa on arrival for US$100 for valid visa holders or residents of Canada, the Schengen Area, UK, and US.
ArgentinaVisa required
ArmeniaeVisa90 daysDiplomatic passport holders not required to hold a visa.
Australia and territoriesOnline Visa requiredOnline Visitor e600 visa available. Transit visa required and can be applied online.
AustriaVisa Required
AzerbaijaneVisa30 days$26 USD payable upon arrival. Prior eVisa required for entry via land borders. Passports with Armenian stamps subject to extra screening.
BahamaseVisa3 monthsVisa on arrival for Indian nationals with valid Schengen, UK, US, and/or Canadian visas.
BahraineVisa / Visa on arrival14 daysMultiple-entry visa options available. Visa on arrival for GCC residents (excluding labourers) and holders of valid visit visas to the specified countries.
BangladeshVisa requiredVisa fee waived for regular or ordinary passport holders who apply in India.
BarbadosVisa not required90 daysVisa requirements lifted on 17 May 2019.
BelarusVisa requiredVisas waived for holders of a visa for EU countries and the Schengen area.
BelgiumVisa required
BelizeVisa requiredPermanent residents and multiple entry visa holders of the US or Canada may obtain a visa on arrival. Holders of a valid Schengen Member state visa are visa exempt for up to 90 days.
BenineVisa30 daysMust have an international vaccination certificate.
BhutanFreedom of MovementUnlimited (only for border areas)Indian nationals may use their Voter ID card or Passport to enter by air and land. Permits required for travel beyond border areas.
BoliviaOnline Visa / Visa on arrival30 days
Bosnia and HerzegovinaVisa required6 MonthsNational visa may be substituted with a valid multiple-entry visa issued by an EU or Schengen Area member state or the US.
BotswanaeVisa3 months
BrazilVisa Required
BruneiVisa required
BulgariaVisa requiredNational visa may be substituted with a C visa issued by Cyprus, Romania, or a Schengen Area member state.
Burkina FasoeVisa
BurundiVisa on arrival1 month
CambodiaeVisa / Visa on arrival30 daysFee of 36 USD applicable.
CanadaVisa requiredNational visa may be substituted with a US permanent resident card. Transit visa required.
Cape VerdeVisa on arrival30 daysPre-registration required 5 days before the trip.
Central African RepublicVisa required
ChadVisa required
ChileVisa requiredTourism/business visa holders or permanent residents from the USA, with at least 6 months of validity, can travel to Chile without a visa.
ChinaVisa requiredUnder the 24-hour TWOV policy, transit without a visa is possible under specific conditions.
ColombiaOnline VisaNational visa may be substituted with a valid C or D visa issued by a Schengen Area member state or a valid US visa.
ComorosVisa on arrival45 days
Costa RicaVisa requiredNational visa may be substituted with a valid visa issued by the US or a multiple-entry visa issued by Canada or an EU member state.
Côte d’IvoireeVisa3 monthse-Visa must be collected at Félix Houphouët-Boigny Airport in Abidjan.
CroatiaVisa required
CubaVisa requiredEligible for a tourist card if holding a valid visa or residence permit issued by Canada, the United States, or an EU member state.
CyprusVisa requiredNational visa may be substituted with a double- or multiple-entry C visa issued by Bulgaria, Romania, or a Schengen Area member state.
Czech RepublicVisa required
Democratic Republic of the CongoeVisa7 daysVisa on arrival if a letter (visa volant) issued by the Ministry of Interior and Security is presented.
DenmarkVisa required
DjiboutieVisa90 days
DominicaVisa not required6 months
Dominican RepublicVisa requiredNational visa may be substituted with a valid visa issued by Canada, US, or any EU member state.
East TimorVisa on arrival30 days
EcuadorVisa required
EgypteVisa30 daysVisa on arrival for GCC residents. Conditions apply for organized tourist groups.
El SalvadorVisa not required90 days
Equatorial GuineaeVisa
EritreaVisa required
EstoniaVisa required
EswatiniVisa required
EthiopiaeVisa / Visa on arrival90 daysVisa on arrival is available only at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. e-Visa holders must arrive via Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. e-Visa available for 30 or 90 days.
FijiVisa not required4 months
FinlandVisa required
FranceVisa requiredAirport transit visa required for some travelers.
GaboneVisa90 dayse-Visa holders must arrive via Libreville International Airport.
GambiaVisa required
GeorgiaeVisaVisa-free entry for holders of valid visa or residence permit issued by US, UK, Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, South Korea, Ireland, Schengen, and GCC countries.
GermanyVisa RequiredAirport transit visa required for some travelers.
GhanaVisa required
GreeceVisa required
GrenadaVisa not required3 months
GuatemalaVisa requiredNational visa may be substituted with a valid visa issued by Canada, the US, or a Schengen Area member state.
GuineaeVisa90 days
Guinea-BissauVisa on arrival90 days
GuyanaVisa requiredVisa on arrival if holding a letter of invitation from sponsor or host.
HaitiVisa not required3 months
HondurasVisa requiredNational visa may be substituted with a valid visa issued by Canada, the US, or a Schengen Area member state.
HungaryVisa required
IcelandVisa required
Indonesiae-VOA / Visa on arrival30 days30 days for tourism purposes, fee applicable.
IranVisa not required15 daysVisa exemption available only when entering by air.
IraqVisa required
IrelandVisa requiredUK C visa holders may enter Ireland without an additional visa if they have first entered the UK.
IsraelVisa required
ItalyVisa required
JamaicaVisa not required
JapanVisa requiredVisa fee is refunded if visa application is rejected. Special e-Visa for tourists from specific countries.
JordaneVisa / Visa on arrival30 days
KazakhstanVisa not required14 days
KenyaElectronic Travel Authorisation90 daysApplications must be submitted at least 3 days in advance. Proof of hotel reservation or an invitation letter required.
KiribatiVisa not required90 daysStay may not exceed 90 days in any 12-month period.
KuwaitVisa requiredeVisa available for GCC residents in certain professions.
KyrgyzstaneVisa60 daysElectronic visa holders must arrive via specified ports of entry.
LaoseVisa / Visa on arrival30 daysVisa on Arrival available at designated entry points. e-Visa may be used at specific airports and border crossings.
LatviaVisa required
LebanonVisa requiredAn approval should be obtained from the General Directorate of General Security.
LesothoeVisa30 days
LiberiaVisa required
LibyaVisa required
LiechtensteinVisa requiredAccessible through Switzerland; thus, Swiss visa rules apply.
LithuaniaVisa required
LuxembourgVisa required
MadagascarVisa on arrival60 days
MalawieVisa90 days
MalaysiaVisa not required30 daysFrom 1 December 2023 until 31 December 2024, visas have been waived for Indians for tourist purposes. Online MDAC submission required.
MaldivesVisa not required90 days
MaliVisa required
MaltaVisa required
Marshall IslandsVisa on arrival90 days
MauritaniaVisa on arrival
MauritiusVisa not required90 days
MexicoVisa requiredVisa or permanent residence documents issued by the US, Canada, Japan, UK, or Schengen Area allow entry for tourism, transit, or business purposes.
MicronesiaVisa not required30 days
MoldovaVisa requiredNational visa may be substituted with a valid (‘C’ or ‘D’) visa or a valid residence permit issued by a Schengen Area or EU member state. e-Visa available.
MonacoVisa requiredAccess through France; thus, French visa rules apply.
MongoliaeVisa / Visa on arrival30 days
MontenegroVisa requiredNational visa may be substituted with a valid visa issued by a Schengen Area member state, UK, Ireland, or the US.
MoroccoeVisa30 days
MozambiqueeVisa30 daysVisa on arrival available if holding a pre-approval from the Immigration Authority.
MyanmareVisa / Visa on arrival28 dayse-Visa holders must arrive via specified airports or land border crossings. e-Visa available for tourism and business purposes.
NamibiaVisa required
NauruVisa required
NepalFreedom of movementUnlimitedIndian nationals may use their Voter ID card or Passport to enter. Treaty allows living and working freely in Nepal.
NetherlandsVisa required
New ZealandVisa requiredAustralian Permanent Resident Visa holders may be granted a New Zealand Resident Visa on arrival.
NicaraguaVisa requiredIndian nationals with a valid visa issued by Canada, the US, or a Schengen Member State can obtain a visa on arrival for a maximum stay of 30 days.
NigerVisa required
NigeriaeVisa90 days
North KoreaVisa required
North MacedoniaVisa requiredNational visa may be substituted with a valid double- or multiple-entry C visa issued by a Schengen Area member state or a British, Canadian, or U.S. visa.
NorwayVisa required
OmanVisa not required14 daysVisa-free for tourism only; hotel reservation and confirmed return ticket required. Conditions apply for GCC visa holders.
PakistanVisa requiredVisa not required for Pilgrims visiting Shri Kartarpur Sahib.
PalauFree visa on arrival30 days
PanamaVisa requiredNational visa may be substituted with a valid multiple-entry visa issued by the US (including permanent residents), UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, or an EU member state, which has been used at least once with at least one year validity remaining.
Papua New GuineaeVisa30 days
ParaguayVisa required
PeruVisa requiredUp to 180 daysIndian nationals with a valid visa from Australia, Canada, UK, US, or Schengen Area can stay visa-free for up to 180 days within any 365-day period for tourist or business purposes.
PhilippinesVisa requiredVisa free for holders of a valid visa from US, Japan, Australia, Canada, Schengen, Singapore, or UK for 14 days (only for Tourism).
PolandVisa required
PortugalVisa required
QatarVisa not required30 daysA visa waiver for 30 days can be granted on arrival under certain conditions, including having a confirmed return ticket and hotel reservation.
Republic of the CongoVisa requiredVisa not required if presenting a V.I.P invitation letter.
RomaniaVisa requiredNational visa may be substituted with a double- or multiple-entry C visa issued by Bulgaria, Cyprus, or a Schengen Area member state valid for the period of intended stay.
RussiaeVisa16 daysAn application must be made 4 to 40 days before the intended entry date.
RwandaeVisa / Visa on arrival30 daysMay enter with East Africa Tourist Visa valid for 90 days and multiple entries in Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda. Visa on arrival available for free of charge.
Saint Kitts and NevisVisa not required3 months
Saint LuciaVisa on arrival6 weeks
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesVisa not required3 months
SamoaVisa not required60 days
San MarinoVisa requiredNo border control but accessible only via Italy; thus, Italian visa rules apply.
São Tomé and PríncipeeVisa
Saudi ArabiaVisa requiredTourist visa on arrival for holders of valid Schengen, UK, and US visa. Visitors must arrive through national carrier of Saudi Arabia. Visa on arrival if holding a valid visa issued by UK, US, or a Schengen member state for stays of no more than 90 days.
SenegalVisa not required90 days
SerbiaVisa requiredNational visa may be substituted by a valid visa OR residence permit issued by any EU member state, Schengen Area member state, UK, or US, for a period not exceeding 90 days in a 180-day period and within the validity of the visa or residence permit.
SeychellesElectronic Border System3 monthsApplication can be submitted up to 30 days before travel. Yellow fever vaccination certificate is required if coming from endemic countries.
Sierra LeoneeVisa / Visa on arrival3 months / 30 days
SingaporeVisa requiredIndian nationals may obtain online e-Service through eligible authorized travel agencies or local sponsors.
SlovakiaVisa requiredETIAS can be obtained soon for entry.
SloveniaVisa required
Solomon IslandsVisa required
SomaliaVisa on arrival30 daysAvailable at Bosaso Airport, Galcaio Airport, and Mogadishu Airport.
South AfricaeVisae-Visa holders must arrive via specific airports. Application at the embassy is required in some countries.
South KoreaVisa requiredTourist / Transit visa for 30 days may be granted to permanent residents or valid visa holders of US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or Schengen countries under certain conditions.
South SudaneVisaObtainable online. Printed visa authorization must be presented at the time of travel.
SpainVisa requiredTransit visa required, except if holding a valid visa or residence permit issued by the US, UK, Japan, Canada, Schengen Area, Bulgaria, Romania, or Cyprus.
Sri LankaETA / Free Visa on arrival30 daysVisa on arrival is available for Indian citizens till a specific date for no fees. Electronic Travel Authorization can also be obtained on arrival.
SudanVisa required
SurinameeVisa90 days
SwedenVisa required
SwitzerlandVisa required
SyriaVisa required
TajikistaneVisa60 dayse-Visa holders can enter through all border points.
TanzaniaeVisa / Visa on arrival90 days
ThailandVisa not required30 daysVisa waived for stays up to 30 days.
TogoeVisa15 dayse-Visa can be obtained online.
TongaVisa required
Trinidad and TobagoVisa not required90 days
TunisiaVisa on arrival (conditional)3 monthsGroups of 5 or more booking through a travel agency for at least five days will be issued a visa on arrival.
TurkeyVisa requiredConditional single-entry eVisa issued for 30 days to holders of a valid visa or residence permit issued by one of the Schengen member countries, US, UK, or Ireland.
TurkmenistanVisa requiredLetter of invitation issued by a company registered in Turkmenistan and approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can obtain a visa on arrival for a maximum stay of 10 days.
TuvaluVisa on arrival1 month
UgandaeVisa3 monthsMay enter with East Africa Tourist Visa, valid in Rwanda, Uganda, and Kenya for stays of up to 90 days. e-Visa must be obtained prior to arrival.
UkraineVisa requirede-Visa (30 days) is currently suspended due to the 2022 Russian Invasion of Ukraine.
United Arab EmiratesVisa requiredHolder of valid US visa or green card can obtain a visa on arrival for a maximum stay of 14 days. Indian passport holder with a valid UK or EU residence permit can also obtain a visa on arrival for 14 days.
United Kingdom and Crown dependenciesVisa required
United StatesVisa requiredTransit visa required.
UruguayVisa requiredVisa issued free of cost.
UzbekistaneVisa30 days5-day visa-free transit at international airports if holding a confirmed onward ticket for a flight to a third country.
VanuatuVisa not required30 days
Vatican CityVisa requiredSchengen Visa required. Entry can be made only from Italy; thus, Italian visa rules apply.
VenezuelaVisa required
VietnameVisae-Visa valid for multiple entries over 90 days. Authorities proposed to waive visas for Indian citizens in November 2023.
YemenVisa required
ZambiaeVisa90 days
ZimbabweVisa on arrival30 days30 days for business visits, 3 months for tourists.

Visa Guides to Popular Destinations for Indians

Traveling abroad has become a quintessential part of the modern Indian’s bucket list. Whether it’s for leisure, work, or study, the first step to planning your trip abroad is understanding the visa requirements for your destination. Below, we will dive into visa guides for some of the most popular destinations among Indian travelers, ensuring you have all the necessary information to plan your trip smoothly. For information about visa-free countries Indians can travel to, check out this guide.

Destinations in Africa

Destinations in Asia

Destinations in Europe

Destinations in the Middle East

Destinations in North America

Destinations in South America

Bookmark this page for future reference. We’re adding new visa guides all the time!

Best Practices for Indians Planning to Travel Abroad

Traveling abroad is an exciting venture, yet it presents specific challenges for Indians, especially regarding visa applications. This concise guide aims to simplify the process, covering key steps like researching visa requirements, preparing documentation, and considering a visa agent’s help. It emphasizes starting early due to potential delays, organizing details to explain your travel purpose clearly, and maintaining patience through the often tedious application process. With these streamlined insights, Indian travelers can navigate the complexities of international travel more smoothly, ensuring a memorable and hassle-free experience.

Research Visa Requirements

Thoroughly The very first step is researching if you actually need a visa for your destination and what the requirements are for Indian citizens. Refer only to official government sources like embassy websites to get accurate, up-to-date information. Make sure to look into:

  • Visa types (tourist, business, work, student, etc.)
  • Application fees
  • Financial/sponsorship requirements
  • Processing times

Give Yourself Enough Lead Time

Many visa application processes for Indians are notoriously slow due to high volumes. It’s generally recommended to apply at least 1-3 months prior to travel, though some higher-risk countries may require 6 months or more for processing. Building in plenty of buffer time will save you stress later.

Gather All Required Documentation

Almost every visa for Indians requires submitting a set of standard documents like passport copies, photos, travel itineraries, and more. Make sure you have everything they ask for, as missing documents can mean extra delays or denials. Don’t risk it!

Consider Using a Visa Agent

For complex applications, strict requirements, or just convenience, using a visa expediting company can be a smart move. They ensure your application is filled out properly and submit it through formal channels, saving you hassle.

Be Prepared to Explain Your Travel

During the visa process, applicants may be asked to provide information like travel purpose, length of stay, host/sponsor details, and evidence of ties to India like jobs, property, family connections and more. Having all these details organized helps reinforce your bona fide reasons for traveling.

Stay Patient and Persistent

Unfortunately, visa applications for Indian citizens often face processing delays, long wait times, and excessive bureaucracy. While stressful, the most important thing is to remain patient and keep following up politely until you have a final decision.

Final Thoughts

With some advance preparation and familiarity with the ins and outs of the visa process, Indian travelers can successfully navigate getting approved to visit countries worldwide. The more complex the situation, the earlier you’ll want to get started. Happy travels!

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