How to Cancel a Gold’s Gym Membership: 2 Ways

Updated on April 9, 2024
At a Glance:
  • Below are a few ways to cancel Gold’s Gym memberships.

  • You can cancel Gold’s Gym either in person or via mail. Cancellations must be done in writing and cannot be made through email, phone, or social media.

  • To cancel in person, visit your local club and complete a cancellation form.

  • Alternatively, send a cancellation letter to the address provided by the gym.

  • Prorated refunds are generally not offered, and pausing memberships depends on the gym’s policies.

  • Membership cancellation should be done 30 days prior to the billing date.
  • Gold’s Gym, which started as a small gym in 1965, has grown into a renowned fitness company. However, changing fitness goals or needs may lead members to explore cancellation options, similar to those considering how to cancel Gold’s Gym membership. If you’re looking to cancel your Gold’s Gym membership, we have gathered various methods for you below.

    How to Cancel Gold’s Gym

    You have two options if you want to cancel Gold’s Gym membership:

    1. Cancel in person
    2. Cancel via the mail

    Here’s how you can cancel using these methods:

    1. How to Cancel Gold’s Gym at Your Location

    You can cancel your Gold’s Gym membership in person by going to your local club. This method is very simple, especially if you live pretty close to a Gold’s Gym location. Here’s how to do it:

    1. Visit Your Local Gym: Go directly to the Gold’s Gym where you have the membership.
    2. Request Cancellation Form: Ask for the cancellation form at the front desk.
    3. Fill Out and Submit: Complete the form and submit it to the gym staff.

    What Information Will You Need to Cancel In-Person?

    In order to be able to cancel the membership, you must have the following information ready:

    • Your name
    • Your address
    • Date of birth
    • Valid email address
    • Valid phone number
    • Your membership ID
    • A statement of your intent to terminate your membership
    • The last four digits of the credit card that you’ve associated with your Gold’s Gym account

    2. How to Cancel Gold’s Gym Via the Mail

    Another way to cancel the membership is via mail. You can send a letter requesting the cancellation of your account. Here are the steps to take:

    1. Contact Your Gym for Address: Get the correct mailing address for cancellation requests from your local gym.
    2. Prepare Cancellation Request: Write a letter outlining your reasons for canceling. Include all necessary information: name, date of birth, address, phone number, email, membership ID, and last four digits of the credit card associated with the account.
    3. Mail the Request: Send your cancellation request to the provided address.
    4. Follow Up: Call the gym after two weeks to confirm your cancellation.

    However, if there are any issues with the subscription termination, you may have to go to the local gym anyway.

    What’s the Best Way to Cancel a Gold’s Gym Membership?

    Of the two options, canceling your Gold’s Gym membership in person is the better option. Canceling in-person offers but a direct and immediate line of communication with someone who can close your account with the benefit of completing your cancelation the same day.

    Can You Cancel Gold’s Gym Over Email?

    Unfortunately, Gold’s Gym does not currently allow members to cancel their memberships via email. You can only do it in person or via mail. Cancellations via email or over the phone are not accepted.

    8 Tips for Canceling Gold’s Gym

    Below, you will find some tips to help you manage your Gold’s Gym membership cancelation:

    1. Be Firm and Clear: State your cancellation request unequivocally.
    2. Document Everything: Keep records of all communications and submissions.
    3. Monitor Your Bank Statements: Ensure no further charges are made post-cancellation.
    4. Avoid Providing Unnecessary Details: Such as your future plans about possibly returning.
    5. Consult a Lawyer if Necessary: If you face resistance or unfair practices.
    6. Consider Filing a Complaint: Contact the Attorney General’s Office of Consumer Protection if necessary.
    7. Understand Cancellation Fees: Be prepared to pay any applicable cancellation fees.
    8. Stopping Automatic Bank Drafts: As a last resort, consider stopping automatic payments through your bank, but be aware of potential consequences.

    What’s in the Gold’s Gym Cancelation Policy

    Navigating the cancellation policy of Gold’s Gym requires understanding some key aspects. Whether you’re new to the gym or considering ending your membership, here are the crucial details of their policy:

    Initial Refund Period

    • Refund Within First 3 Days: You’re eligible for a refund within the first three days of signing up, provided there are issues like incomplete personal information or invalid billing details. Failing to rectify these within three days leads to enrollment in a standard, non-refundable membership.

    Cancellation Requests

    • Processing Time: It may take up to 10 business days to process refunds following a cancellation request. Only previously made payments are subject to refunds.
    • No-Activity Refunds: If you cancel your account without using any services, including guest passes or appointments, you are entitled to a check refund within 14 business days of the cancellation notification.

    Specific Membership Conditions

    • 90-Day-Money-Back Guarantee: Memberships with this guarantee can be canceled within three days if they are unused or misused, provided the membership is non-transferable.

    Writing Requirement for Cancellation

    • In Writing: Cancellations must be made in writing, either delivered in person or mailed to the gym location. Cancellations cannot be processed via email, phone, or social media.

    Provisions for Small Businesses

    • Cancellation within Three Days of Contract: Cancellation within this period incurs either 10% of annual dues or a $25 fee.
    • Cancellation between 3 and 24 Days: A charge of 75% of annual dues applies.
    • Cancellation after 25 Days: You’re eligible for 100% reimbursement of the yearly dues with no cancellation fee, provided the annual term is paid in full and the contract terms are satisfactorily met.

    Claims and Penalties

    • Claims Against Businesses: Gold’s Gym may file claims for dues owed if a business fails to adhere to the cancellation policy.
    • First Payment Consideration: If a subscription isn’t canceled within 3 days of subscribing, this is considered as the first payment, and no refund will be granted for cancellations afterward.

    Membership Card Usage

    • One Person Per Card: The policy strictly allows only one person per household to use a membership card. Sharing a card is considered fraud and has serious consequences.

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    Final Thoughts

    Just like some people look into how to cancel a Crunch Membership, others look into canceling their Gold’s Gym membership. With the fitness company, you can only cancel in person or by mailing a cancellation request to the local gym. You cannot cancel via phone or email, nor via social media. So, if you are certain a

    How to Cancel Gold’s Gym FAQ

    Here are some potential questions you may be still having regarding the Gold’s Gym cancellation:

    How can I cancel my Gold’s Gym membership?

    You can cancel your membership by visiting the gym in person and requesting a cancellation form, or by sending a certified letter stating your intent to cancel to the gym’s address.

    Can I cancel my Gold’s Gym membership via email or phone?

    Gold’s Gym typically requires cancellations to be done in person or via certified mail. However, some members have had success with email communication, especially when firm and clear about their intentions.

    What should I include in a cancellation letter?

    Include your full name, membership ID, contact information, and a clear statement that you are canceling your membership. Send this via certified mail for proof of delivery.

    Will I be charged a fee for canceling my Gold’s Gym membership?

    Depending on your contract terms, you may be subject to a cancellation fee. Review your membership agreement for specific details.

    Can I cancel my membership if I move away from the gym’s location?

    Yes, if you move a significant distance from any Gold’s Gym location (usually over 25 miles), you may be eligible to cancel without penalty. Proof of relocation, such as a new lease or utility bill, might be required.

    What if I have a medical reason that prevents me from using the gym?

    If you have a medical condition that prohibits gym use, you can submit a doctor’s note as part of your cancellation request.

    How do I ensure my cancellation request is processed?

    After submitting your cancellation request, follow up with the gym to confirm processing. Keep a copy of all correspondence and any forms or letters you submit.

    What if Gold’s Gym continues to charge me after cancellation?

    If charges continue after cancellation, contact your bank to dispute the charges and consider filing a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office of Consumer Protection.

    Can I pause my membership instead of canceling?

    Some gyms offer the option to freeze or pause memberships. Contact your local Gold’s Gym to inquire about this option.

    What happens if I stop automatic payments without officially canceling?

    Stopping payments without officially canceling can lead to your account being sent to collections. It’s essential to formally cancel your membership to avoid additional charges or credit issues.

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