How to Cancel DashPass: 4 Ways

Updated on April 9, 2024
At a Glance:
  • You can cancel online by logging into your account on the DoorDash website and selecting the “DashPass” option.

  • Or through the mobile app by going to the Account tab and choosing “Manage DashPass.”

  • Another method is to call customer service at (855) 973-1040 and request cancellation.

  • Alternatively, you can cancel via email by sending a message to [email protected].

  • Ensure you cancel before the renewal date to avoid additional charges.

  • And check your account to remove credit card details if necessary.
  • DashPass is a great subscription service offered by DoorDash. Through it, people can gain unlimited access to various national or local restaurants. [The delivery fees are $0 if the orders are at least $15]( DashPass – a subscription service,orders of %2415 or more.), which is one reason why so many individuals decided to subscribe to the service.

    But just like people end up wondering how to cancel Instacart and other similar services, they may also start looking at how to cancel DashPass. If you’ve reached this point, keep reading this article and you will learn the different methods to end the subscription.

    How to Cancel DashPass

    When you want to cancel DashPass, the good thing is that you can choose from different methods. The cancellation process is not a difficult one and it’s quite smooth. You’ll go through a few steps and you can terminate your subscription easily.

    Here are the different ways you can cancel your DashPass subscription:

    1. Online
    2. Through the app
    3. Over the phone
    4. Via Email

    Read on to learn the steps for each of these methods.

    1. How to Cancel DashPass Online

    One of the easiest ways to cancel is online by using a Desktop computer. All you need is your computer or laptop and a good Internet connection. Then, you must access

    In order to cancel, go through these steps:

    1. Log in to DoorDash: Visit and log in.
    2. Access Menu: Click the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines).
    3. Select Manage DashPass: Find and click “Manage DashPass”.
    4. Cancel Membership: Click “Cancel Membership” and follow the prompts.

    Your subscription has now been terminated.

    2. How to Cancel DashPass Through the App

    Another easy way to cancel DashPass is by using the application. If you already have the app installed on your smartphone, this should be a piece of cake and you’ll be able to cancel the subscription in no time. The app can be used on both Android and iOS devices.

    Here is how to cancel DashPass using the app:

    1. Open DoorDash App: Launch the app on your device.
    2. Go to Account: Tap the “Account” icon, typically in the bottom right corner.
    3. Manage DashPass: Select “Manage DashPass”.
    4. End Subscription: Choose “End Subscription” or “Cancel Membership”.
    5. Select Reason: Pick a reason for your cancellation.
    6. Confirm Cancellation: Confirm by tapping “End Subscription” or “Cancel Membership” again.

    3. How to Cancel DashPass Over the Phone

    If you don’t want to cancel on your computer or by using the application, there are other methods you can use. For example, you can call customer service to terminate your DashPass subscription. This is an old-fashioned way to do it, but you can at least be in direct contact with a DoorDash representative and make sure the cancellation is a successful one.

    All you have to do is call (855) 973-1040. Then, you should ask to speak to a company representative. Once the representative picks up the call, you can request your cancellation.

    Since the representative is permitted by the company to do this, it will all be done quickly and on the spot.

    4. How to Cancel DashPass via Email

    Lastly, you can cancel DashPass via email. This is a great alternative for people who do not want to make a call but also don’t want to rely on the website or application for the cancellation. Bear in mind that this may take a bit longer than the other options, but it is still a useful alternative to them.

    In order to cancel using this method, you will have to write an email to customer support and request the cancellation. The official email address for this is [email protected].

    Make sure that you offer all your account details in the email’s body so you can confirm your identity.

    What’s the Best Approach?

    According to user experiences, the best way to cancel DashPass is often through the DoorDash website rather than the app. Some users have reported issues canceling through the app and have had better success on the website.

    When It Makes Sense to Cancel

    DashPass from DoorDash offers a compelling deal for frequent food orderers: waive those pesky delivery fees on orders over $15, leading to substantial savings. However, there are situations where maintaining this subscription might not align with your needs or circumstances. Here’s a clearer look at why you might consider cancelling DashPass:

    Key Reasons to Consider Canceling DashPass

    1. Limited Restaurant Participation: The primary allure of DashPass lies in waived delivery fees, but this only applies to participating restaurants. If your favorite eateries aren’t covered, the subscription loses its value.
    2. Relocation to a Non-Serviced Area: Moving to a new location where DashPass benefits are scarce or nonexistent? That’s a practical reason to rethink your subscription.
    3. Shift in Dining Habits: If your lifestyle shifts towards home-cooked meals and less frequent food delivery orders, keeping DashPass might not be economically sensible.
    4. Not Meeting the Free Delivery Threshold: Regularly failing to reach the $15 order minimum for free delivery negates the core benefit of DashPass.

    5 Tips for Canceling DashPass

    1. Monitor Bank Statements: After canceling, check your bank statements to ensure the cancellation was processed correctly.
    2. Contact Customer Service: If you encounter difficulties or errors in the app or website, contacting DoorDash customer service is recommended.
    3. Cancellation Confirmation: Ensure you receive a confirmation email or notification in the app confirming the cancellation.
    4. Timing: Cancel at least 24 hours before the next billing cycle to avoid being charged.
    5. Cancellation Policy: Understand that once canceled, you’ll lose access to DashPass benefits like reduced delivery fees.

    How to Pause Your DashPass Membership

    Sometimes, you might not want to fully cancel your DashPass membership but just put it on hold. Pausing your membership is a convenient option if you plan to return to DoorDash services after a short break. Here’s how you can easily pause your DashPass:

    How to Pause DashPass Steps

    1. Access Your Account: Open the DoorDash app or visit and log into your account.
    2. Navigate to DashPass Management: Once you’re in your account, tap the account icon and go to “Manage DashPass”.
    3. Pause Instead of Cancel: On the “Manage DashPass” page, you’ll find the option to “Pause Membership”. Select this to proceed.
    4. Confirm Your Choice: A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm your decision. Click on “Pause DashPass” to confirm.
    5. Acknowledgement of Pause: After confirming, you’ll see a notification indicating that your membership has been successfully paused.

    Things to Keep in Mind

    Pausing your DashPass is a great way to temporarily suspend the service without fully canceling it. You can resume your membership at any time, making this a flexible option for those with changing schedules or needs. Remember, pausing your membership allows you to retain your account’s benefits and settings, ready to be reactivated whenever you choose.

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    Final Thoughts

    Canceling DashPass is not difficult. You can complete the process online, by email, by phone, or by using the application. No matter what method you settle for, the process will be very fast and straightforward, and you will be able to cancel without trouble. If you cancel before the renewal date, you will still be able to use the service until then.

    Canceling DashPass FAQ

    You may still have some questions when it comes to canceling DashPass. Therefore, here are some answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about DashPass.

    What happens if I cancel but I’ve already paid for the next month?

    You can simply unsubscribe from DoorDash whenever you wish, even if you’ve paid for the month already. After the cancellation, you will still keep receiving the service until the following renewal date.

    How long will it take for the cancellation to go through?

    The cancellation will be done very quickly, but you will have to make it on time. If you don’t make it before the renewal date, you will be charged for another month. The subscription should be canceled at least a day before the renewal date. You will still keep receiving the service until the next billing period if you cancel earlier.

    Will canceling DashPass remove my credit card details?

    Normally, your credit card details should immediately disappear from the system after you cancel. But you can confirm this on your DoorDash account. You can log into your account, then click the three horizontal lines in the page’s upper right corner, then click payment, and then click the three dots next to the payment option you want to delete. You can then simply click “Delete” and confirm the decision.

    What happens if I move to an area with fewer eligible DashPass restaurants?

    If you move to an area with limited or no DashPass-eligible restaurants, the subscription may not offer sufficient value, prompting cancellation.

    How can I cancel my DashPass subscription?

    You can cancel DashPass through the DoorDash app or website by navigating to ‘Manage DashPass’ and selecting ‘Cancel Membership’.

    Will I be charged if I cancel DashPass after the free trial?

    To avoid charges after a free trial, ensure to cancel DashPass 24 hours before the next scheduled payment.

    Can I pause my DashPass subscription instead of canceling?

    Yes, DashPass offers the option to pause the subscription temporarily through the ‘Manage DashPass’ section in the app or website.

    Do I get a refund upon canceling DashPass?

    DoorDash’s policy does not typically offer refunds upon cancellation, but benefits continue until the end of the current billing period.

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