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Behind every application lies a story of talent, dedication, and resilience. Stilt was founded by immigrants who dreamed of coming to the U.S. to pursue the American Dream. We’ve lived your experience. And it’s this deep understanding that drives us to build bridges for the world’s most talented individuals to thrive in the U.S. Trust us to manage your case with the same care, empathy, and professionalism that guided us on our own immigration journeys. We’ve walked in your shoes so you won’t have to. Let us guide you.

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Expertise in Extraordinary Ability Visas

Work with specialists who are intimately familiar with the O-1 visa criteria and have a proven track record of successful applications.

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Get help gathering and compiling compelling evidence to meet rigorous O-1 visa standards and build the best case for your visa approval.

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From initial consultation to visa approval, our team supports you at every step, including preparation for USCIS interviews.

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