How to Write An Invitation Letter for a U.S. Visa

Updated on May 7, 2024

At a Glance

  • Generally, friends and family write this letter to share they’ll be hosting you.
  • While not mandatory, an invitation letter can increase the chances of visa approval.
  • It offers samples of invitation letters for both the embassy and the guest, detailing all the necessary information to include.
  • The article also suggests using a third-party service to streamline the acquisition of a customized Letter of Invitation for visa applications.

What Is an Invitation Letter?

When applying for a B-1/B-2 visa, your family, relatives, or friends can write a Letter of Invitation to help with the application. The letter is written by someone who will host you during your stay in the US.

Note that the invitation letter is optional and not required for B-1/B-2 visa.

To enter the U.S., nonimmigrants must apply for their relevant visas. Tourists apply for a B1 visa, students file for F, J, or M visas, and a B2 visa is for parents. When applying at the U.S. consulate or Visa Application Center, include the invitation letter for the visitor visa with the application.

What do other users say?

Most users suggest that an invitation letter is not needed for the application. They share the following reasons:

  • Applicant needs to qualify on their own.
  • The Visa officer is unlikely to read the letter.
  • It could negatively impact the application.

If you are still interested in writing an invitation letter, read below.

How to Write an Invitation Letter for a U.S. Visa

The visa letter could be written in ink or typed and printed. Printing the letter is usually the better option. If you’re hand-writing, then you must write legibly and use one ink color for the entire letter. Below two samples invitation letters — one for visitor visa to the US and one for a friend — you can use as a reference.

Parts of a U.S. Invitation Letter

When writing an invitation letter, it’s essential to incorporate details about both the host and the guest. Here’s what the letter should have about the host:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Address and phone number
  • Occupation
  • Nature of residence (owned/rented house/flat/room)
  • Legal status in the host country (e.g., citizen, permanent resident, work visa, student visa, etc.)
  • Signature

For the guest, the letter should specify:

  • Full name as per their International Passport
  • Date of birth
  • Address and contact number
  • Relationship with the host
  • Reason for the visit (e.g., vacation, wedding, birthday celebration, etc.)
  • Precise dates of entry and departure

When addressing the guest, aim for a more personal and warm tone rather than a strictly formal one. This approach helps the consular officer gain a clearer understanding of the bond between the host and the guest.

Invitation Letter Template for Embassy


Embassy of [Country],

[Embassy Address]

Subject: Invitation for [Visitor’s Name], Passport No: XXX77777

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am penning this letter to vouch for the visitor visa application of [Visitor’s Name].

[Visitor’s Name] is a resident of [country] and is my [relationship]. Their residence is at [Visitor’s Address], and they can be reached at (YY)XXXXXXX.

I reside in [Guest’s Home Country] as a legal permanent resident. My address is [Guest’s Home Address], and I am employed as a [Guest’s Occupation], earning an annual net income of $XXX. I wish for [Visitor’s Name] to visit me from [Date of Entry] to [Date of Exit] for [specific reason, e.g., wedding, birthday, graduation].

I kindly request a visa for the entire duration of [Visitor’s Name]’s stay. During this period, I will be accountable for their well-being and expenses. [Visitor’s Name] will stay at my residence, and upon visa expiration, I will ensure their return to [country].

Enclosed are the necessary documents for your reference.

I look forward to a positive response.

Warm regards,

[Host’s Name]

[Host’s Date of Birth]

[Host’s Address]

[Host’s Phone Number]

[Host’s Signature]

Invitation Letter Template for the Guest


Invitation for [Visitor’s Name], Passport No: XXX77777

Dear [Visitor’s Name],

I’m thrilled to formally invite you to join me in [country]. It feels like ages since we last met, my dear [relationship descriptor: mom/dad/sister/friend/love], and I eagerly await the moment you meet the wonderful people who have enriched my life in [country].

During your stay, from [Entry Date] to [Date of Exit], I’ll ensure your accommodation, meals, and transportation within [country] are taken care of.

Enclosed, you’ll find all the necessary documents you’ll need for the visa application at the [country] Embassy.

Eagerly looking forward to our reunion,

[Host’s Name]

[Full Address]


Occupation: [Host’s Occupation]

Phone Numbers:

Work: [(xxx) xxx-xxxx]

Home: [(xxx) xxx-xxxx]

Email: [email address]


Who Needs an Invitation Letter?

The invitation letter to USA isn’t required, but it’s beneficial. Visitors with family or friends in the U.S. can request a letter of invitation for visas to enhance their visa approval chances. Tourists can also get a letter of invitation for tourist visa from their tour agency.

Criteria for a Valid Invitation Letter

For an invitation letter to be considered valid, the host:

  • Should be a citizen or a legal permanent resident of the intended visitation country.
  • Should be a friend, romantic partner, or a family member/relative of the applicant.
  • Must possess a registered residence (house, apartment).
  • Should have adequate space to accommodate the applicant.

Though not every embassy mandates an Invitation Letter, it’s advisable to provide one even if not explicitly required.

Supporting Documents for the Invitation Letter

While many embassies don’t mandate a Letter of Invitation, providing additional documentation can bolster the application, regardless of the letter’s requirement status. Whether the letter is obligatory or not, it’s beneficial for the applicant to include the following documents with the Letter of Invitation:

  • A digital copy of the host’s ID or passport.
  • Proof of financial capability (if the host intends to financially support the guest).
  • Documentation confirming home or apartment ownership, or a rental agreement.
  • An itinerary detailing the planned joint visits.
  • If the host has taken leave from work to accompany the guest during their stay, evidence of this leave can further strengthen the application.

How to Submit the Letter of Invitation for USA Visa

The Invitation Letter can be submitted by the host at the embassy or consulate along with the visa document file. The host must scan it and send it to the visitor, who will later submit it with the other supporting documents on the day of their appointment at the embassy or consulate.

In some cases, the US embassy has also mentioned that an invitation letter is not needed.

Letter of Invitation From a Third-Party Service

Using a third-party service streamlines the acquisition of a customized Letter of Invitation for visa applications. Here’s a brief overview:

Services typically offer varied packages, such as ‘Regular’ for standard delivery and ‘Express’ for faster results. Users provide personal details and make payments via credit cards or digital platforms. They then fill a form with specifics about themselves, their guest, and travel dates, ensuring accuracy for embassy or consulate submissions.

After form submission, the service drafts the letter, which is sent as a PDF to the user’s email. Once received, users print, sign, and send it to their guest for visa application at the relevant embassy or consulate.

Visa Invitation Letter USA FAQ

Below are some common questions about writing an invitation letter to visit the US and their answers.

How can I invite someone to the USA?

As a person legally living in the U.S., you are eligible to invite family members and friends to visit the U.S. To do so, you must demonstrate your legal status in the U.S. and your financial ability to support your visitor. An Invitation Letter is not required but is recommended.

What documents are needed for an Invitation Letter?

Below is a list of the recommended documents to include with an Invitation Letter:

  • Scanned copy of host’s ID or passport
  • Evidence of means of financial subsistence
  • Proof of homeownership or rental contract
  • An itinerary of the planned visit
  • Documentation of the host’s time off from work for the visit

Do you need an invitation letter to visit the U.S.?

An invitation letter is not mandatory. But it can help strengthen the visa application. Obtaining a U.S. visitor visa is challenging, with the USCIS adopting strict measures because of the high number of applicants.

For temporary visitors, the main concern of the USCIS is that the nonimmigrants don’t overstay or never leave. This is one of the main reasons people get deported from the United States. This letter shows the U.S. consular office that the visitors will leave before their visas expire.

The letter will also demonstrate that you, the citizen or legal resident, are willing and able to host them in your home and financially support them.

How to write an invitation letter?

An invitation letter is a formal document written by a U.S. citizen or legal resident inviting a foreign individual to visit the country. The letter should include details about the host (the person inviting), the invitee (the person being invited), the purpose of the visit, duration of stay, and any other relevant details. It’s recommended to provide supporting documents, such as a scanned copy of the host’s ID or passport, to strengthen the invitation.

Who needs an invitation letter?

An invitation letter is typically required for foreigners who wish to visit the U.S. for personal reasons, such as visiting family or friends. While it’s not a mandatory document for the visa application process, having one can strengthen the applicant’s case, especially if they’re visiting someone they know in the U.S.

Is it easy to get a US visa with an invitation letter?

While an invitation letter can strengthen a visa application, obtaining a U.S. visa involves a comprehensive evaluation process. The U.S. consular office will consider various factors, including the applicant’s ties to their home country, financial stability, and the purpose of the visit. An invitation letter alone does not guarantee visa approval.

How do I invite a foreigner to the U.S.?

To invite a foreigner to the U.S., you can write an invitation letter detailing the purpose of the visit, the duration of stay, and your relationship with the visitor. It’s also helpful to provide supporting documents, such as proof of your legal status in the U.S., financial ability to support the visitor, and any planned itinerary.

Can a U.S. citizen invite a friend to visit the USA?

Yes, a U.S. citizen can invite a friend to visit the USA. The citizen would typically write an invitation letter to support their friend’s visa application. However, the decision to grant a visa lies with the U.S. consular office, and the invitation letter is just one of many factors considered.

How do I invite relatives to the USA?

To invite relatives to the USA, you can write an invitation letter detailing your relationship with the relative, the purpose of their visit, and the duration of their stay. Providing additional supporting documents, such as proof of your legal status in the U.S. and financial ability to support your relative during their visit, can be beneficial.

Do visa invitation letters need to be notarized?

While it’s not a strict requirement, having the invitation letter notarized can add authenticity to the document. Some U.S. consular offices might prefer or require a notarized letter, so it’s a good idea to check with the specific consulate or embassy where the visa application will be submitted.

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