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Updated on April 10, 2024

At a Glance

  • Consulate General of India in Chicago is located at 455 North City Front Plaza Dr.
  • Services offered include visa services, eTourist visa, passport services, OCI applications, and more.
  • Contact: Email – [email protected], Phone – 3125950405 or 3125950409 during specific working hours.

When you need a passport renewal or you need a certain type of visa, you must seek the help of an embassy. But what can you do if you require an Indian embassy and you live in Chicago? Is there any Indian Embassy Chicago? Let’s find out!

Is There an Indian Embassy in Chicago?

If you live in Chicago, then you’ll be happy to know that the Consulate of India can be found there. The Consulate General of India is available in various cities, and Chicago is one of them. This way, if you need the embassy’s help, you can go to the Indian consulate in Chicago and get everything done.

Where Is the Chicago Indian Embassy Located?

People in Chicago can find the consulate general of Chicago at the following address:

455 North City Front Plaza Dr. NBC
Tower Building,
Suite No. 850, Chicago, IL- 60611

What Services Does the Chicago Indian Embassy Offer?

People need the Indian Embassy in Chicago for many reasons. They either require a visa or a passport to be able to travel, or they have lost their previous travel document and need a new one. In any case, the consulate offers several services that can be useful to anyone who has some business related to India. Here are the services offered by the Indian embassy:

Visa Services

Obviously, one of the services offered by the consulate in Chicago is related to visas. People who need to travel to India will have to contact the consulate in order to initiate the visa process. You can contact the consulate by email.

Also, if you don’t live in Chicago but in its consular jurisdiction, which includes Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Minnesota, Missouri, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin, you will have to contact the Consulate by email for a visa. The email of the institution is [email protected].

If you are a diplomatic or official passport holder, you will have to talk to the Special Issuance Agency of the Department of State in order to receive guidance or start the process.

ETourist Visa

The United States of America is one of the 43 countries that is part of the Electronic Travel Authorization scheme. The eTourist visa was launched by the Indian Government, and it was made in order to let people from these countries visit India. It can be for a short medical treatment, casual business visit, visiting your relatives or friends, or for tourism.

You can apply for this visa two times annually, and each visit should not be longer than 30 days.

Passport Services

The consulate also offers passport services for people who need them. The service provider for the consulate’s passport services is VFS Global. When you apply for your Indian passport, you will have to pay $15.90 for the service charge and then $2 in order to contribute to the Indian Community Welfare Fund.


Another service offered by the Indian consulate of Chicago is OCI. If you need an Overseas Citizenship of India, you can send your application to them. This service also works through VFS Global, so you need to make sure you send your application to them.

People who live in the consular jurisdiction of the consulate can also submit their OCI application to this consulate. In order to apply, you will have to pay a service charge to VFS Global of $15.90, and then $3 as a way to contribute to the Indian Community Welfare Fund.

Emergency Certificate

Emergency Certificates can also be obtained from the Indian Consulate in Chicago. These certificates allow one-way travel, and they are useful in several situations. For example, it will come in handy if you need to travel back to India when your deportation has been ordered by the U.S. authorities and you do not have another travel document. It will also work when you need legal status to live in the U.S. after the expiration of your Indian passport. You can also get it when you damaged, lost, misplaced, or had your passport stolen.

The fee is $15.00, but you will also have to pay an extra fee of $2 for the ICWF.

Citizenship Renunciation

You can renounce your citizenship through the Indian Consulate in Chicago. The VFS Global service provider is now handling these applications. Whether you live in Chicago or its consular jurisdiction, this service will be available to you through this consulate.

You will have to handle some fees to the Government of India, and you will also have to pay a service charge fee of $15.90 for VFS Global. A $3 fee will also be added to contribute to the ICWF.

Miscellaneous Services

There are many other services you can get from the Indian consulate and these are included in the miscellaneous services category.

For example, you may need a marriage certificate, in which case you will have to send an email to the consulate with the details of what you want. The consulate of Chicago works for all applicants that reside in the state or its consular jurisdiction.

A life certificate can also be applied for with this consulate. Once again, you will have to send an email specifying the type of service you want.

Other miscellaneous services offered include registration of birth, power of attorney, Global Entry Program for Indian Nationals, Police Clearance Certificate, Permit to Carry Mortal Remains/Ashes/Attestation of Death Certificate, and Attestation of Will. You can also apply for No Obligation to Return to India, Affidavit for Child’s Passport to be Issued in India, and Aadhar Card/Permanent Account Number – Income Tax.

What Is the Phone Number for the Indian Embassy in Chicago?

If you wish to call the Indian Embassy in Chicago instead of sending an email or going to the physical location, you have two options. You can either call 3125950405 or 3125950409.

What Are the Operating Hours of the Indian Embassy in Chicago?

As you can expect, the consulate doesn’t work all the time. It has different hours when it’s available for any service you may need from it. Thus, you must make sure that you contact the consulate during these working hours.

The submission of applications is available on business days from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM. Then, pickup can be done from 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM. If you wish to call them, you will have to do it during specific hours as well. The phone numbers will work between 2:00 PM and 5:30 PM during the working days.

The only times the operating hours of the consulate will be different is during holidays, so make sure to check their program if you are close to any big holiday.

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There is a Consulate General of India in Chicago and anyone in its jurisdiction can send applications there. You just have to make sure that you send your application during the right operating hours. The consulate is available for a large variety of services, including passport, visa, marriage and life certificates, OCI, emergency certificate, citizenship renunciation, and eTourist Visa. That being said, if you need any of these services, you should certainly reach out to the consulate.

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