4 Tips to Increase Your Chances of Getting an H-1B Visa

Updated on April 12, 2024

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  • Submit your H1B visa application early to meet the April deadline.
  • Apply only once to avoid rejection.
  • Let your employer pay the application fee.
  • Ensure your employer meets USCIS requirements and has a good track record with successful H1B applications.

The race to secure an H1B visa is more competitive than ever. The lottery system may be a random selection, but there are a number of ways you can increase your chances of being one of the lucky applicants and also factors that will work against you with your application. Here are some simple tips you can follow to make sure you optimize your chances of securing an H1B visa.

4 Tips to Increase Your Chances of Getting an H1B Visa

1. Get your application in as quickly as possible

The USCIS accepts applications in April and, believe us, they come in thick and fast. The last thing you want to do is miss the deadline so it’s essential to be prepared and has your application ready with plenty of time to spare.

You’ll need to work with your employee to ensure that all of the prep work for your applications is completed in a timely manner, particularly if they’re new to the process of submitting applications or submitting an application for a number of different employees.

2. Only apply once

You might think that having more than one application will give you a better chance of being successful in the lottery system. In theory, you’re probably right and there is no legislation from the USCIS stating that you are not allowed to submit multiple applications, but, there are certain limitations and conditions.

If a single employer submits two applications for the same employee, both will be rejected. They will also be watching for multiple applications from affiliated companies so we suggest you play it safe and submit just one application.

This also counts if you have more than one employer. The USCIS is likely to reject applications for the same individual with an identical end-client project, even if they come from completely different employers.

Need help with your H-1B visa?

The H-1B visa process is complex, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. If you’re struggling to understand all of the moving parts, let Stilt help. Our team of H-1B visa experts can help you make sense of all the eligibility requirements, documents, and the application process.

3. Don’t pay your own fee

It is your employer’s duty to pay your H1B application fee. If you are encouraged to pay your own fee, you might want to think about finding a new employee because you could end up in some bother with the USCIS if they find out you have done so. However, if you choose to upgrade your application to premium processing, it is acceptable for the employee to pay the premium fee.

4. Make sure your employer is a “good” one

One of the most frequent causes of H1B applications failing is that employers fail to meet the requirements outlined by the USCIS. If asked, your employer should be able to provide all documentation to ensure they have filed all relevant tax returns and have the funds available to pay your salary should your application be successful. One way you can check how good your employer is — is by asking about the success rate of previous H1B applications, this can give you a quick and simple gauge of whether they are right to continue your application.

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Do you have any experience with any of these things? Have you got any tips for people considering applying for an H1B visa? Why not let us know in the comments?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Can I Increase My Chances of Getting an H-1B Visa?

To increase your chances of getting an H-1B visa, ensure you meet all the eligibility criteria, submit a well-prepared application, seek employment with companies that frequently sponsor H-1B visas, and consider applying for positions in high-demand fields.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for an H-1B Visa?

The eligibility criteria for an H-1B visa include having a job offer from a U.S. employer in a specialty occupation that typically requires a bachelor’s degree or higher in a related field, and the employer must pay the prevailing wage.

Why is a Well-Prepared Application Important?

A well-prepared H-1B visa application minimizes the chances of denial due to errors or incomplete information. It should accurately reflect your qualifications and the job’s requirements.

Which Companies Frequently Sponsor H-1B Visas?

Companies in the technology, engineering, medical, and finance sectors often sponsor H-1B visas. Large multinational corporations and established startups are more likely to sponsor.

Are Certain Job Fields More Favorable for H-1B Sponsorship?

Yes, job fields like IT, engineering, healthcare, and finance often have a higher demand for H-1B workers due to skill shortages in these areas.

How Does the H-1B Visa Lottery Work?

The H-1B visa lottery randomly selects applicants when the number of petitions exceeds the annual cap. Being prepared and submitting early can ensure you’re in the lottery pool.

Can Pursuing Higher Education in the U.S. Help?

Pursuing higher education in the U.S. can help, as U.S. graduates may have an advantage in finding H-1B sponsorship, and there is a separate cap for advanced degree holders.

What Role Does the Prevailing Wage Play?

The prevailing wage ensures that H-1B workers are paid fairly. Applications with wages significantly below market rates might be scrutinized more closely or denied.

Can Professional or Industry Certifications Increase Chances?

Professional or industry certifications can increase your chances by demonstrating specialized skills and qualifications that are in demand for H-1B sponsorships.

Is Legal or Immigration Consultation Beneficial?

Seeking legal or immigration consultation can be beneficial to navigate the complexities of H-1B applications and to ensure compliance with all legal requirements.

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