Form I-864a Complete Guide

Updated on April 10, 2024

At a Glance

  • Form I-864A is an attachment to Form I-864 for U.S. immigration purposes.
  • It is used when the primary sponsor lacks sufficient income, and a household member is willing to provide support.
  • The form requires information about the household member, their relationship to the sponsor, employment and income details, tax information, assets, contact information, and signatures.
  • In certain cases, the intending immigrant’s income can be considered if they live in the same household and demonstrate a stable income source. Spouses with sufficient work history or married to someone with at least 10 years of work in the U.S. may be exempt or require a different form.

Filling out a visa or green card form can be stressful, which is why most people dread it. Form I-864a can be quite challenging to fill out. It can trigger a lot of questions and confusion, namely because there are two similar forms – I-864 and I-864A. Each of them is designated for a specific purpose. If you have questions regarding the process per se, or you’re simply looking for some guidance in this direction, we hope that this article will clarify things a bit.

What Is Form I-864A?

Form I-864A, titled “Contract Between Sponsor and Household Member,” is a form used by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). This form serves as an agreement between a sponsoring immigrant petitioner (the sponsor) and a household member who is willing to combine their income and/or assets with the sponsor to meet the required income threshold for sponsoring an immigrant for a U.S. green card (permanent residency).

What Is a Sponsor?

A sponsor can be:

  1. The petitioning relative.
  2. A relative with significant ownership in the petitioning entity.
  3. A substitute for a deceased petitioner.
  4. Anyone who fills out Form I-864 on behalf of an immigrant. Note: Sponsors cannot be businesses or organizations.

Who Qualifies as a Household Member for Form I-864A?

A household member can be:

  1. The intending immigrant.
  2. Any relative living at the sponsor’s primary residence.
  3. An individual claimed as a dependent on the sponsor’s recent Federal income tax return.

How Can the Intending Immigrant Be a Household Member?

An intending immigrant can qualify if:

  1. They share the same primary residence as the sponsor and have a lawful source of continued income.
  2. They are the sponsor’s spouse and can prove their income will continue from a legal source post-immigration.

How to Fill out Form I-864A

Form I-864A consists of nine main sections that must be filled out accurately to complete the application.

Part 1: Household Member’s Personal Information

  1. Item 1: Enter your full name.
  2. Item 2: Provide your current mailing address.
  3. Item 3: Indicate if this address matches your physical address. If yes, select “Yes.”
  4. Item 4: If you selected “No” in Item 3, provide your actual physical address.
  5. Item 5: Enter your birth date (format: mm/dd/yyyy).
  6. Item 6: Specify your place of birth.
  7. Item 7: If you have a Social Security number, input it.
  8. Item 8: If you have a USCIS online account number, enter it. This can be found on your USCIS profile page if you’ve previously used the online system.

Part 2: Define Your Relationship to the Sponsor

Choose the option that best describes your relationship to the sponsor (e.g., spouse, dependent, or another household member). If you select “other dependent,” ensure the sponsor lists you as a dependent on their latest federal tax return. For other relative categories, you may need to provide proof of your relationship and shared residence.

Part 3: Employment and Income Details

  1. Detail your employment status:
  2. Mention your job title.
  3. Name your employer.
  4. Indicate if you’re self-employed, retired, or unemployed.

Part 4: Federal Income Tax and Assets Information

  1. List the total adjusted gross income from your last three federal income tax returns, clearly indicating each corresponding tax year.
  2. State the total value of your assets. This could include bank balances, real estate values, stocks, bonds, certificates of deposit, and other significant assets.

Part 5: Sponsor’s Commitment and Details

The sponsor needs to:

  1. Provide details of the intending immigrants they’re sponsoring, including names, birth dates, Alien Registration numbers, Social Security numbers, and USCIS online account numbers.
  2. Share their contact details.
  3. Sign and date the form to validate their commitment.

Part 6: Household Member’s Commitment and Details

In this section, the household member should:

  1. List their name and the names of the intending immigrants mentioned in Part 5.
  2. Provide their contact details.
  3. Sign the form (or have a parent/legal guardian sign if applicable).
  4. If an interpreter was used in filling the form, their details should be mentioned.

Part 7: Interpreter’s Details

If you utilized an interpreter to understand and fill out the form, this section captures their details.

  1. Item Numbers 1.a. – 7.b.: The interpreter must provide their full name, contact details, and address.
  2. The interpreter must also confirm their proficiency in both English and the language of the applicant.
  3. Lastly, the interpreter must sign and date the form, certifying the accuracy of the translation.

Part 8: Details of the Person Preparing the Contract (if not the Household Member)

If someone other than the household member helped in preparing the form, their details go here.

  1. Item Numbers 1.a. – 8.b.: This person must provide their full name, contact details, and the name and address of their business or organization (if applicable).
  2. They must also indicate if they are an attorney or accredited representative. If they are, submission of Forms G-28 or G-28I (whichever is applicable) might be required.
  3. Like the interpreter, this individual must sign and date the form, certifying that they assisted in its completion.

Part 9: Additional Information

This section is used if there’s a need to provide more information than the spaces in the previous sections allow.

  1. Item Numbers 1.a. – 7.d.: Use this space to provide any extra details or explanations relating to previous sections of the form. Ensure each piece of information is clearly referenced to the respective section and item number.
  2. If you run out of space in Part 9, you can make copies of this part or attach separate sheets. Remember to add your name and Alien Registration Number at the top of each sheet. Clearly indicate the Page Number, Part Number, and Item Number each piece of information corresponds to. Don’t forget to sign and date each additional sheet.

By carefully filling out these sections and ensuring the accuracy of all provided details, you’ll be on your way to successfully completing Form I-864A.

How Much Does Form I-864A Cost?

There is no fee for submitting Form I-864A to USCIS.

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FAQ: Form I-864A

Below, you will find some common questions about USCIS Form I-864A and their answers.

What is Form I-864A?

Form I-864A, Contract Between Sponsor and Household Member, is a document attached to Form I-864, Affidavit of Support. It’s used when a household member’s income and assets are combined with the sponsor’s to meet the required income criteria for sponsoring an immigrant.

Who needs to complete Form I-864A?

If the main sponsor doesn’t meet the financial requirements for sponsoring an immigrant, another household member can step in and use their income and assets to help. Both the sponsor and the household member must complete Form I-864A in this scenario.

How does an intending immigrant qualify as a household member?

There are two main scenarios:

  1. The intending immigrant shares the same primary residence as the sponsor and can prove that their income source will remain consistent after obtaining permanent residence.
  2. The intending immigrant is the sponsor’s spouse and can demonstrate that the income will continue after gaining permanent residence.

Do I need to pay a fee to file Form I-864A?

No, there is no filing fee when submitting Form I-864A with USCIS.

What documents do I need to provide with Form I-864A?

You must provide either an IRS transcript or a copy of your Federal individual income tax return for the most recent tax year. If the sponsor is using the household member’s assets, proof of ownership and the asset’s net cash value are required.

What happens if I don’t meet the financial requirements?

If the primary sponsor cannot meet the financial requirements alone, they can consider the income and assets of a household member. In this case, both the sponsor and the household member will need to fill out and sign Form I-864A.

Can an intending immigrant’s income be used?

Yes, if the intending immigrant resides in the same household as the main sponsor and can prove their income will remain consistent, or if the intending immigrant is the sponsor’s spouse.

How long are the obligations under Form I-864A?

The obligations for both the sponsor and household member under this contract continue until the sponsored immigrant becomes a U.S. citizen, can be credited with 40 quarters of work, leaves the U.S. permanently, or passes away. The obligations can also end if the sponsor or household member dies.

How is Form I-864A different from Form I-864?

Form I-864 is the Affidavit of Support, which is a legally enforceable contract where the sponsor commits to financially supporting the intending immigrant. Form I-864A is an attachment used when a household member’s income and assets are being combined with the sponsor’s to meet the income requirements.

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