What You Need to Know About H2B Visa Recruitment Agencies

Updated on April 10, 2024

At a Glance

  • The H-2B visa is a work visa for non-agricultural temporary workers.
  • Recruitment agencies can assist employers in acquiring skilled and legal H-2B workers.
  • Work Abroad Network, LaborQuest USA, and FEWA are some of the top H-2B visa recruitment agencies.
  • These agencies provide various services including application assistance and reliable workforce matching.

Getting a visa as an immigrant for any skilled or unskilled job can involve a great deal of time and effort. Recruitment agencies aim to ease this process by allowing employers to find a reliable workforce and helping foreign workers gain job opportunities in the U.S.

Hiring foreign workers to fill in for seasonal jobs can be difficult as the employer has to successfully prove that the local workforce is insufficient. This can make the visa process a complex one that needs some expert help. Recruitments agencies also help employers understand the process and guide them to meet their labor requirements.

What Is the H-2B Visa?

The H-2B visa is a special type of work visa that allows employers to hire non-agricultural workers to fill in temporary job requirements. This visa can only be utilized when U.S. workers are not available for the job.

This visa specifically caters to seasonal workers who will go back to their countries after their job is done after each work season and then come back for the next season to the same employer in the U.S.

The initial stay duration for an employee with an H-2B visa is one year, which can be extended by yearly increments if the employee convincingly proves they will return to their home country. H-2B visa holders can bring in their spouse and children under the age of 21. Dependents are allowed to study but not work.

Currently, Congress has set up a limit of issuing 66,000 H-2B visas per fiscal year.

Are There Recruitment Agencies for H2B Visa Holders?

Applying for the H-2B visa process starts from the employer’s side. And since employers may not readily be able to regulate and hire foreign workers on a temporary basis, several recruitment agencies have sprung up to help them get through the process of acquiring a skilled, reliable, and legal workforce in the most efficient way possible.

These agencies provide reliable H-2B services and can act as an intermediary hiring agency between the employer and the employees.

The 3 Best H-2B Visa Recruitment Agencies

Here are the best H-2B visa recruitment agencies that have a solid track record of servicing several businesses and helping them find solutions to their H2B needs.

Work Abroad Network

Work Abroad Network has simplified the process for H-2B applications and the recruitment process by taking care of all the paperwork and legal issues involved.

The agency meticulously screens potential foreign workers to ensure a reliable workforce.

Some of the benefits of using Work Abroad Network are:

  • Timely certifications for the employers.
  • Expertise in matching the right workers to the right employers.
  • Simplifies the visa application process for both the employer and the guest workers with gentle guidance.
  • Serves a wide range of H-2B jobs, including construction, manufacturing, processing, taxi driving, landscaping, nurseries, poultry cutters, and any seasonal qualifying non-agricultural jobs.

LaborQuest USA

LaborQuest provides a reliable set of guest workers for any business seeking a temporary workforce to fill their requirements. LaborQuest guides employees into finding qualifying positions for any non-agricultural job postings.

LaborQuest can help you find qualified workers in lots of fields, including landscaping, grounds maintenance, hospitality, manufacturing, construction, processing, and many more specialty service businesses.

Some of the significant services provided by LaborQuest are:

  • Payroll records maintenance assistance
  • Assistance in providing worker insurance
  • Wage determination guidance
  • Legal help
  • An excellent skilled workforce that will suit any job requirement


Federation of Employees and Workers of America helps businesses deal with any labor shortages by legal means. It helps companies gain access to laborers from all over the world. FEWA has enabled workers from countries like Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Brazil, Hungary, Norway, the UK, and more get H-2B visas and fill in temporary job needs in the.

Some prominent services provided by FEWA are:

  • Access to a huge labor supply from different countries
  • Efficient visa and recruitment process
  • A trained workforce that reduces training costs and increases turnover
  • Completely legal process

H-2B Visa FAQ

How long does the H-2B process take?

H-2B processing starts with the employer running an ad for the job requirement in the U.S. When it has become clear that there are no qualifying local workers to take on the jobs, the employer will apply to the local state workforce agency for a temporary labor certification. The employer will then have to produce the proper documents and pay the proper fees. Before filing an H-2B application, the employer should have a Prevailing Wage request submitted to the Department of Labor. Once the DOL approves the request, the employers can petition the USCIS.

The whole certification process might take about four to six months.

It should be noted that the employer must start this process at least six months before the date workers are needed. Further, they also need to file Form I-129 to attain visas for their prospective foreign workers.

Where do Foreign Workers Receive Their Visas?

Foreign workers will have to apply for the H-2B visa after approval from the USCIS. They should apply to the U.S. Department of State at a U.S. consulate or embassy within their countries to seek the permission of entry.

They can also directly seek admission to the U.S. at any U.S. port of entry with the H-2B classification.


Dealing with visa applications and finding the right laborers can be a complex and difficult process. The paperwork needs to be filed correctly, and all possible legal issues must be properly dealt with. In these cases, seeking a helping hand via a recruitment agency could be a great idea. These visa recruitment agencies are well versed in understanding the labor needs and have the expertise to deal with the visa-related paperwork efficiently. They also give employers access to a reliable and legal global labor market to help them get their jobs done with ease.

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