How to Get a Newborn Baby Passport from India and the U.S.

Updated on April 10, 2024

At a Glance

  • A passport is not required for a newborn unless traveling internationally.
  • Passports are mandatory for international travel in both India and the USA, even for minors.
  • To apply for a newborn passport, parents or legal guardians need to fill out the application form and provide required documents.
  • The process includes proof of citizenship, proof of relationship, identification documents, and photographs.

If you are thinking about immigrating with your family, you will all need to be in possession of a valid passport, even newborn babies. Most people do not even consider getting passports for newborn babies so you might not be aware of how to go about applying for one. This is a much easier process than you may think and you will be able to do it without seeking any outside assistance. In this article, we will talk you through the steps you need to follow and the documents you will need to get a passport for your newborn baby.

Do Newborns Need a Passport?

You won’t need a passport for your newborn unless you are planning to travel internationally between countries. In both India and the USA, the passport is a mandatory international travel document – even for the minors. If you are commencing on a trip outside of your home country with an infant or minor, you must obtain a passport for everyone, including the child. There are, however, exceptions to this general passport rule. For example, your infant won’t need a passport to travel between India and Nepal or from the US to Canada.

Indian Passports for Infant

Gone are the days when an endorsement of the child’s name in parent’s passport was considered as a valid travel document for minors in India. The government of India has amended the rule for obtaining Indian passport for infant and minor applicants. All individuals under the age of 18 years are considered as minor for the issuance of a passport in India.

How to Apply for a Passport for a Newborn?

If you are looking for obtaining infant passport either in the USA or India, you have landed at the right place. Both the countries offer online facility for passport application, however, you need to be present in person for physical verification. Once approved, the passport for a newborn is valid for a period of 5 years from the date of issuance in both the US and India.

Applying in the USA

To apply for a newborn passport in the USA, the parents or legal guardian of the applicant is required to obtain the application form (DS-11) through the USCIS website. The duly filled in form DS-11 has to be submitted in person along with the applicant. Listed below are the documents required for obtaining a newborn passport in the USA.

Documents Required for a Passport in the USA

Proof of US Citizenship: Certified copy of birth certificate issued by the city, county or state authority will serve the purpose right. In case the child was born abroad, you need to submit the American consular report along with the foreign birth certificate.

Proof of Relationship with the Applicant: A birth certificate mentioning the name of the parents is good enough for this purpose. For an adopted child, you must submit the decree with the parents’ name. For legal guardians, it is required to submit the court order copy establishing legal custody.

Identification Document for the Parents: Any government issued identity card is sufficient. In case one parent is absent, form DS-3053 is required to be submitted with the absent parent’s Statement of Consent.

Two passport size color photographs: These photos should measure 2×2 inches in size.

Applying in India

Indian passports are issued through the Passport Seva portal. The parents/legal guardians of minor children can visit the website, create a user account and submit the application on behalf of the infant applicant. An appointment is issued at a given time/date to bring the minor child and required documentation to the passport issuing authorities. Given below is the list of proofs required to be submitted to obtain a minor passport in India.

Documents Required for a Passport in India

Proof of Date of Birth: Birth certificate issued by a competent authority is required in order to verify the date of birth of the infant. If the child has an insurance policy in his/her own name with DOB mentioned, that is also good enough as a proof of age. Aadhar Card or PAN Card, if available, can also be used to establish the date of birth.

Proof of Address: For minors, the proof of address will obviously be in the name of the parents or the legal guardian. Utility bills, income tax assessment order, Voter ID Card, Aadhar Card, Passport or the passbook of an active bank account are considered valid proof of address.

You also need to submit a declaration affirming that the particulars furnished in the application about the minor are true to the best of your knowledge (Document Code #8170).

What if One of the Parents is Abroad?

By law, both parents need to give consent in order to get a newborn baby passport. This is proven by signing the Annexure H but both parents must also be present during the appointment. If one of the parents is working abroad, they must go to the local consulate or embassy and get an official affidavit. This affidavit must be brought to the appointment.

Have you had experience getting a passport for a newborn baby? Do you have any advice for someone who wants to get one? Let us know in our comments section.

Link for Annexure H:

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