From B-1 Visa to Being a Founder on O-1 Visa

Updated on April 25, 2024

About Rabi

  • Serial entrepreneur, started first company iCouch in India in 2013, a mobile app for TV channels that had over 2 million monthly active users. It was acquired by Uli a few years later.
  • Started second company Eva, an AI-powered chatbot that helps thank the world and incentivize using personalized gifts. Eva has raised money from top VCs like Bloomberg Beta, Precursor Ventures and Boost VC.

Visa Journey

  • B-1 -> O-1 -> Green Card


  • Indian


  • Bachelors from BIT and graduated in 2006

Arrival in the US

  • 2015: First came to the US in 2015 to explore next steps after iCouch acquisition
  • 2016: Moved to the US in March 2016 to start Eva

Countries lived in

  • India and USA

First Visa and Year

  • Came on business visa in 2015, stayed for 6 months which is the limit
  • Came again in March 2016 on business visa, stayed 6 months
  • Applied for extension and got 2 more months
  • Applied for O-1 visa during this time and got it

Visa journey

  • Came on business visa twice in 2015 and 2016
  • Got O-1 visa in 2016
  • Applied for green card, currently waiting

For O-1 visa, Rabi needed referral letters from accomplished people in his field and press about him in major publications. He used his background of building a successful company in India before and getting press to qualify for O-1 visa.

According to Rabi, many people don’t realize that you can build a startup in the US and qualify for O-1. It is one of the most entrepreneur friendly visas. The visa can only be sponsored by the employer.

Current job

  • Co-founder and CEO of Eva

Rabi moved to the US to start a startup and has since been running Eva as its co-founder and CEO.

Current status

  • On O-1 visa currently
  • Applied for green card and waiting for it to come through


  • 2013 – Started iCouch in India
  • 2015 – Came to US to explore, stayed 6 months on business visa
  • 2016 – Moved to US in March on business visa to start Eva
  • 2016 – Applied for O-1 visa and got it
  • 2017 – continue to grow and build Eva
  • Current – Applied for green card, waiting for it


  • Yes, founded Eva in 2016

Advice for visa and green card

  • Consult with lawyers to understand the various visa options available
  • Leverage any past successes, press to strengthen the visa application
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