What Does “Fingerprint Review was Completed” Status Mean?

Updated on April 10, 2024

At a Glance

  • The status “fingerprint review was completed” indicates that the FBI has conducted a background check and returned the fingerprints to USCIS.
  • This status does not imply acceptance or rejection; the next step is to contact the FBI or USCIS to inquire about the case status and fingerprint acceptance.
  • It’s possible that a biometrics appointment may not be required if previous fingerprints can be reused.
  • However, it’s advisable to monitor your mailbox, as the case status database may not always be accurate.

Whenever someone applies for a green card or naturalization, the USCIS will require fingerprinting. By doing so, they will have the FBI conducting criminal background checks, which is essential so no criminals will end up receiving the documents they’re asking for.

Therefore, you will have to undergo the fingerprinting process too, and here’s what you should do to have your fingerprints taken:

Submit Your Application

When you submit your biometric fee, you should submit your application for fingerprinting as well. This will ensure that your fingerprints will be taken. Just make sure you don’t submit your FD-258 with the application, as the card will be rejected. Fingerprinting is still required, so the card will not help.

Wait to Get the Appointment Letter

USCIS will send you an appointment letter after you send your application and they receive it. The letter will contain the location of the closest authorized fingerprint site. In order to make sure the process is a legit one, the USCIS will process fingerprint cards only if they are prepared by an authorized fingerprint site.

After you receive the letter, you should make sure that you read all the instructions it contains. It will include the date and place of your appointment, so you should take it to the fingerprint site authorized by the USCIS.

If a fingerprinting location is still too far away from you, a van will be sent to your area. The letter will specify if this is the case for you.

Go to Your Appointment

The next step is attending the appointment. Take the letter USCIS sent to you and bring the other evidence the letter mentions as well. This includes your permanent resident card, driver’s license, passport, and some other documents. There should also be a photograph on your second form of identification.

Have Your Fingerprints Taken

Then, you will get your fingerprints taken but first, you will have to fill out a form. It will be required to indicate what application the fingerprinting is being done for since there are so many categories. So, you will have to specify the green card category, naturalization category, or another application you may need your fingerprints for.

Usually, these sites will take your fingerprints with electronic technology. Once they’re taken, the fingerprints will be sent to the FBI by USCIS so a criminal background check can begin. There are situations when the FBI rejects fingerprints if the quality is not good enough. So, if this happens, the USCIS will let you know. You would have to go to another appointment and take your fingerprints again. Luckily for you, there won’t be any other fee to pay.

If the fingerprints somehow get rejected again, then you will be asked to bring some police clearances for every place you lived in for the last 5 years. These clearances can be taken from police departments.

Send Additional Documents

Sometimes, additional documents may be requested by USCIS before the interview gets scheduled. You will get the proper information from USCIS on where the documents should be sent.

Wait for the Interview Scheduling

When the FBI performs the check, you will be scheduled for an interview by USCIS. A notice will arrive in your mail containing the time, date, and place of your interview. Usually, fingerprints are available for 15 months. So, if the process isn’t completed during that time, you may have to take fingerprints again.

What Does “Fingerprint Review Was Completed” Mean?

The “fingerprint review was completed” status usually tells you that the FBI has performed a background check and sent the fingerprint back to the USCIS. So, when you check your status, you will see this as a sign that the process is ready to move to the next step.

However, this simply means that the fingerprints were reviewed, not that they were accepted or rejected.

Next Steps After “Fingerprint Review Was Completed” Stage

Once you find out that your fingerprints were reviewed, you will have to contact the FBI and ask about your status. They will tell you more about your case and whether the fingerprints were accepted or not. If nobody answers the phone, you can leave them a message with your details. In case the FBI is unable to track your details, contact the USCIS service dealing with your fingerprints.

In some cases, you may not have to go to any biometrics appointment as USCIS may reuse the previously captured fingerprints. The same status will appear when this happens.

The case status database is not always accurate, though, so it’s best to monitor your mailbox than rely on your case status entirely.

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The “fingerprint review was completed” status will appear when your fingerprints have been reviewed by the FBI and sent back to the USCIS office. As such, if you see this, you will have to find out whether they were accepted or not. If you submitted an application, you should be aware that attending a biometrics appointment is necessary unless you took the fingerprints already and they are still available from last time. Check out your status after taking your fingerprints and keep an eye on your mailbox as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What Does the “Fingerprint Review was Completed” Status Mean?

The “Fingerprint Review was Completed” status typically refers to a stage in the U.S. immigration or background check process. It means that your fingerprints, which are taken for various immigration and security purposes, have been processed and reviewed by the relevant authorities.

2. When Does the “Fingerprint Review was Completed” Status Occur?

The “Fingerprint Review was Completed” status usually occurs after you have provided your fingerprints as part of an application process. This can include immigration applications, background checks, or security clearance processes.

3. What Happens After the “Fingerprint Review was Completed” Status?

After the “Fingerprint Review was Completed” status, the authorities continue with the processing of your application or background check. The specific steps that follow can vary depending on the type of application or review being conducted.

4. How Long Does the “Fingerprint Review was Completed” Status Take?

The duration of the “Fingerprint Review was Completed” status can vary widely depending on the complexity of the application or background check and the government agency involved. It’s essential to be patient and allow the process to proceed.

5. Can I Check the Progress of My Application After the “Fingerprint Review was Completed” Status?

Yes, you can typically check the progress of your application or background check by using the tracking or case status tools provided by the relevant government agency. These tools will provide updates on the status of your application beyond the fingerprint review stage.

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