The Dirty Truth About Desi Consulting Companies

Updated on April 10, 2024

At a Glance

  • A proxy interview involves someone representing you in the interview process.
  • Common in the IT industry, individuals modify resumes to match yours to secure positions.
  • Consultancies facilitate proxy interviews but often offer low salaries, exploiting job seekers.
  • Consider ethical implications and explore alternative avenues for job search.

Now that you are in the US, have you ever thought of working at a consultancy or at least getting a job from a consultancy?

If you have, I am guessing you know what we are talking about when it comes to consulting companies. If you know little to nothing, then read this article carefully so you know what you are getting into if you decide to do consultancy work.

The major warning we want to flag is that contracting a Desi consultancy in order to get an H1B visa to stay in the United States can be dangerous.

Many people have crazy stories about consultancy jobs and if you have not heard one, here is one from an anonymous source about his experience:

I have been studying in the United States for the last three semesters, and since last semester, more and more Desi consulting companies are recruiting people near campus for jobs in computer sciences.

The problem is that wherever you go in the United States nowadays, there are Desi consultants, and unfortunately, they own most of the computer science job industry. This makes it very difficult for people to find a job in this industry if it is not with a desi consulting company.

For example, last month I was recruited by a US company, but once I was going through the process, they backed out and told me that I could not be involved anymore. This was very strange to me so I started researching what had happened.

Finally, I found out that the job offer came from an IT company from India, who outsourced their work to an American company. Once I declined the offer I got strange calls every day from different consultancies. Apart from just calling, they also abused me and asked me why I would not join and why I had wasted their time.

After this happened to me, I was really shocked and stunned so I started to research more about this Desi companies and found out that I was not the only person who this had happened to.

There are hundreds of thousands of people who go through this all over the US.

What is a Proxy Interview?

A proxy interview is basically an interview where another person presents themselves as you at the interview. This means people having no experience in computer industries, change their CV to match yours and finally get a position as a Java Lead because they faked who they were.

I know for most of you it is probably the first time hearing about it, but it happens daily and it is starting to happen more and more.

Types of Consultancies

You can find four different types of consultancies out there. We call them types A, B, C, and D.

A & B: Small IT companies, offering staffing solutions

C & D: Big IT companies, which go so far as offering you things such as housing for free in NY and California. They also do the proxy interview for you.

The huge problem with these IT companies is that the salary they pay is very low, usually only 30% of a normal salary. A lot of people take these jobs because otherwise you might not get a job and a low salary is better than no salary at all.

For the people who decide to not go with a consultancy, it has become really hard to find any job in the industry since they lead the market.

The issues with these companies are huge in some states.

For example, in Illinois, you work part-time and only have to attend 22 classes in two years in order to get a Masters.  Also, they allow you to apply for a CPT on the day you start university which just doesn’t seem right.

This is happening in the United States right now!

People are coming here because they think they got better chances to find a good job and a good education than in their home country, but that’s not the case anymore.

What’s more, is that these consultancies will be making huge margins taking advantage of people who are finding jobs through them. They take anywhere from 20% to 50% of the salary of the job you are trying to land and do not care about how unethical that might be.

It is an industry that keeps on growing because the demand for computer science employees continues to grow. These consultancies have taken advantage of the system and are destroying the pursuit of financial freedom for many foreigners in the United States.

Things have changed in this country, and as far as the USCIS and the DHS don’t know, this business will keep growing.

Where are Desi Consultancy Companies’ Ethics?

Unfortunately, a lot of students choose to apply for a job through a consultancy simply because they think if they don’t, that they won’t get a job at all because of the intense competition in the field.

However, we are here to tell you that there are other possibilities that are more ethical to finding a job and that going through a consultancy does not have to be one of them.

If you decide to go with a consultancy, you will be taking part in their bad ethical system and you will be promoting the continued growth of an industry that is stripping away valuable jobs from people. Everybody has the skill to search for a job, some might just need to develop it.

Please be aware of those Desi consulting companies and if you do decide to go with them, make sure you think about it twice. Things might turn out badly and you will have to leave your ethics behind.

If you don’t want to damage your code of ethics, there are other ways to find a job that you can learn about on this website, or through other valuable sources.

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