Discover Dallas’ best immigration lawyers. These lawyers have helped thousands of immigrants with their visas, green cards, citizenship, and many other immigration needs. They have handled the most complex immigration cases for immigrants from more than 100+ countries.

Top Immigrations Lawyers in Dallas, TX

Here is a list of some of the best immigration lawyers who can provide expert assistance and guidance in navigating the complexities of immigration law.

The Ortiz Law Firm, PLLC

Founded Year: 2011
Rating: 4.6
Address: 1425 Greenway Dr #150, Irving, TX 75038
Options: payment plans
Contact Methods: phone
Description: El Despacho Ortiz es un servicio jurídico especializado en inmigración con gran público látino, trabajando con Calidad, Integridad y Honestidad.
Services: Family Based, Citizenship, Asylum
Languages: English, Spanish
Key People: Tessy Ortiz, Adam Tran, Isabel, Gerardo Solis, Carmiann Cespedes, Ariel, Will, Jessica
Very experienced with all types of immigration cases. Professional and give clients confidence. Several attorneys and paralegals mentioned as being especially helpful. Services in English and Spanish.
Some clients had issues with feeling rushed at consultations or not getting updates on cases. A few mentioned documentation errors or having to wait a long time.

Mathur Law Offices, P.C

Founded Year: 1998
Rating: 4.7
Address: 2989 N Stemmons Fwy, Dallas, TX 75247
Phone: (888) 867-5191
Fees: Some reviews mention high fees; payment plan options available
Contact Methods: Good customer service mentioned; kept clients updated
Description: Need a lawyer? Mathur Law Offices, P.C. creates custom legal solutions for family law, immigration, criminal defense, and other legal matters. Call us today to speak with an attorney!
Services: Immigration, Family Law, Divorce, Wills/Trusts
Languages: English
Key People: Sanjay Mathur, Anamika Sinha, Rosie, Laura Byno, Jay Johnson, Lynn Preshad, Marilyn Wells, Michael, Erika L.
High fees mentioned in some reviews; delayed filing paperwork mentioned in one review

Bell Nunnally & Martin LLP

Founded Year: 1980
Rating: 4.6
Address: 2323 Ross Ave #1900, Dallas, TX 75201
Phone: (214) 740-1473
Fees: Not specified
Options: Not specified
Contact Methods: Not specified
Description: Bell Nunnally & Martin LLP is a premier full-service law firm serving a national client base and dedicated to delivering the highest quality legal services to clients through a full knowledge of their objectives. The firm is one of the 75 largest in Te…
Services: Not specified
Languages: Not specified
Key People: Saba, Perrin, Katie, John, Natalie, Ross Williams
Knowledgeable, responsive, customer-friendly, professional
Some negative reviews about representation and being late to immigration matters

David Finn

Rating: 4.5
Address: 4015 Main St Suite 100, Dallas, TX 75226
Fees: Not specified
Options: Not specified
Contact Methods: Phone, email
Description: Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney David Finn, P.C. is a law firm led by Attorney David Finn, a former Criminal Trial Judge & Federal Prosecutor. With extensive experience in criminal law, Mr. Finn has successfully tried thousands of cases and hundreds o…
Services: Criminal defense
Languages: English
Key People: David Finn
Experienced, aggressive, responsive, successful case outcomes
Not specified

Deandra Grant Law

Rating: 5
Address: 3300 Oak Lawn Ave UNIT 700, Dallas, TX 75219
Phone: (214) 225-7117
Fees: Not specified
Options: Not specified
Contact Methods: Phone, email
Description: Deandra Grant, a Dallas criminal defense attorney with extensive experience, helps those accused of DWI and other crimes in Texas courts.
Services: DWI defense, criminal defense
Languages: English, Spanish
Key People: Deandra Grant, Douglas Huff, Johnny Lanzillo, Makenzie Zarate, Sorsha, Elizabeth Sample
Knowledgeable, professional, responsive, successful case outcomes
Lack of communication from some attorneys

Manuel Diaz Law Firm, PC

Founded Year: 2013
Rating: 4.6
Address: 8100 John W. Carpenter Fwy Suite 200, Dallas, TX 75247
Phone: (214) 800-2086
Description: Attorneys at Manuel Diaz Law Firm are committed to providing zealous legal representation to clients throughout Texas. Schedule a free consultation today!

Garcia Legal Group, P.C.

Rating: 4.7
Address: 8035 E R L Thornton Fwy # 100, Dallas, TX 75228
Phone: (972) 996-2329
Fees: Not Available
Options: Affordable prices, Payment plans available
Contact Methods: Phone, Email
Description: Garcia Legal Group offers personal injury, criminal defense, juvenile, immigration, and family law services to clients in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.
Services: Immigration Law, Family Law, Personal Injury, Green Card, Citizenship, Divorce, Child Custody, Car Accidents
Languages: English, Spanish
Key People: Atalia Garcia, Edward, Jorge, Machell, Gustavo, Gaby
Knowledgeable and experienced; Responsive communication; Attention to detail; Helpful and supportive staff; Quick and efficient processing
One review mentioned lack of preparation for a complex case

Law Office of John M Lozano

Rating: 4.8
Address: 9900 Starlight Rd, Dallas, TX 75220
Contact Methods: phone
Description: #N/A
Services: Criminal Defense, DWI, Personal Injury
Languages: English, Spanish
Key People: John M Lozano, Tony Lozano, Abraham, Natalie, Diana, Jenniffer
get the job done

Guerrero Law Offices

Rating: 4.9
Address: 902 W Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75208
Phone: (214) 748-6565
Fees: Not Available
Options: Not Available
Contact Methods: Phone, In-person
Description: At Guerrero Law Office in Dallas, Texas, our immigration and personal injury lawyers are highly experienced and speak fluent English and Spanish. Call 214-748-6565.
Services: Personal Injury, Car Accidents, Truck Accidents, Immigration Law, Green Card, Family Law, Divorce
Languages: English, Spanish
Key People: Roxane Guerrero, Andrew Rohe, Ariana Hamilton, Julian, Coral
Knowledgeable and experienced; Responsive communication; Attention to detail; Helpful and supportive staff; Treated clients like family; Fought for best possible outcome
No cons mentioned in the reviews

Nourian Law Firm

Founded Year: 2018
Rating: 5
Address: 13601 Preston Rd #625W, Dallas, TX 75240
Phone: (972) 720-0088
Description: Nourian Law Firm is an immigration and personal injury law firm in Dallas, TX??. Whether you are in need of immigration law representation or you’re dealing with a personal injury, our lawyers will work with you to help you both in and out of court. Call us at (972) 720-0088.
Services: Immigration; Deportation Defense
Languages: English
Key People: Morrie Nourian

Menes Law Firm

Founded Year: 2009
Rating: 4.2
Address: 1140 Empire Central Dr # 635, Dallas, TX 75247
Contact Methods: Phone, email
Description: Menes Konsult provides a range of full-service corporate and business solutions to clients for their success.
Services: Fiance Visa, Family Based Green Cards
Languages: English
Key People: Temitope Habib, Tope
Prompt service; helped obtain green cards & visas; reasonable fees
Poor customer service mentioned in one review; one review claimed they took money but did not provide service

Laura Baez Torres Law PLLC

Rating: 5
Address: 1341 W Mockingbird Ln Suite 600W, Dallas, TX 75247
Description: Immigration Attorney based out of Dallas Texas, Laura Baez Torres Law PLLC is here to serve and advocate for the immigrant community.
Services: Immigration, Adjustment of Status, Green Card, Citizenship/Naturalization, Advanced Parole, K-1 Visa, Family-Based Immigration
Languages: English/Spanish
Key People: Laura Baez Torres, Unnamed Staff
Thorough Guidance, Personal Attention, Affordable
One case could not be taken (pro bono)

Texas Abogadas Montemayor Law, PLLC / Abogados de Inmigracion, Accidentes y Mas

Rating: 5
Address: 4131 N Central Expy #900, Dallas, TX 75204
Phone: (972) 853-1529
Description: Montemayor Law is a law firm based in Dallas, Texas that provides legal services in various areas of law.
Languages: English; Spanish
Key People: Veronica Montemayor
knowledgeable; professional; responsive; caring

Reina & Associates

Rating: 4.2
Address: 1140 Empire Central Dr Suite 300, Dallas, TX 75247
Phone: (214) 905-9100
Description: Reina & Associates are experienced, board-certified Texas immigration attorneys with 90+ years of combined experience. They speak multiple languages, including Spanish. Call 469-912-2306.
Services: Immigration
Languages: English; Spanish
Key People: Joseph Reyna, Nancy, Isselle T.
Fast service (some reviews)
Poor communication; Expensive; Unprofessional staff (some reviews)

Kellen Powell, Esq.

Rating: 3.5
Address: 6370 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy Suite 270, Dallas, TX 75240
Description: Kellen Powell, an immigration attorney in Dallas, Texas, has dedicated his career to fighting for the rights of others as an attorney, father, husband, and advocate.
Services: Immigration, H-1B Transfer
Languages: English
Key People: Kellen Powell, Unnamed Employer
Responsive, Saved Immigration Case

JCP Law Firm & Associates

Founded Year: 2015
Rating: 4.9
Address: 1140 Empire Central Dr #110, Dallas, TX 75247
Fees: Affordable, fair prices
Description: JCP Law Firm & Associates are immigration attorneys serving the Dallas area.
Services: Immigration (Residency, Citizenship, Deportation Defense, Family Based)
Languages: English| Spanish
Key People: Juan Carlos Peñaflor, Carla Toney, Karla Amaya, Karina Morales, Diana Flores, Bridget, Erika
Affordable| professional| knowledgeable| responsive| caring|
Gave false hope in one case, messed up case in another review

J. Michael Price II Attorney at Law

Rating: 4.5
Address: 10000 N Central Expy Suite 1040, Dallas, TX 75231
Fees: Reasonable fees
Contact Methods: Phone
Description: Dallas criminal defense lawyer J. Michael Price II provides experienced and aggressive representation in Plano, Dallas and throughout Collin County. 214-765-8000, Call today.
Services: Criminal Defense, Immigration
Languages: English
Key People: Michael Price, Toni
Professional| knowledgeable| responsive| caring
Some reviews mentioned unresponsiveness or lack of enthusiasm

Law Office of Jasmit Dhaliwal PLLC

Founded Year: 2017
Rating: 4.6
Address: 11300 N Central Expy Ste. 601, Dallas, TX 75243
Phone: (469) 426-6580
Options: flexible payment plans, monthly payments
Contact Methods: phone and email
Description: Law Office of JD is an attorney firm serving the Dallas/Ft Worth area on immigration services, Green Card renewals, family law, criminal and civil law. Book Your Free Consultations. We have the best immigration attorneys for Latino and Hispanic Community.
Services: Immigration, Family Law, Civil Litigation
Languages: English, Spanish, Hindi
Key People: Jasmit Dhaliwal, Prashant Dhaliwal (manager), Najmu Mohseen
knowledgeable, affordable, professional
poor communication, lack of care, dropping case

Mark Scott Law Group

Founded Year: 2017
Rating: 4.9
Address: 11300 N Central Expy Suite 370, Dallas, TX 75243
Fees: English
Contact Methods: Phone, email
Description: Mark Scott Law Group, PLLC. is a top-rated criminal defense firm that fights to keep your record clean and restore your life to normal following an arrest or accusation. Our goal is a dismissal or acquittal in every criminal case.
Languages: Professional, Knowledgeable, Compassionate, Responsive
Key People: Mark Scott; Jeff
Help obtain dismissals/favorable outcomes; prompt communication; treat clients well mentioned in many reviews
One review mentioned Mark taking money but not representing the client

Robert Kraft

Founded Year: 1979
Rating: 4.9
Address: 2777 N Stemmons Fwy Suite 1300, Dallas, TX 75207
Phone: (214) 999-9999
Description: Kraft & Associates, P.C., located in Dallas, helps clients get compensation for their injuries. Contact them for a free no-risk consultation.
Services: Personal Injury; Medical Malpractice; Automobile Accidents; Social Security Disability; Immigration

John Wheat Gibson, P.C.

Rating: 4.9
Address: 2201 Main St #520, Dallas, TX 75201
Description: #N/A
Services: Immigration
Languages: English/Spanish
Key People: John Gibson, Santiago, Gracie
Knowledgeable, Professional

Miley & Brown, P.C.

Founded Year: 1985
Rating: 4.6
Address: 705 Ross Ave, Dallas, TX 75202
Phone: (214) 692-8800
Description: Miley & Brown, P.C., a Dallas immigration law firm established in 1985, offers a wide range of services including visa applications.

Bailey & Galyen Attorneys at Law

Founded Year: 1987
Rating: 4.7
Address: 2777 N Stemmons Fwy Suite 1150, Dallas, TX 75207
Phone: (844) 402-2992
Fees: 3000 retainer for adoption case
Options: payment plans
Contact Methods: phone_email_in person
Description: Bailey & Galyen’s experienced attorneys are committed to serving and protecting each client’s legal rights in various practice areas.
Services: Family Law, Divorce, Child Custody, Workers Compensation, Personal Injury, Social Security Disability, Probate, Immigration
Languages: English
Key People: Gene Leposki, Margo, Debbie, Karen Alexander, Ashley, Scott Robelen, Mona Blair, Caitlin Cruz, Jessica Lesser, Kaleb, Devanie Galyen, Andrew Ross, Eli, Jamie, Brittany, John Robinson, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Jennifer, Rachel, Mary, Ian Croll
poor_communication_hidden_fees_unprofessional, nonresponsive

Law Office of Ebuehi Nwaefulu

Rating: 4.8
Address: 401 W Abram St B, Arlington, TX 76010
Phone: (817) 460-2311
Services: Immigration, Citizenship/Naturalization, DACA, Green Card, Family-Based Immigration
Languages: English/Spanish
Key People: Anne Nwaefulu, Yajaira, Yinel Cervantes, Unnamed Staff
Detailed Guidance, Excellent Communication, Affordable
None Mentioned

Law Offices of Susana E. Reyes, PLLC

Founded Year: 2014
Rating: 4.7
Address: 1111 W Mockingbird Ln #475, Dallas, TX 75247
Fees: Not mentioned
Options: Not mentioned
Contact Methods: Phone, email
Description: Abogados at the Law Offices of Susana E. Reyes provide immigration legal services.
Services: Immigration law, citizenship
Languages: English, Spanish
Key People: Susana E. Reyes
Thorough, responsive, good results
One very negative review complaining she is unprofessional and uneducated, most reviews very positive

Choosing the Right Immigration Lawyer

Choosing the right immigration lawyer is a critical step for anyone navigating the complexities of immigration law. Here’s a guide to help you make an informed decision:

Understanding Your Needs

Before starting your search, clearly define what you need. Are you applying for a visa, seeking asylum, facing deportation, or dealing with other immigration issues? Different lawyers specialize in different areas, so understanding your specific needs is crucial.

Research and Referrals

Start by researching lawyers with expertise in your area of concern. Referrals from friends, family, or colleagues who have had similar immigration experiences can be invaluable. Additionally, local bar associations and online legal directories are good resources for finding reputable lawyers.

Credentials and Experience

Verify the lawyer’s credentials. Ensure they are licensed to practice law and are in good standing with the state bar association. Look for lawyers with extensive experience in immigration law, particularly those who have handled cases similar to yours.

Consultation and Communication

Many immigration lawyers offer initial consultations. This meeting is a chance to assess the lawyer’s communication skills, understanding of your case, and their proposed approach. Effective communication is key, so choose a lawyer who is responsive and makes complex legal concepts understandable.

Fees and Billing Practices

Understand how the lawyer bills for their services. Some work on a flat-fee basis, while others charge by the hour. Make sure you are clear about any additional costs, such as filing fees or expenses for obtaining documents. A trustworthy lawyer will be transparent about their fees.

Reviews and Testimonials

Check online reviews and testimonials from previous clients. This can provide insights into the lawyer’s success rate, client satisfaction, and professional conduct.

Comfort Level

Finally, it’s essential to choose a lawyer you feel comfortable with. Trust your instincts. A good lawyer should show empathy, respect, and a commitment to your case.

Final Thoughts

Selecting the right immigration lawyer is a decision that can significantly impact the outcome of your case. Take your time, do your research, and choose a lawyer who is experienced, communicative, and dedicated to helping you achieve your immigration goals. Remember, the right lawyer can make all the difference in navigating the complexities of immigration law successfully.

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