Best Paying Weekend Jobs

Updated on February 26, 2024

Finding a job that fits into the weekend schedule while also offering a competitive salary can be challenging, yet rewarding. Whether you’re looking to supplement your income or pursue a passion, the following list highlights some of the best-paying weekend jobs across various industries.


  • Average Salary: Approximately $31 to $45 per hour, depending on the material and experience.
  • Job Description: Proofreaders meticulously review written materials for errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting.
  • Responsibilities: Correcting textual errors, ensuring consistency in style and format, and sometimes checking facts.
  • Required Education: Generally, no formal education is required, but a strong command of the language and attention to detail are crucial.


  • Average Salary: Around $19.82 per hour.
  • Job Description: Bookkeepers manage financial records, including transactions, expenditures, and income.
  • Responsibilities: Maintaining accurate financial records, reconciling bank statements, and preparing financial reports.
  • Required Education: No specific certifications required, though knowledge in accounting or related fields is beneficial.

Data Entry Clerk

  • Average Salary: Varies, but often starts at entry-level pay.
  • Job Description: Entering or updating data into a computer system, often from paper documents.
  • Responsibilities: Typing, proofreading, and possibly organizing data.
  • Required Education: Typically requires high school diploma or equivalent; no special certifications.

Virtual Assistant

  • Average Salary: Varies, can range from $10 to over $20 per hour based on experience and tasks.
  • Job Description: Virtual assistants provide administrative support to businesses or entrepreneurs from a remote location.
  • Responsibilities: Email management, scheduling, data entry, and possibly content creation.
  • Required Education: No formal requirements, but skills in communication, organization, and specific tools (like MS Office) are often necessary.

Search Engine Evaluator

  • Average Salary: Up to $15 per hour.
  • Job Description: Evaluators assess search engine results for relevance and quality.
  • Responsibilities: Analyzing search queries, rating search results, and providing feedback to improve algorithms.
  • Required Education: Generally no formal education required, but must be internet-savvy and understand the local culture and language.

Event Staff

  • Average Salary: About $12.30 per hour.
  • Job Description: Support the execution of events, such as concerts, sports events, or conferences.
  • Responsibilities: Set up, customer service, security, and tear-down post-event.
  • Required Education: Typically no formal education required; training is usually provided on the job.


  • Average Salary: Approximately $13.24 per hour, with potential to charge by the job.
  • Job Description: Preparing and serving food for events.
  • Responsibilities: Menu planning, food prep, serving, and clean-up.
  • Required Education: No formal requirements, though culinary skills and experience are beneficial.

Personal Trainer

  • Average Salary: Standard rate is around $19.42 per hour, with potential for higher earnings.
  • Job Description: Designing and guiding clients through exercise routines.
  • Responsibilities: Fitness assessment, exercise instruction, and motivation.
  • Required Education: Certification from a recognized fitness organization is typically required.

Freelance Writer

  • Average Salary: About $30.39 per hour for various writing projects.
  • Job Description: Creating content such as articles, blogs, and social media posts.
  • Responsibilities: Research, writing, editing, and sometimes publishing content.
  • Required Education: No formal education required, but excellent writing skills and expertise in a particular niche are beneficial.

Graphic Designer

  • Average Salary: Around $25.05 per hour for freelance work.
  • Job Description: Designing visual content for various media.
  • Responsibilities: Creating designs, collaborating with clients, and revising work based on feedback.
  • Required Education: A degree in graphic design or related field is often preferred, along with proficiency in design software.

Final Thoughts

The variety of high-paying weekend jobs available offers opportunities for almost anyone looking to boost their income or pursue a passion on the side. Whether your skills are in writing, design, fitness, or administrative support, there’s likely a weekend job that fits your expertise and schedule.

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