Best Paying Team Driving Jobs

Updated on February 26, 2024

Team driving in the trucking industry is a unique and potentially lucrative career path. It involves pairs of drivers sharing the driving responsibilities to ensure that the truck can cover more distance without stopping, other than for mandatory breaks. This arrangement allows for faster delivery times and, in many cases, higher pay due to the efficiency and continuous operation. Below, we explore some of the best-paying team driving jobs, highlighting their average salaries, job descriptions, and required qualifications.


  • Average Salary: Varied based on distance and freight; top team drivers can earn significantly due to the efficient operation model.
  • Job Description: Schneider offers a diverse range of services, including dry van truckload, intermodal, bulk, and more, with a focus on environmentally friendly and socially responsible initiatives.
  • Responsibilities: Safely operate commercial vehicles in a team driving setup, ensuring timely delivery of freight while adhering to all safety and regulatory standards.
  • Required Education: Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and specific training related to the services offered.

H.O. Wolding

  • Average Salary: Competitive, reflecting the company’s appreciation for drivers’ role in its success.
  • Job Description: With over 75 years in the industry, H.O. Wolding offers regional and long haul services, emphasizing quality at-home time for drivers.
  • Responsibilities: Team drivers at H.O. Wolding are expected to manage long-haul deliveries efficiently, maintaining strong customer relationships.
  • Required Education: CDL is required, with the company providing support and training as needed.

Heartland Express

  • Average Salary: Attractive, rewarding drivers for their experience and dedication to safety.
  • Job Description: Heartland Express values experienced drivers, offering some of the most attractive positions in the industry, with a focus on long haul and regional operations.
  • Responsibilities: Safe operation of trucks, adherence to delivery schedules, and maintaining the company’s high safety standards.
  • Required Education: CDL and a strong record of safe driving.

Werner Enterprises

  • Average Salary: Offers competitive pay scales, bonuses, and benefits, including a sign-on bonus and fuel discounts.
  • Job Description: Werner supports new drivers with training and resources, making it an ideal starting point for those new to team driving.
  • Responsibilities: Operate dedicated, expedited, and other freight services in a team setup, ensuring safe and timely deliveries.
  • Required Education: CDL, with the company assisting in training through partnerships with CDL schools.


  • Average Salary: Among the highest in the industry, with team drivers earning an average of $118,797 per driver in 2023.
  • Job Description: Barr-Nunn is known for its high compensation for team drivers, offering extensive benefits and flexible schedules.
  • Responsibilities: Efficient and safe operation of trucks, adherence to schedules, and compliance with all safety regulations.
  • Required Education: CDL with at least 6 months of tractor-trailer experience, though new drivers can team up with experienced ones.

Specialized Team Drivers

  • Average Salary: Can reach six figures annually, especially for those hauling sensitive or protected equipment, such as for the Department of Defense.
  • Job Description: Involves transporting high-value, often sensitive, cargo with one driver operating the vehicle while the other may act as a guard.
  • Responsibilities: Strict adherence to safety and security protocols, often requiring clearances and thorough background checks.
  • Required Education: CDL, alongside passing rigorous security clearances and background checks due to the sensitive nature of the cargo.

Final Thoughts

Team driving positions offer a unique set of challenges and rewards, making them a compelling choice for many in the trucking industry. The continuous operation model not only ensures higher efficiency and faster delivery times but also potentially higher earnings for the drivers involved. As with any high-paying job, these positions come with their set of expectations, including strict adherence to safety standards, regulatory compliance, and in some cases, additional security clearances. For those willing to embrace the team driving model, the road ahead is promising.

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