Best Paying Side Jobs for Firefighters

Updated on February 21, 2024

Firefighting is a demanding profession that requires dedication, strength, and a willingness to help others in their time of need. However, the irregular hours and the nature of the job leave some firefighters seeking additional employment to fill their off-hours or to supplement their income. Here are some of the best-paying side jobs suitable for firefighters, offering a mix of flexibility, relevance to their skill set, and financial reward.


  • Average Salary: $23,680 per year, not including tips
  • Job Description: Bartending involves preparing and serving drinks to patrons, managing the bar area, and ensuring a satisfying customer experience.
  • Responsibilities: Mixing and serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, maintaining a clean bar, and managing inventory.
  • Required Education: While formal education is not required, obtaining a bartender’s license might be necessary depending on the location.

Security Guard/Bouncer

  • Average Salary: $29,710 per year
  • Job Description: Security guards and bouncers monitor premises to prevent theft, violence, or infractions of rules.
  • Responsibilities: Guarding entry points, checking IDs, patrolling properties, and reporting any disturbances.
  • Required Education: High school diploma or equivalent; some positions may require specific security training.

CPR Instructor

  • Average Salary: $52,790 to $65,000 per year
  • Job Description: CPR instructors teach individuals how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation safely and effectively.
  • Responsibilities: Leading CPR classes, demonstrating techniques, and assessing participants’ performance.
  • Required Education: Certification as a CPR instructor from recognized organizations such as the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association.


  • Average Salary: $22,890 per year, tips can significantly increase earnings
  • Job Description: Waiters take orders, serve food and beverages, and ensure a pleasant dining experience for guests.
  • Responsibilities: Taking orders, serving meals, handling payments, and maintaining a clean dining area.
  • Required Education: No formal education required; training is typically provided on the job.


  • Average Salary: $73,300 per year for Registered Nurses, $115,800 per year for Nurse Practitioners
  • Job Description: Nurses provide care for patients, assist doctors, and perform medical procedures.
  • Responsibilities: Assessing patient health, administering medication, and maintaining medical records.
  • Required Education: Associate’s or bachelor’s degree in nursing for RNs, master’s degree for Nurse Practitioners, plus licensing.

Lawn Mower

  • Average Salary: $5,000 to $250,000 per year, depending on the scale of operations
  • Job Description: Lawn mowing services involve maintaining and grooming outdoor lawns and gardens.
  • Responsibilities: Mowing lawns, trimming edges, and ensuring outdoor areas are neat and tidy.
  • Required Education: No formal education required; knowledge of lawn care and maintenance beneficial.

Youth League Coach/Referee

  • Average Salary: Up to $40,089 per year
  • Job Description: Coaching or refereeing youth sports involves teaching sportsmanship, skills, and the rules of the game to young athletes.
  • Responsibilities: Leading practices, coaching games, and ensuring a safe and fair play environment.
  • Required Education: No formal education required; experience in the sport and possible certification from relevant sports associations.


  • Average Salary: $42,090 per year
  • Job Description: Mechanics diagnose and repair vehicle problems, perform maintenance, and ensure vehicles operate safely and efficiently.
  • Responsibilities: Inspecting vehicles, diagnosing issues, repairing and replacing parts, and performing routine maintenance.
  • Required Education: High school diploma or equivalent; vocational training or apprenticeships in automotive repair are common.

Customer Service Rep

  • Average Salary: $34,710 per year
  • Job Description: Customer service representatives handle customer inquiries, resolve issues, and provide support over the phone or online.
  • Responsibilities: Answering customer questions, solving problems, and ensuring a positive customer experience.
  • Required Education: High school diploma or equivalent; additional training provided by the employer.

Dog Walker

  • Average Salary: Varies significantly; can depend on the number of clients and hours worked.
  • Job Description: Dog walkers take clients’ dogs for walks, provide exercise, and ensure their well-being during the walk.
  • Responsibilities: Walking dogs, picking up after them, and sometimes providing food and water.
  • Required Education: No formal education required; a love for animals and knowledge of basic pet care is essential.

Final Thoughts

Side jobs for firefighters not only offer financial benefits but also the opportunity to engage in different interests and passions. When choosing a side job, consider how it fits with your schedule, energy levels, and long-term goals. The right side job can provide a fulfilling complement to the noble profession of firefighting.


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