Best Paying Part-Time Jobs for 16-Year-Olds

Updated on February 26, 2024

Finding a part-time job as a 16-year-old can be an exciting venture into the workforce, providing not only a source of income but also valuable work experience. Here’s a list of the top ten part-time jobs that not only pay well but also offer flexible hours suitable for a high school student’s schedule.


Average Salary: Varies widely depending on location and number of children
Job Description: Babysitters take care of children while parents are away, ensuring their safety and managing their activities.
Responsibilities: Supervising children, preparing meals, and facilitating bedtime or playtime routines.
Required Education: None formally required, but CPR and first aid certifications are advantageous.

Dog Walker

Average Salary: Approximately $12.68 per hour
Job Description: Dog walkers take clients’ dogs for walks, providing exercise and companionship for the pets.
Responsibilities: Walking dogs, ensuring their safety, and sometimes performing additional tasks like feeding.
Required Education: None, but a love for animals and knowledge about different dog breeds is helpful.


Average Salary: Around $13.89 per hour
Job Description: Farmhands assist with various tasks on a farm, including caring for animals and maintaining crops.
Responsibilities: Feeding animals, cleaning enclosures, and assisting with planting and harvest.
Required Education: None; most skills are learned on the job.

Restaurant Server

Average Salary: Approximately $11.63 per hour, plus tips
Job Description: Servers take orders, serve food and drinks to customers, and ensure a pleasant dining experience.
Responsibilities: Greeting guests, taking orders, and maintaining cleanliness of dining areas.
Required Education: None; training is usually provided on the job.

Newspaper Delivery

Average Salary: Around $15.00 per hour
Job Description: Deliver newspapers to subscribers’ homes or businesses, often early in the morning.
Responsibilities: Sorting newspapers, ensuring timely delivery, and managing subscription details.
Required Education: None, but a reliable means of transportation is often necessary.


Average Salary: About $15.34 per hour
Job Description: Gardeners maintain and beautify outdoor spaces by taking care of plants and lawns.
Responsibilities: Mowing lawns, weeding, planting, and general garden maintenance.
Required Education: None required, though knowledge of plants can be beneficial.


Average Salary: Approximately $19.51 per hour
Job Description: Tutors provide academic assistance and personalized instruction to students outside of the classroom.
Responsibilities: Assessing student needs, preparing lesson plans, and aiding with homework or test preparation.
Required Education: Proficiency in tutored subjects, often validated by personal academic success.

House Sitter

Average Salary: Typically $25 to $50 per day
Job Description: House sitters watch over clients’ homes while they are away, ensuring security and performing light chores.
Responsibilities: Collecting mail, watering plants, and sometimes pet care.
Required Education: None, but trustworthiness and reliability are crucial.

Youth Sports Referee

Average Salary: $15 to $20+ per hour
Job Description: Officiate at sporting events for youth leagues, ensuring fair play and adherence to rules.
Responsibilities: Enforcing game rules, maintaining sportsmanship, and managing game logistics.
Required Education: Knowledge of the sport’s rules; formal certification may be required.

Social Media Marketing Assistant

Average Salary: Around $16.36 per hour
Job Description: Assist businesses with their social media presence, creating content and engaging with followers.
Responsibilities: Drafting posts, scheduling content, and analyzing engagement metrics.
Required Education: Familiarity with social media platforms and trends; more formal education in marketing can be beneficial.

Final Thoughts

Embarking on a part-time job as a 16-year-old is more than just earning money; it’s about gaining life skills, responsibility, and insights into potential career paths. The right job can provide invaluable experience and even pave the way for future opportunities.

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