Best Paying Lab Jobs

Updated on February 26, 2024

The laboratory sector offers a variety of high-paying careers for individuals passionate about science, technology, and healthcare. From genetic counseling to biotechnology, these roles not only provide attractive compensation but also contribute significantly to medical advancements and patient care. Below is a curated list of some of the top-paying lab jobs, highlighting job titles, average salaries, descriptions, responsibilities, and the education required to enter these fields.

Genetic Counselor

  • Average Salary: $79,877​
  • Job Description: Genetic Counselors are professionals who combine their knowledge of genetics with counseling skills to assess and assist patients with inherited conditions.
  • Responsibilities: Assessing genetic risks, providing counseling, and supporting patients in understanding genetic conditions.
  • Required Education: Master’s degree accredited by the Accreditation Council for Genetic Counseling.

Blood Bank Technology Specialist

  • Average Salary: $73,168​
  • Job Description: Specialists in blood bank technology are responsible for all operations in a blood bank, from routine testing to complex transfusion practices.
  • Responsibilities: Conducting diagnostic blood tests, managing blood bank operations, and ensuring the safety of blood transfusions.
  • Required Education: Certification from the American Society for Clinical Pathology, with academic programs available for preparation.

Biotechnology or Biomedical Engineer

  • Average Salary: $72,854​
  • Job Description: Biotechnology engineers apply biological principles and technology to improve health care, environmental health, and more.
  • Responsibilities: Research and development in various industries including healthcare, agriculture, and environmental services.
  • Required Education: Bachelor’s and/or master’s degree in related engineering fields, with professional certification available.

Health Systems Engineer

  • Average Salary: $86,610​
  • Job Description: Health Systems Engineers focus on creating efficient healthcare delivery systems, both in direct patient care and in data management.
  • Responsibilities: Designing systems for healthcare delivery, improving efficiency, and managing healthcare data.
  • Required Education: Undergraduate degree in industrial/systems engineering, with post-baccalaureate programs available.


  • Average Salary: $77,533​
  • Job Description: Immunohematologists specialize in blood cell antigens and antibodies, crucial for safe blood transfusions.
  • Responsibilities: Ensuring the compatibility of blood transfusions and managing blood bank operations.
  • Required Education: Advanced certification for medical technologists, with post-bachelor’s programs available.

Pathologists’ Assistant

  • Average Salary: $89,110​
  • Job Description: Pathologists’ Assistants are skilled professionals who perform tasks in surgical and autopsy pathology under the supervision of a pathologist.
  • Responsibilities: Preparing and examining surgical specimens, conducting autopsies, and managing laboratory operations.
  • Required Education: Accredited post-bachelor’s program and certification from the American Society for Clinical Pathology.

Biotechnology Scientist

  • Average Salary: $93,697​
  • Job Description: Biotechnology Scientists conduct research to improve health through cellular-level biological studies.
  • Responsibilities: Experimental design, data analysis, and research supervision in various biotechnological fields.
  • Required Education: Advanced degrees in biotechnology or related fields, with significant research experience.

Final Thoughts

The laboratory sector is rich with opportunities for those interested in blending science with high-earning potential. These roles not only offer financial rewards but also the satisfaction of contributing to critical advancements in health and science. With the right education and certification, individuals can embark on a fulfilling career path that makes a significant impact on society.

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