Best Paying Jobs for Single Moms

Updated on February 23, 2024

Single moms face unique challenges, balancing the demanding roles of parenthood with the need to provide financially for their families. The quest for jobs that offer not just financial security but also flexibility and fulfillment is paramount. Here, we explore a range of professions that cater to the diverse skills and life situations of single mothers, aiming to offer a blend of decent earnings, manageable schedules, and the possibility for growth.

Accounting Jobs

Average Salary: Varies by position and experience
Job Description: Accounting roles encompass a broad spectrum from basic bookkeeping to high-level CPA positions, serving various industries.
Responsibilities: Managing financial records, audits, tax filings, and financial planning.
Required Education: Ranges from high school diploma for entry-level positions to CPA certification for higher roles.

Child Care Provider

Average Salary: Varies widely depending on role and setting
Job Description: Child care providers can work as nannies, in daycare settings, or even run a daycare from their home.
Responsibilities: Ensuring the safety, well-being, and educational development of children.
Required Education: Varies by position; may include CPR certification, Child Development Associate credential, or state-specific licensing.

Clinical Research Coordinator

Average Salary: $118,970 (median annual wage for natural science managers, as per BLS)
Job Description: Overseeing clinical trials and research projects, handling both administrative tasks and on-ground research work.
Responsibilities: Data entry, documentation, research planning, and result analysis.
Required Education: Typically requires a degree in a related field, although specific requirements can vary by role and employer.

Content Manager

Average Salary: $75,672 (according to Glassdoor)
Job Description: Managing the content of websites and digital platforms, including planning, scheduling, and oversight of content production.
Responsibilities: Editorial planning, assignment management, and social media engagement.
Required Education: Often requires a background in marketing, communications, or a related field.


Average Salary: $77,600
Job Description: Providing patient care and support in various healthcare settings.
Responsibilities: Conducting physical exams, administering medication, and offering health education.
Required Education: Post-high school education in nursing, leading to licensure as a registered nurse.

Real Estate Agent

Average Salary: $93,862
Job Description: Assisting clients in buying, selling, or renting properties.
Responsibilities: Property valuation, client representation, and transaction facilitation.
Required Education: High school diploma plus real estate courses leading to licensure.

Data Entry Clerk

Average Salary: $41,266
Job Description: Inputting and managing data within various databases and systems.
Responsibilities: High-volume data input, data verification, and general office tasks.
Required Education: High school diploma or GED, with most training provided on the job.


Average Salary: Varies widely based on business success
Job Description: Starting and running your own business, offering products or services.
Responsibilities: Business planning, marketing, sales, and operational management.
Required Education: No formal education required, but business acumen and relevant skills are crucial.

Virtual Assistant

Average Salary: $10 to $20 per hour (according to Upwork)
Job Description: Providing administrative support remotely to businesses and entrepreneurs.
Responsibilities: Email management, scheduling, data entry, and other administrative tasks.
Required Education: Typically requires a high school diploma, along with strong organizational and communication skills.

Instructional Designer

Average Salary: $77,360
Job Description: Creating and redesigning educational courses and training materials.
Responsibilities: Course development, content creation, and educational research.
Required Education: Usually requires a high school diploma, with further education or experience beneficial.

Property Management

Average Salary: $67,621
Job Description: Overseeing the operation, maintenance, and administration of property rentals.
Responsibilities: Tenant relations, lease management, and property maintenance.
Required Education: High school diploma, with experience in real estate or management preferred.

Digital Marketing

Average Salary: $56,238
Job Description: Promoting brands, products, and services through digital channels.
Responsibilities: Strategy development, content creation, and campaign management.
Required Education: High school diploma with potential need for certifications in digital marketing.

Administrative Assistant

Average Salary: $42,527
Job Description: Supporting the administrative functions of an organization.
Responsibilities: Scheduling, correspondence, document management, and office coordination.
Required Education: High school diploma, with proficiency in office software.

IT Specialist

Average Salary: $88,722
Job Description: Managing and supportingtechnology solutions and issues within organizations.
Responsibilities: Network management, software development, cybersecurity, and user support.
Required Education: Often requires certifications in specific IT skills or fields, with some roles accessible through coding bootcamps or self-study.

Public Relations Specialist

Average Salary: $62,810
Job Description: Managing and improving the public image of organizations or individuals.
Responsibilities: Media relations, content creation, social media management, and event coordination.
Required Education: Typically requires a bachelor’s degree in public relations, communications, or a related field.

Teacher’s Aid

Average Salary: $15.91 per hour
Job Description: Supporting teachers in classroom management and student instruction.
Responsibilities: Assisting with lesson preparation, supervising students, and providing one-on-one help.
Required Education: High school diploma, with some positions requiring an associate’s degree.

Final Thoughts

The job market offers a diverse array of opportunities for single moms seeking a balance between their professional and personal lives. From the flexibility of virtual assistant roles to the entrepreneurial spirit of starting your own business, there’s a path for every skill set and career aspiration. The key is finding a role that not only meets your financial needs but also fits your schedule and allows you to thrive both as a professional and as a parent.


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