Best Jobs for Global Studies Majors

Updated on April 7, 2024

Global Studies majors are uniquely positioned to navigate and appreciate the complexities of our interconnected world. With their deep understanding of global issues, cultures, and perspectives, these graduates are well-equipped for a variety of impactful careers.

International Education Coordinator

  • Average Salary: $55,089
  • Job Description: This role involves bridging cultural divides within educational institutions, managing international programs, and promoting cross-cultural integration.
  • Responsibilities: Designing international programs, ensuring compliance with regulations, and supporting students with overseas experiences.
  • Required Education: A degree in Global Studies or a related field.

Global Education Program Manager

  • Average Salary: $55,000
  • Job Description: Overseeing international educational initiatives, including the development of global curricula and management of study abroad programs.
  • Responsibilities: Coordinating with international partners and promoting cross-cultural understanding among students and staff.
  • Required Education: Typically requires a degree in Global Studies or education.

International Curriculum Designer

  • Average Salary: $62,450
  • Job Description: Specializing in creating educational content for a global audience, incorporating diverse cultural contexts into learning materials.
  • Responsibilities: Collaborating with educators and experts to design inclusive and internationally relevant courses.
  • Required Education: A degree in Global Studies, education, or a related field.

International Student Adviser

  • Average Salary: $41,889
  • Job Description: Providing support and guidance to international students, assisting with academic and cultural adjustments.
  • Responsibilities: Helping with visa processes, organizing integration events, and serving as a liaison for international students.
  • Required Education: Degree in Global Studies or related field with a focus on international education.

Manager of International Affairs

  • Average Salary: $77,307
  • Job Description: Overseeing global initiatives, ensuring compliance with international standards, and managing cross-border projects.
  • Responsibilities: Liaising with international partners and monitoring global trends.
  • Required Education: Global Studies degree, often with further specialization in international relations.

International Admissions Specialist

  • Average Salary: $63,521
  • Job Description: Managing the admissions process for international students, including application review and visa guidance.
  • Responsibilities: Serving as a liaison between prospective international students and the institution.
  • Required Education: A degree in Global Studies or a related field, with knowledge of international education systems.

Director of International Studies

  • Average Salary: $106,696
  • Job Description: Leading an institution’s international studies department or program, developing curricula, and fostering global partnerships.
  • Responsibilities: Shaping global strategy, securing funding for international initiatives, and overseeing study abroad programs.
  • Required Education: Advanced degree in Global Studies or related field, with significant experience in international education.

Final Thoughts

A Global Studies degree opens doors to dynamic and rewarding careers that make a real difference in the world. Whether you’re facilitating cross-cultural understanding, shaping the future of education, or managing international affairs, the skills and insights gained from a Global Studies major are invaluable.


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