Best Jobs for Chemistry Majors

Updated on March 12, 2024

Chemistry majors possess a unique set of skills and knowledge that can be applied to various fields. From research and development to education and health care, opportunities are vast and varied. Here, we explore the top ten jobs for chemistry majors, considering factors such as job roles, responsibilities, and required education.


  • Average Salary: $89k
  • Job Description: Chemists study the composition, structure, properties, and behavior of matter. They often work in research and development to create new products or enhance existing ones.
  • Responsibilities: Conducting experiments, analyzing substances, writing technical reports.
  • Required Education: Bachelor’s degree in chemistry for entry-level positions; advanced positions may require a master’s or PhD.

Food Science Technologist

  • Average Salary: $84k
  • Job Description: Food science technologists apply scientific principles to the food industry, focusing on food quality, safety, and nutritional value.
  • Responsibilities: Analyzing food content, developing new food products, ensuring regulatory compliance.
  • Required Education: Bachelor’s degree in food science, chemistry, or a related field.


  • Average Salary: $87k
  • Job Description: Epidemiologists study the spread, prevention, and treatment of diseases within populations.
  • Responsibilities: Conducting research studies, analyzing data, developing public health strategies.
  • Required Education: Master’s degree in epidemiology or public health; a background in chemistry is beneficial.

Materials Scientist

  • Average Salary: $105k
  • Job Description: Materials scientists develop new materials and study the properties of existing materials to improve their performance.
  • Responsibilities: Research and development, testing material properties, writing research papers.
  • Required Education: Bachelor’s degree in materials science or chemistry; advanced research positions require a PhD.

Pharmacy Technician

  • Average Salary: $38k
  • Job Description: Pharmacy technicians assist pharmacists in dispensing prescription medication to customers or health professionals.
  • Responsibilities: Preparing and dispensing medications, managing inventory, customer service.
  • Required Education: High school diploma or equivalent; certification and further education in pharmacy technology can enhance job prospects.


  • Average Salary: $77k
  • Job Description: Chemistry professors teach and conduct research in higher education institutions.
  • Responsibilities: Lecturing, developing curriculum, supervising student research.
  • Required Education: PhD in chemistry or a closely related field.

Natural Sciences Manager

  • Average Salary: $156k
  • Job Description: Natural sciences managers oversee the work of scientists, including chemists, in research and development projects.
  • Responsibilities: Planning and directing research projects, managing budgets, supervising staff.
  • Required Education: Bachelor’s degree in a scientific field; a master’s or PhD can improve job prospects.

Technical Writer

  • Average Salary: $81k
  • Job Description: Technical writers create manuals, journal articles, and other supporting documents to communicate complex and technical information more easily.
  • Responsibilities: Researching, writing, editing technical documents.
  • Required Education: Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field; experience in chemistry can be advantageous.

Forensic Science Technician

  • Average Salary: $67k
  • Job Description: Forensic science technicians assist in criminal investigations by collecting and analyzing evidence.
  • Responsibilities: Analyzing crime scenes, collecting evidence, performing laboratory tests.
  • Required Education: Bachelor’s degree in forensic science, chemistry, or a related field.

High School Teacher

  • Average Salary: $70k
  • Job Description: High school teachers educate students in various subjects, including chemistry, at the secondary school level.
  • Responsibilities: Preparing lessons, grading assignments, supporting student learning.
  • Required Education: Bachelor’s degree in chemistry or education; teaching certification required in most regions.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a career path as a chemistry major offers a broad spectrum of opportunities, each with its unique challenges and rewards. Whether you’re drawn to the intricacies of research and development, the practical application of science in health and nutrition, or the fulfillment of educating the next generation, there’s a place for you in the vast world of chemistry.


For the average salary data and job descriptions for chemistry majors, please refer to the detailed information available on CareerExplorer at the following URL:

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