Best Jobs for a Bachelor of Science Degree

Updated on February 29, 2024

A Bachelor of Science degree opens the door to a wide array of rewarding and high-paying careers across various fields, from engineering and information technology to healthcare and environmental science. Whether you are a recent graduate or considering which degree to pursue, understanding the potential career paths available can help guide your decisions. Here is a look at the top ten jobs for individuals holding a Bachelor of Science degree, detailing job titles, average salaries, descriptions, responsibilities, and required education.

Sales and Business Marketing Manager

  • Average Salary: Not Specified
  • Job Description: Sales and business marketing managers oversee business development through research, creation, and implementation of marketing plans. They analyze and interpret data to identify business trends and develop strategies to capitalize on these insights.
  • Responsibilities: Marketing concept development, people management, financial planning, sales planning, competitive analysis, consumer trend understanding, product development, and creative services.
  • Required Education: Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management, covering areas such as marketing communications, market research, product management, and more​​.

International Finance Analyst

  • Average Salary: $96,220
  • Job Description: International finance analysts specialize in making informed financial decisions regarding investments and loans by analyzing financial data from various economic environments.
  • Responsibilities: Data collection, variance monitoring, analysis, operational performance assessment, and financial forecasting.
  • Required Education: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration or Finance, focusing on economics, mathematics, accounting, and related fields​​.

General and Operations Manager

  • Average Salary: $98,100
  • Job Description: These managers are responsible for formulating policies and managing daily operations to improve efficiency and productivity.
  • Responsibilities: Overseeing employee hiring and training, quality assurance programs, evaluating processes, and developing improvement strategies.
  • Required Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Operations Management with coursework in supply chain management, administrative theory, microeconomics, and more​​.

Engineering Physicist

  • Average Salary: $84,651
  • Job Description: Engineering physicists integrate mathematics, engineering, and physics principles to develop and analyze technological solutions.
  • Responsibilities: Research and development in areas such as quantum devices, cryogenic electronics, nanotechnology, and more.
  • Required Education: Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics, often combining engineering and applied physics majors​​.

Financial Manager

  • Average Salary: $139,790
  • Job Description: Financial managers help organizations achieve their financial goals by developing strategies to maximize profits and manage investments.
  • Responsibilities: Profit maximization, investment management, financial planning, and analysis.
  • Required Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Economics, Business Administration, or Accounting​​.

Public Relations and Fundraising Manager

  • Average Salary: $119,860
  • Job Description: These managers craft and maintain a positive public image for organizations through persuasive media campaigns and effective communication.
  • Responsibilities: Media campaign creation and management, result monitoring, and high-stress PR situation management.
  • Required Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations, focusing on multicultural communication, media history, and marketing principles​​.

Petroleum Engineer

  • Average Salary: $131,800
  • Job Description: Petroleum engineers design and develop methods and equipment for extracting oil and gas from deposits below the Earth’s surface.
  • Responsibilities: Equipment design for oil and gas extraction, collaboration with geoscientists and other specialists.
  • Required Education: Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering, covering rock properties, well construction, natural gas engineering, and more​​.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a career path with a Bachelor of Science degree involves considering your interests, strengths, and the kind of work environment you envision for yourself. The diversity of roles available highlights the versatility of a Bachelor of Science degree and its potential to lead to fulfilling and lucrative careers. As industries evolve, the demand for skilled professionals in these areas is likely to continue growing, making a Bachelor of Science an increasingly valuable asset in the job market.

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