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Reading a stock market graph can be very challenging, especially for a beginner who never encountered this type of chart before. But you can ease your process by learning some key terms. So, how to read stock charts? Check our tips to make the process smoother. What Is a Stock Chart? Stock charts are graphs […]

With digital transactions taking over the world of banking, several online payment methods have cropped up. One of the first among them is PayPal, which has been operating in the world of online payment for more than two decades. But what exactly is PayPal, and how does it work? How does a beginner go about […]

The one thing visa petitioners are always on the lookout for is whether their priority date will get advanced or pushed back in upcoming months. Recently, all of the employment-based categories were being pushed forward almost every month. With the release of the May 2021 visa bulletin, is this momentum going to continue? This is […]

Recently, the Student and Exchange Visitor Program made an announcement regarding international students who have an M, F1, or J1 visa. Apparently, these students will be allowed to take online classes while the pandemic is still going and the U.S. is fighting to make things better. However, why is ICE suddenly deciding to do this […]

India has been hit hard by the coronavirus in the last few weeks. Cases have surged and new variants have arisen. This situation is terrible for India and Indian nationals.  Due to the contagious nature of the coronavirus, India’s situation does not just impact its citizens. When citizens travel between countries, there is a risk […]

One of the downsides to making important career decisions is first being able to understand your financial situation. Unfortunately, most people have no idea where to begin when it comes to understanding their financial health.  The first step to getting a comprehensive understanding of your financial situation is to understand your annual net income.  What […]

If you’re a non-resident Indian and Indian citizen, you are required to enroll in the Aadhaar Yojna, which means you will have to get an Aadhar card. However, you may have no idea how you can get this card and where to even start the process. So, how to get Aadhaar card for NRI? Let’s […]

It’s important to keep track of your gross monthly income, no matter if it’s in order to run a business or see what situation your finances are in. This type of income might be something you need when you make a credit or loan application. So, what is the gross monthly income and how can […]

Whether you need to get a new passport, renewed passport, or a new visa, you are already aware that an embassy or consulate can give you the help that you need. However, if you live in Atlanta and you need an Indian embassy specifically, you probably have no idea if there is one nearby that […]

Financial terms can get confusing sometimes. Try as you might, no matter how many jargons you look up, there is a new one that always gets added to your list of unknown terms. The term ‘payee’ might just be one among them. What exactly is a payee, and how does a payee work? Let’s explore […]