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In late 2020 there was a lot of controversy surrounding the U.S. citizenship civics test. The citizen test is one of the final stages of the citizenship process and assesses your knowledge of U.S. history, civics, and government bodies. Under the Trump administration, the USCIS decided the civics test, set in 2008 after a lot of […]

¿Estás emocionado? ¿Está todo preparado? Pronto te irás de viaje al extranjero y será un momento glorioso. Si sólo supieras lo que se espera de ti en términos de aduanas e inmigración en los pasos fronterizos, eso sin duda te ayudaría a calmar un poco los nervios. No pretendemos abarcarlo todo aquí, pero te explicaremos […]

You may have thought when it comes to preparing your tax return, you only have two options – either struggle through your taxes by yourself or hire an expensive tax practitioner to do it for you. But these days, you can prepare your tax return online. This is cheaper than getting a tax practitioner to do […]

H1B visas are one of the most sought-after employment-based visas. Congress has set a limit of 85,000 H1B visas that can be issued every year – also known as the H1B quota cap. As the H1B visa is such a popular visa, the USCIS receives many more applications than the quota cap allows. For example, […]

Key Findings – 94% of all cryptocurrency buyers are Gen Z or Millennials (18-40 years old) – Gen X buyers purchased an average of $9,611 crypto last year while Millennials bought $8,596 and Gen Zers bought $6,120 – Millennial crypto buyers have 5.4x more student loan debt, 2.3x more auto loan debt, and 1.7x more […]

Antes de que un extranjero pueda solicitar una tarjeta de residente permanente (también conocida como tarjeta verde o Green Card) y visas como las basadas en la familia, tiene que tener un patrocinador en los EE. UU. que respalde su solicitud. Los familiares siempre pueden patrocinar a un inmigrante. Pero quizás te preguntes: “¿puedo patrocinar […]

People tend to use the terms “citizen” and “national” while referring to the same category. In reality, they are two different things holding different meanings. So, what is the difference between a U.S. national vs U.S. citizen?This article will shed some light on the matter and explain your rights as both types of citizens. U.S. […]

An announcement brought to the light some new rules and benefits for OCI. The missive was released by the Home Ministry of India, and OCI cardholders should get familiar with what the new rules are. So, what did the Home Ministry of India introduce for OCI? Let’s look into it. What Is OCI? OCI refers to Overseas Citizenship […]

There have been a lot of delays when it comes to processing employment authorization for F1 students. This could have a bad effect on the nonimmigrant international students. As a result, USCIS came with a solution, respectively an extension for those in this category. Below, you will find out exactly what the work authorization extension forOPT students […]

Have you filed the I-130 petition for a green card? The wait is over as the March 2021 visa bulletin has been released. You can now track the status of your green card application. The Department of State issues a visa bulletin every month. This lets people know the current position of your green card application. Let […]