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On October 6, 2020, Trump took another bold step to restrict temporary work visas in the United States. The Trump administration announced a sudden change to H1B rules. These new rules will tighten restrictions on companies hiring skilled foreign workers in specialty occupations. The new rules, which, for example, shortens the visa’s lifetime to 1 […]

If you’ve immigrated to the United States from Pakistan, then you’ll want to send money back home from time to time. This is more important for first-generation immigrants who have the majority of their family members back home. But when sending the money, there are certain things you need to take care of. In this […]

Money orders represent a convenient option when you have a payment to make. In most cases, the process is quite straightforward – but since it deals with money, you must get it right on the first go. Western Union calls it a “prepaid check” – one that ensures the money won’t get anywhere else than […]

Around 68 million of the 220 million scorable people have a bad credit score according to VintageScore. Having a bad credit score could affect you and prevent you from accessing various services that you could benefit from if you had a good score. Since so many want to build their credit and make it better, […]

Recently, a big stopgap spending bill has been passed by the Senate and signed by the president. As a result of that, the premium processing fees have increased, despite the increase being blocked a while ago. This isn’t good news for many people. On the other hand, premium processing will be available for various situations […]

A credit score is often at the center of focus when financial institutions determine your financial health and credibility. If you ask someone, they’d reply vaguely that the more you have, the better. But how much is “more” and what is the highest credit score you can have? And the bigger questions, how to reach […]

If you’re a speaker of a language other than English and do not possess English proficiency, then the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services or USCIS allows you to use interpreters. You can then submit certified translation documents. But for asylum interviews, you can use a USCIS-approved interpreter for your cause. And the good news […]

Everyone wants to grow their wealth. You’ve probably heard investing and purchasing stocks is one of the most effective and popular ways to do this.  If you’re wondering how to invest in stocks or “how do I manage my stocks?” you can read on. We’ll take you through the basics of stocks, how they work, […]

When Trump’s visa ban was enforced, it sent shock waves through the political world and immigration communities. Families were separated, and many companies like Facebook’s normal operations and employment strategies were thrown a curveball. In general, people were shocked and outraged.  Of course, everyone knew the visa ban would not go unchallenged in court. But […]

COVID 19 has caused many plans to go awry and has impacted the lives of immigrants in different ways. One of the big frustrations was the 2020 green card ban President Trump enforced in his April executive order. The process for numerous Indians who were ready to get their green cards was paused once again, […]