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At a Glance: How you check your passport status will depend on your preferences. You can check it online, by phone, and by email. It may take about 14 days to be able to check status updates via the State Department’s website. Having a passport is a must if you want to go on a […]

Nobody can choose the exact circumstances of their conception and birth. You didn’t choose to be born into your family and in your country, but there you are, anyway. It can’t be denied that our race, ethnicity, and nationality make up a large part of who we are. More than just identifiers, they also serve […]

Traveling with children can be a challenge. Crossing international borders adds an extra layer of difficulty because of the requirements for correct paperwork. One critical document required for this is a child’s passport. Like many other legal identification documents, passports expire. Read on to learn about the process of renewing a child’s passport. How to […]

Nowadays, many companies are encouraging their employees to undergo biometric screening. This medical procedure aims to determine whether someone has underlying health conditions including diabetes and heart disease and monitor them. If you’re considering getting a biometric screening done, this article will tell you all about this procedure and everything you need to know about […]

When it comes to your citizenship or a lawful permanent residency, dates are extremely important to note down. Each date about your application from start to finish signifies something important in the grand scheme of the process of you gaining your lawful permanent residency in the United States of America. Of all these dates, the […]

Any person stuck in the hassles of court proceedings will, at some point, need to produce a good moral character letter. It is a letter submitted to the hon’ble court by someone who knows you well enough that they can vouch for you. But how exactly does one write a good moral character letter anyway? […]

Have you ever thought about serving your country? As people living in the United States, we have an obligation to serve our country when the need arises. When it comes to worst-case scenarios such as wars, the government needs all the help it can get to protect its people and keep everyone safe. One way […]

In order to receive immigration services, you will have to go through a medical examination by a doctor. Every family member that is looking for family-based green cards needs this service. The doctor performing the evaluation is authorized by the government. To help you out, there is a USCIS Find a Doctor page that shows […]

Traveling to the United States is exciting, but it can also be a confusing and stressful process. There are important documents that you have to understand. One of these is the I-94 Admissions record. The name does not give much information, so read on learn more about I-94 Admissions. What is an I-94 Admissions Number? […]

A passport is an essential travel document for anyone who intends to go out of the country. Whether you are planning your next vacation or you have to go on a business trip, you need a passport. But similar to many other documents, passports lose their validity after a certain amount of time, and you […]