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If you ever need to make a large payment securely, you may want to get your hands on a cashier’s check. But what exactly is a cashier’s check? And how do you get one? This step-by-step guide will walk you through everything you need to know. What Is a Cashier’s

A bank statement is a commonly-used document by banks and their users. You might be receiving such a statement every month either in physical form or e-mail. It’s basically a summary of the banking transactions you’ve done for the month. Many people confuse it with an invoice, but it’s not

When you want to make a payment, cash may not always be an option. There are multiple ways for you to make a payment, but money orders and cashier’s checks are among the most popular kinds. While these two are two types of checks, there are still a few notable


Checks – it’s been a while since anyone’s heard about them, right? However, even if everyone is now busy with bank transfers and debit cards, there are still some people that just prefer signing checks. It saves them the trouble of going to the bank – and let’s face it,

In this modern age of payment cards and e-wallets, checks have somewhat got left behind. But they aren’t outdated entirely and still in use. When you’re asked to write or receive a check, it’s essential to know that there are different types of checks. Certified checks are just one…

A debit card is more of a commodity than a luxury. Almost everyone who has a bank account carries one. The benefits are plentiful, and it’s a great way to go cashless. But what many people don’t know is that there’s a minimum age requirement for possessing debit cards. In


It can be hard to take care of family back home in India while pursuing employment opportunities abroad. Especially if you’re working in a country far away like America. Sending money back to help with finances shouldn’t add to your load.  If you’re an Indian citizen working abroad &#8211…

Many Americans use debit cards in order to gain access to their money more safely. But although there are so many debit card owners, not all of them know what the security code is, and what purpose it serves. You may be in the same situation if you accessed this

So you went and got yourself a credit card. For every person, this is something normal. If you want to build credit, you need to learn how to handle credit. It is a great financial tool and if it’s used correctly, it might even improve your credit. With that in


When you are traveling abroad, you can’t always be certain that you will have cash at hand. In most cases, you can use modern alternatives such as debit cards and other options, but sometimes, that is not possible – not when you are likely in a small town, with very


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