How to Cancel Gold’s Gym Membership

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At a Glance: Gold’s Gym has a global presence and millions of subscribers, but some individuals choose to cancel their memberships. You can cancel Gold’s Gym either in person or via mail. To cancel in person, visit your local club and complete a cancellation form. Alternatively, send a cancellation letter to the address provided by the gym. Email cancellations are not accepted. Gold’s Gym has specific cancellation policies, including refund eligibility within the first three days and processing times for refunds. Cancellations must be done in writing and cannot be made through email, phone, or social media. Prorated refunds are generally not offered, and pausing memberships depends on the gym’s policies. Membership cancellation should be done 30 days prior to the billing date.

After starting as a small gym in 1965, Gold’s Gym went on to become one of the most popular fitness companies out there. As such, a lot of people who want to get in shape or live a healthier lifestyle settle for this particular gym.

Still, over time, people might not need gym exercises anymore. Or maybe they are turning toward better services. This is why they might wonder “How to cancel 24 Hour Fitness?” or other fitness services.

So, there will also be individuals wondering how to cancel Gold’s Gym membership. If you’re in this situation, we’ve got you covered. We’ve looked into it and you can find the different cancellation options below.

How to Cancel Gold’s Gym

Gold’s Gym has more than 700 locations worldwide, with over 2 million people subscribed to the program. Despite the benefits offered by the membership, some people decide to part ways with the service.

You have two options if you want to cancel Gold’s Gym: you can either cancel in person or via email. Here’s how you can cancel using these methods:

How to Cancel Gold’s Gym at Your Location

You can cancel your Gold’s Gym membership in person by going to your local club. This method is very simple, especially if you live pretty close to a Gold’s Gym location.

To cancel, you have to go to the front desk of the club and ask for a cancellation form. Then, you should fill it out with the necessary information, sign it and submit it.

In order to be able to cancel the membership, you must have the following information ready:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Date of birth
  • Valid email address
  • Valid phone number
  • Your membership ID
  • A statement of your intent to terminate your membership
  • The last four digits of the credit card that you’ve associated with your Gold’s Gym account

Another way to cancel the membership is via mail. You can send a letter requesting the cancellation of your account. Here are the steps to take:

  1. Reach out to the local gym and ask for the address where you can send the cancellation request.
  2. Prepare the membership cancellation request. Make sure you also mention the reasons for the membership termination.
  3. Offer all the necessary information.
  4. Now, send it by mail to the address you’ve got from the local gym.
  5. Two weeks after mailing the cancellation request, give them a call. This is to confirm the cancellation.

However, if there are any issues with the subscription termination, you may have to go to the local gym anyway.

How to Cancel Gold’s Gym Over Email

Unfortunately, Gold’s Gym does not currently allow members to cancel their memberships via email. You can only do it in person or via mail. Cancellations via email or over the phone are not accepted.

What’s in the Gold’s Gym Cancelation Policy

There are a few things one should know before they attempt to cancel their Gold’s Gym membership.

For instance, one can only have a refund processed during the first 3 days of signing up for the subscription if the management of Gold’s Gym is claimed “incomplete”. Basically, this could mean that personal information is missing and/or that some billing details were not valid. If the process is not completed within three days, Gold’s Gym will then go on to enroll the person in the non-refundable standard membership plan.

If an individual also submits a cancellation request to the Gold’s Gym management, it may take up to 10 business days for the refunds to be processed. Only payments that have already been made can be refunded.

Also, if you cancel an account before even using it, then it has to be granted a check refund within 14 business days after receiving the cancellation notification. This means that there must be no activity on the account, including guest passes issued during this time or any missed appointments.

People with a membership that has a 90-day-money-back guarantee can cancel their subscriptions within 3 days too if misused or unused. But the membership mustn’t be transferable.

Individuals who are looking to cancel their memberships must do so in writing. Therefore, this can be done through a letter you drop at the gym personally or mail to the location. You cannot cancel via email or phone. Similarly, you cannot cancel using social media websites like Twitter and Facebook.

Small businesses that have entered contracts with the gym also have some provisions. If the individual sends a cancellation notice within three days of making the contract, the person will have to pay either 10% of their annual dues or $25.

And if the notice is sent between 3 and 24 days after one signed up for a membership plan, they will have to deal with a 75% charge of their annual dues. Meanwhile, 100% of one’s yearly dues can be reimbursed while no cancellation fee will apply for those who cancel 25 days after they subscribed. All these provisions apply as long as the business manages to pay in full for its annual term and it has performed satisfactorily under the agreement made with the gym.

Also, if a business is unable to abide by the cancellation policy issued by Gold’s Gym, the fitness company can always file a claim against the small business or individual. This claim will be made for every due owed. If a subscription isn’t canceled within 3 days of subscribing for an account, this will be considered the first payment made for the membership. Therefore, a refund will not be granted if canceled later.

Only a single person per household can use a membership card. It is considered fraud when more than one individual uses the same card at once. It will have serious consequences.

How to Cancel Gold’s Gym FAQ

Here are some potential questions you may be still having regarding the Gold’s Gym cancellation:

Does Gold’s Gym prorate their cancellations?

For canceled memberships, Gold’s Gym requests a notice of at least 30 days. Until the period ends, you still have to pay.

Most of the time, Gold’s Gym doesn’t offer any prorated refund for early cancellations. If you cancel during the first 30 days, you may get a refund, but only by meeting certain conditions.

Can you pause your Gold’s Gym cancellations instead of canceling?

Each gym has different rules when it comes to pausing the cancellation. You must ask your local gym about it.

When can you cancel Gold’s Gym membership?

You must cancel your membership 30 days before the billing date.

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Final Thoughts

Just like some people look into how to cancel a Crunch Membership, others look into canceling their Gold’s Gym membership. With the fitness company, you can only cancel in person or by mailing a cancellation request to the local gym. You cannot cancel via phone or email, nor via social media. So, if you are certain about the cancellation, make sure to follow the steps in this article to have a smooth process.

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