How to Cancel Spectrum Internet

Posted by in Save Money | Updated on May 30, 2023

Canceling some kinds of services can be a difficult and frustrating experience. Hidden fees can also make the process a financial burden. If you are not sure of the best way to cancel services, like how to cancel Xfinity, read on to learn how to cancel Spectrum internet. 

How to cancel Spectrum Internet

In 2022, there are only two ways to cancel Spectrum Internet; in person at a Spectrum store or by calling in. Currently, Spectrum does not allow you to cancel your Spectrum Internet service online. 

The overall process for canceling Spectrum Internet is outlined below:

  1. Get your current statement and make sure there are no unpaid balances.
  2. Check when the next payment is due and make sure to cancel before that.
  3. Notify Spectrum of your decision to cancel (either in-store or on the phone).
  4. Return any of the internet equipment you were leasing from Spectrum. Make sure you do this as soon as possible to avoid being charged.
  5. Keep your email confirmations and receipts from equipment returns in a safe place.
  6. After the date that your payment would have been due, make sure there are no charges on your account.

Canceling Spectrum by phone

When you call Spectrum, you will have to navigate the phone menus until you get to the right one for how to cancel Spectrum Internet. 

The automated phone menus are deliberately designed to be frustrating. This is because the more frustrating it is, the more likely you will give up and just keep paying, which helps the company with revenue retention. 

In addition, when you eventually begin speaking to a call center employee, they are required to go through a long pre-written script designed to make you change your mind about canceling. 

You will not be able to cancel until the employee has gone through the entire script. You can follow the steps below to shorten the time it takes to go through the retention script:

  1. Call the Spectrum cancellation call center at (833) 267–6094.
  2. If you are calling from the phone number associated with your account, the call center agent will immediately have access to your account information. Otherwise, you will have to verify your account details.
  3. When the call center agent asks the reason for your call, say, “Service changes.”
  4. You will be offered several options. Listen for “Remove service” and select it.
  5. You will be transferred to the customer retention department. An agent will try to convince you to upgrade instead of cancel. Tell them you need to cancel because you are moving “out of Spectrum’s service area.” 
  6. If they ask where specifically, tell them you are moving out of the US.
  7. There should be no script left, and the agent should begin the actual cancellation process at this point.

Canceling Spectrum In-Store

The process of canceling Spectrum internet in person is almost the same as doing so over the phone, but the retention script is less rigid. This could make the cancellation process in person easier. If you are forced to specify what service area you are moving to, say you are moving out of the country.

Where to Return Your Spectrum Equipment

When you cancel your Spectrum internet service, you have to return all of the equipment you were using to receive the service. This includes your router, modem, DVR, and any other equipment leased to you by Spectrum.

You can return your equipment to the nearest Spectrum store, or you can send it in via mail using UPS or Fed-Ex. If you have a disability that prevents you from doing this, Spectrum offers home pickup of equipment exclusively for customers with a disability.

The best choice is to return it in-store if you can. If the equipment gets lost in the mail or doesn’t reach Spectrum after you mail it in, you will be charged the full replacement fee for whatever equipment is missing. If you return the equipment to a physical store and get a receipt, this cannot happen.

It is strongly recommended that you drop your equipment off in person at a physical store and get a receipt. Equipment return by mail is one of the leading causes of issues with how to cancel Spectrum internet.

Considerations When Canceling Spectrum Internet

There are a few important things to keep in mind when you cancel Spectrum internet***. First, it is very important to keep the email confirmations and equipment return receipts you receive when you cancel. You will need these in the future if Spectrum charges you for missing equipment or continues charging you for the service.

You will need proof that you canceled the service and returned the equipment to avoid expensive charges.

Secondly, after you have successfully canceled, you should double-check that there are no issues with your account. You can check your account by calling Spectrum or logging in to your online account on the Spectrum website***. 

Make sure they have not charged you any extra fees. If these unpaid fees continue reflecting on your account without your knowledge it could affect your credit score.

Canceling Spectrum Internet FAQ

The questions answered below frequently come up about how to cancel Spectrum internet.

Are there early termination fees for canceling Spectrum?

No. Spectrum does not charge any early termination fees for canceling. If you have only had the service for 30 days or less, you can get a full refund when you cancel. Otherwise, there is no refund and no termination fee.

Does Spectrum prorate bills if you cancel early?

No. Starting from 2019, Spectrum no longer prorates bills or issues credits for partial months. If you cancel after 30 days, there are no refunds. To avoid paying for an entire billing cycle, make sure you cancel at least one business day before the next payment is due.

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Final Thoughts 

The process of how to cancel Spectrum internet can be a frustrating one, unlike the easy process for canceling other services like how to cancel Netflix. You can cancel in person or by calling the help center. There is no option for online cancellation. One important thing to make sure of is that you return your router and other Spectrum equipment to avoid being charged a fee. You may need to claim you are moving out of the country to start the cancellation process by phone.