How to Cancel a Crunch Membership

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Many people subscribe to various fitness services such as LA Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness, or Crunch in an attempt to live a healthier life. But after a while, they may start wondering how to cancel 24 Hour Fitness or how to cancel LA Fitness, or how to renounce the Crunch membership.

Crunch is great, as it offers people multiple types of fitness classes, but not everyone wants to keep paying for the service forever. So, how to cancel Crunch membership? Let’s find out by reading this article.

How to Cancel Your Crunch Fitness Membership

Canceling Crunch Fitness can be done in various ways, and it’s great to have so many options to choose from. You can cancel both in person or from a distance, depending on which option is more convenient for you. That being said, here are all of the methods you can use to cancel a Crunch Fitness membership:

Cancel Crunch Membership in Person

If you have a Crunch Fitness location in your area, then you can easily visit it and apply for cancellation there. This is great if you are better at face-to-face communication rather than by phone or email. Make sure to provide the Crunch representative with all the necessary details after you request the membership cancellation.

Cancel Crunch Membership Through a Contact Form

Canceling through a contact form is also possible. If you want to choose this option, here are the steps you will have to go through:

  1. Access the official Crunch Gym website. On their homepage, you’ll notice three tabs. One of them will say “Press”, the next one will say “Jobs” and the third one will say “Careers”. You will have to click on the “Contact Us” tab.
  2. After clicking on Contact Us, you will be taken to a new web page, where you will have to fill in your Crunch Gym Cancellation request details. Make sure you also choose a valid cancellation reason, as there will be a drop-down list with potential reasons.
  3. It’s time to enter your personal information now, such as your name, address, and others. This will be necessary for verifications, and the Crunch officials will need it to process your cancellation request. Then, you will have to write down a brief message where you explain why you decided to cancel the membership.
  4. Click on “Submit” and you are done sending your request. The company will reach out to you after a while through an email or phone call so you can talk about your membership cancellation request in more detail.

Cancel Crunch Membership Over the Phone

Many people also decide to cancel their Crunch membership over the phone, as they find it easier to speak to a representative directly rather than online. If you prefer this method, you will have to go through the following steps:

  1. Choose the phone number of the gym you wish to cancel. You should look on the company’s website or a phone book to find it.
  2. Before you make the call, make sure to have all your information ready. That being said, you must have the name of the person you are talking to if possible, or find out if there is an automated system that processes cancellation requests. Also, if it’s not given, you should ask for an individual with the authority to cancel memberships. Other than that, you must also offer your personal information, like your birth date, membership length, and any other personal information required to stop the billing.
  3. Give a reason for your cancellation. Now, you may not feel comfortable sharing the reason for the cancellation – so, you do not have to give the exact cause, but try to be honest whenever possible. They will likely ask you about the reason for the cancellation. Therefore, make sure that you already have an explanation ready before the call, as it can make things proceed smoothly. On top of that, it will also ensure that things are professional between yourself and the Crunch representative. If you do not offer details about your reason for the cancellation, they may not take you seriously, and may instead try to convince you to keep your membership.
  4. Find out whether there will be any free sessions you can get a refund for if you cancel your Crunch Gym membership. Also, determine which payment methods can help you achieve a successful cancellation. During your call, you should ask the representative about how a refund is offered if any is available, and discover whether specific payment methods can help you obtain a faster membership cancellation. If any personal information is requested during your call, you should give it now, as the gym can update its records immediately. Just make sure not to offer your social security number, as it is valuable information that should not be shared. Only give it when you think it’s necessary for the cancellation.
  5. Wait for a written cancellation confirmation from the gym.

Cancel Crunch Membership via Email

You can also cancel by email if you want to. Canceling through written notice is very easy and convenient, so you will have no issues with it. Here’s what you have to do:

  1. You must have signed up for this Crunch service in person or online. If you were not the one who registered, then you cannot cancel the account.
  2. Send the company some emails and put “Member Request” as the topic. Then, copy and paste this into the email: “I would like to request that Crunch Fitness cancel my membership effective immediately upon the receipt of this email. My membership number is __________ and my user password is _________.”
  3. Make copies of every email sent to them and keep it as proof that you requested the cancellation. Bear in mind that you may have to wait two weeks for the cancellation – however, it will not be renewed after that time.

Cancel Crunch Membership by Mail

You can also cancel the Crunch membership by mail. Follow these steps for a smooth process:

  1. Fill out the cancellation form that you get with the monthly statement.
  2. Send it back to Crunch using certified mail. It’s essential to also keep a copy of the cancellation form.
  3. Wait for at least 10 business days to get a confirmation in the mail. If you didn’t receive anything after 10 days, call customer support to confirm the cancellation.
  4. Cancel automatic withdrawals and payments with the bank and you’re done.

Crunch Fitness Cancelation FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about Crunch membership cancellations and answers:

What Is Crunch Fitness’ Cancelation Policy?

According to the Crunch Fitness’ cancelation policy, someone has to make the due payment in monthly installments, pay for any unpaid dues before the cancellation day and return their member’s cars to the nearest gym if they wish to cancel.

Are There Fees when Canceling Crunch Fitness?

People can expect to pay cancellation fees if they cancel their membership at one of the gyms. Also, written notices must be sent with a $175 fee. If the membership is canceled before one year, then an extra $25 will be charged as an early cancellation penalty.

Does Crunch Auto-Renew Free Trials into Paid Subscriptions?

If the Crunch Live service is not canceled after the end of the free trial, a monthly fee will be charged.

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Final Thoughts

Canceling Crunch Fitness can be done using various methods if you’re sure you don’t need the gym service anymore. Use one of the most convenient methods for you and you will be able to cancel without problems.

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