How to Renew Driver’s License in Georgia

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At a Glance: To renew your driver’s license in Georgia, you’ll need your current license, identity verification (e.g., SSN card), lawful presence documentation (for non-citizens), renewal fee, and a completed application. Additional or different documents may be required depending on the renewal method. You can renew online if you’re a Georgia resident aged 18-64, have a non-commercial license/ID, and a Secure ID compliant ID. In-person renewal requires a visit to the Department of Driver Services (DDS) center, where you’ll need to take a new photo, complete a form, and provide identity and lawful presence documents. Renewal by mail is available in special circumstances. Ages 64 and older require a vision test. Renewal should be done within 150 days prior to expiration. Renewal fees are $32, with a $5 discount for online renewal.

Once every few years, a driver must renew their license if they want to be able to get on the road. If you live in Georgia, you may be wondering what documents you need in order to renew your license and what methods you can use. There are three ways to renew your license in Georgia: 

  • Online
  • At the Department of Driver Services
  • By Mail

If you are over the age of 64, there are separate processes for renewing your driver’s license in Georgia. Each of these methods is discussed in more detail below, but first, let’s look at the documents needed to renew your GA license.

Documents Needed to Renew Your Driver’s License in Georgia

To renew your driver’s license in Georgia, you will have to provide certain documentation, which, generally, includes:

  • Your current license, permit, or ID
  • Documentation that verifies your identity (SSN card, mail, etc.)*
  • Documentation that proves that you are in the U.S. lawfully (if a non-citizen)*
  • Renewal fee, which you can pay by credit card or in cash
  • Renewal application

* These documents should be original. Photocopies or faxes are not accepted.

Depending on how you renew, additional or other documents may be required.

How to Renew Your Driver’s License in GA Online

One method to renew your driver’s license in GA is by doing it online. You can simply do it from the comfort of your own home. To renew your license online, you must:

  • Be a Georgia resident and be at least 18 years of age
  • Be no older than 64 years old
  • Be a U.S. citizen
  • Have a non-commercial license/ID (valid or expired with the last 2 years)
  • Have a Secure ID compliant ID (with a gold star in the top right corner)
  • Have a license is not currently canceled, revoked, or suspended
  • Have a debit or credit card for online payment

Renewing Your GA License with a DDS Account

To be able to renew the license online, you should either create a new account with the DDS or log into your existing account. On the DDS website or app, you can find the renewal instructions.

Bear in mind that if you want to do a name change for your driver’s license, you will not be able to do it online. You will have to present yourself to a Department of Driver Services customer service center with the legal documentation of the name change.

How to Renew Your Driver’s License in GA In-Person

If you’d rather renew your license in person, you will have to go to the closest Department of Driver Services customer service center. At DDS, you will have to:

  1. Take a new photograph
  2. Bring the completed license form (can be completed before arriving)
  3. Take a vision exam if you are 64 or older
  4. Provide documentation that varies your identity (SSN card, mail, etc.)*
  5. Provide documentation that proves that you are in the U.S. lawfully (if a non-citizen)*
  6. Pay a renewal fee of $32

* These documents should be original. Photocopies or faxes are not accepted.

Your current license should be brought to the center so you can exchange it. Also, if your driver’s license has expired more than 2 years ago, you will have to take and pass/retake tests, including:

  • Vision exam
  • Road skills test
  • Road rules knowledge
  • Road signs knowledge

How to Renew Your Driver’s License in GA by Mail

You can also renew a driver’s license in GA by mail, but this method is only available in special situations, such as when a U.S. citizen is unable to go to a center for renewal. You may be allowed to renew by mail if you meet one of these requirements:

  • You are going to school out of the state and you have all your dependents with you
  • You are currently out-of-state in the military and all of your dependents are stationed with you
  • You are physically incapacitated and cannot go to a DDS customer service center physically
  • You are working out-of-state temporarily and have all your dependents with you

To renew online, you will be required to complete a mail-in renewal application. Usually, it takes around 10 days to process it. The form should be mailed along with the renewal fee to this address:

DDS Special Issuance
2206 Eastview Parkway
Conyers, GA 30013

How to Renew Your Driver’s License in GA for Ages 64 and Older

If you are 64 or older and want to renew your driver’s license, you can do it but you will have to take a vision test. If you cannot pass the DDS test, you will be sent for an examination to a licensed ophthalmologist or optometrist, who will have to complete a Vision Report, which will later be submitted to the DDS.

Drivers who are 64 or older can also renew their driver’s licenses online. If you decide to renew online, you will have to send various documents to initiate the renewal process:

  • Vision exam that you took within the last two years, which includes Horizontal Perception Degrees, Visual Acuity Degrees, or Monocular Field of Vision.
  • Vision Report Form from DDS, which you can find on the DDS website.

When to Renew a Georgia Driver’s License

Your Georgia driver’s license should be renewed up to 150 days before its expiration date. Also, it has to be done no later than 2 years after the license expires.

Renewing a Georgia Driver’s License: Final Thoughts

Renewing your driver’s license in GA is possible as long as you meet the requirements. You can renew online, in person, or by mail, depending on your situation. You must renew it on time, bring the necessary documentation and pay the renewal fee – and with the info above, that process should be very simple!

Helpful GA Driver’s License Renewal Resources

Georgia Driver’s License Renewal: Common FAQ

Do you still have certain questions regarding the Driver’s license renewal in Georgia? Well, here are some of the most commonly asked questions and their answers.

How often do I need to renew my GA driver’s license?

Generally, Georgia driver’s licenses are valid for eight years. However, if you’re 64 or older, you’ll receive a five-year license.

Can I renew my GA driver’s license online?

Yes, you can renew your license online if your license is expiring in less than 150 days or has not been expired more than two years.

What documents do I need to renew my GA driver’s license?

You’ll need your current driver’s license, proof of identity, proof of Georgia residency, and proof of US citizenship or eligible immigration status.

What is the cost to renew a driver’s license in Georgia?

The cost for a standard renewal was $32 for an eight-year license.

What happens if my Georgia driver’s license expires?

If your license expires, you can face fines or penalties. If it’s been expired for more than two years, you’ll have to pass the driving tests again.

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