How to Delete Doordash Account

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The most famous online food delivery service in the United States with a market share of 56% is Doordash. Not only in the US but their services are also offered in Australia and Canada. The company claims to have been tied with over 200,000 restaurants and makes over 800,000 deliveries each day. However, if, for whatever reason, you wish to delete your Doordash account, here is a step-to-step guide to help you out.

Reasons To Delete Your Doordash Account

No doubt Doordash is a huge company in the United States. They are single-handedly responsible for 56% of the customers in their sector. This put the company in a unique position to dictate monopolistic policies in the food delivery business and have security issues with the information about their customers and delivery partners. A lot of people did not like these policies and are the primary reason they are quitting.

Compromised Data

In May 2019, the company announced that the data regarding its customers, delivery partners, and merchants that was supposed to be private and secured was compromised due to a technical error. People who had made accounts with the app till April 2018 were affected by this data compromise.

Poor Treatment of Delivery Workers

In the same year, in July, Doordash found itself accused of withholding its delivery partner’s tips paid by the customers. Doordash knowingly withheld the tips paid by the customers by routing the money first to the company accounts and making sure it covered the guaranteed minimum amount required to pay the driver. Once that requirement was fulfilled, the company would then pay the remaining amount to the delivery driver. This unfair policy brought a class-action lawsuit against the company for a “materially false and misleading” tipping policy and had to be forced to revise this policy after a settlement payment of 2.5 million dollars.

Poor Treatment of Restaurant Partners

If all this wasn’t enough, again, in April 2020, Doordash used its monopolistic power to force the restaurant to sign contracts that contained clauses that would not allow them to increase the food prices on their menu. It had to be the same for both dine-in customers and delivery customers. This meant they had to subsidize the cost of delivery themselves on top of paying 13 to 40 % of the bill amount as Doordash fees. This was too much a burden on the restaurants since their margins are almost always less than 10 %.

Hence, too many customers decided it was time not to be associated with such a company that fleeces the very people it relies on for its business.

How To Delete A Doordash Account On Your Own

You should know that no one can delete their Doordash account from their app. One needs to go to the website to do the same.

Step 1

Go to and log in with your Doordash credentials.

Step 2

On the home page, you will find the menu icon with three dashes to the top left side of the webpage. Select it to get the menu settings.

Step 3

Once the dialog slide appears, in the options provided, you will also see the option of “accounts” present. Select that option to be directed towards your account settings.

Step 4

Once the account settings page opens up, look at the top right corner of your page to find the option “manage account” and select it.

Step 5

After you find the manage accounts page, on the top, you have an option to download all your data and archive it by selecting the “request archive.” This includes your billing information and receipts for all your orders. Before deleting your account permanently, it would be a good idea to download these as once deleted, they cannot be reaccessed.

Step 6

After you have downloaded all files, right under the “request archive” option, you will find the option marked “delete account.” Once you press this, you will be redirected to another page and requested to type the verification code sent to your mobile device or your email Id.

Step 7

Once you type in the code and confirm the process, your account and all its details will be deleted forever.

How To Delete Your Doordash Account With Customer Support

It is practically impossible to delete your account through customer support. However, you can deactivate your Doordash subscription. You can also reactivate it at any time you wish to do so.

Step 1

On the website,, visit the “help” page. This is the only way to submit the request to deactivate your Dashpass subscription.

Step 2

You will then find a form to fill out that asks for information such as your name, email, phone number, and other information as required.

Once you fill out the details, there is a description tab available in which you will have to express the need to deactivate your Dashpass subscription.

After you check all your details and make sure they are correct, submit your request and wait to hear back from the customer service.

Alternatives To Doordash

Once you have gone through with deleting your account, you might want to find a better alternative to their service and be confused as to what to choose. Following is a list of apps that are just as good as Doordash.

Uber Eats

Uber eats is one of the most famous food delivery alternatives to Doordash. It has partnered with over 350,000 different restaurants and has services in over 500 cities. It gives you preferences based on the food you have ordered, but you can choose to search based on offers, cuisines, delivery times, and more. Uber eats also claims that their average delivery time is around 30 mins.


The other alternative you have is PostMates. It is a food delivery service currently operating in 4200 US cities. The company has ties with over 500,000 different restaurants across the country and allows delivery 24×7 as long as the restaurant in question is still open. PostMates also has a subscription scheme wherein orders placed over $15 have no delivery fee and are not affected by surge pricing during difficult delivery schedules.


This is the third delivery partner on our list. GrubHub offers food in more than 2700 U. S cities and has ties with over 140,000 restaurants across the country. You can search based on delivery times, ratings, pricing, distance, and even delivery time. It allows different payment methods and has a promotions program that lets you earn cashback and reward points.

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Final Thoughts

Doordash might play a monopoly in the food delivery business, but it is no secret that it has been losing customers every day lately. Its poor service and controversial policies have made it difficult for them to retain its number 1 position in the market. If you wish to delete your account forever or use the customer service to deactivate it, both can be done through different means via the Doordash website and not their mobile app.

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