Guide to the Binance Chain Wallet

Updated on October 13, 2023
At a Glance: The Binance Chain Wallet is the official wallet for Binance cryptocurrency, offering access to Binance Chain, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain. It allows for safe storage, decentralized trading, and various functions like swapping, yield farming, and NFT minting. The wallet stands out with features such as Wallet Direct linking and Google account recovery. Setting up the wallet involves downloading the extension, creating a wallet with Gmail or tKey, and securing it with a password and seed phrase. Depositing funds involves connecting the Binance account and verifying ownership, while moving crypto from another wallet requires selecting the network, adding the correct address, and completing the withdrawal process.

We reached a time when trading cryptocurrencies has become one of the main ways to make an investment. And when someone thinks crypto exchanges, they automatically think Binance as well. Binance has been around for a while, gaining popularity, and becoming a symbol of the industry. But in order to trade with the Binance chain wallet, you must understand how it works.

What Is the Binance Chain Wallet?

The Binance Chain wallet is the official wallet for the Binance cryptocurrency, used to access cryptos and projects such as Binance Chain, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain. This wallet may be used to safely store your cryptos, connecting it over a variety of other projects across the Blockchain.

The Binance chain wallet allows for quick and decentralized trades. With its focus on Smart Contract Programmability, this high-tech blockchain has the purpose of resolving the scalability problem. This was a recurring issue for people using blockchain.

The wallet can be used in order to send and receive funds, all in a safe manner. You may swap BNB, go for yield farming, or mint NTFs; the wallet is fairly versatile. Plus, since it can be used on Firefox, Chrome, and Brave, it makes it quite a useful and convenient wallet.

What Makes the Chain Wallet Different From Other Crypto Wallets?

Giving it a first look, the Binance Chain Wallet doesn’t seem all that special. It is similar to every other wallet that handles cryptocurrencies and extensions. With that in mind, there are still a few features that differentiate it from the other wallets.

For instance, if you have a Binance account, you may be able to link it to the wallet by using Wallet Direct through the tKey. With most wallets, you’ll have to copy and paste all the addresses when you transfer the digital assets – something that may take a fair amount of time. With the Binance wallet, things become much easier.

Moreover, when signing up for this wallet, you may use your Google wallet. This way, if you get locked out of your account, forget your password, or somehow lose access, then you still have ways to recover it. It may be done by using two of the following three methods:

  • Use the Gmail login method
  • Use your passwords that created in the set-up stage for your account
  • Use a local device

Make sure that you keep track of your private keys and passwords, as they are essential for getting you back into your account. The recovery method may seem intimidating at first, along with the easy link, but it can prove of great help.

How to Set Up Binance Chain Wallet

Setting up a Binance chain wallet is quite easy. You just have to go on their homepage, after which you may proceed with the following steps:

  1. Download the wallet from the main page. You will be allowed to choose the browser where you want to add your wallet.
  2. Once the wallet extension is installed, you will notice a sign-up page. The standard way is to create a wallet using your Gmail account, but there are other routes as well.
  3. Create your wallet and select the preferred method. You may do so through a seed phrase with a tKey.
  4. You will be faced with a pop-up, where you will be asked to provide your Gmail. You will use this account as well in order to log in from other devices in the future.
  5. Create a password. Even if you have a tKey, it will still be useful as a secondary protection layer. It will keep other people out of your account – people who are not supposed to log into it.
  6. You will be given a “seed phrase,” which you may want to note down. This phrase will be useful in case you need to recover your account. You may also create your own seed phrase here, but be certain not to share it with anyone.
  7. Once you’re sure about the seed phrase, hit “continue.” This will finalize your account setup.

Your Binance Chain Wallet is set. You can now trade with Binance, once you add funds into your account.

How to Deposit Into Chain Wallet?

Once you create an account and add currency, the next step is to deposit the money into a chain wallet. The process for that is also fairly straightforward, particularly if you use the Wallet Direct feature. Here are the steps that you’ll need to go through:

  1. Go to the main page of your Bitcoin wallet, on the account section, and select “Connect to Binance Account.”
  2. Log in to your account, making sure that you verify your address.
  3. At this point, a pop-up will appear that will prompt you to connect to your wallet. Doing so will give you access to your Binance chain wallet, which you need to connect to.
  4. Your wallet will require your permission to sign the message from Binance. This step cannot be skipped, as it verifies that you are indeed the wallet’s owner and not someone else trying to connect.
  5. Go through the authentication process. This is yet another essential security step. If your account is linked with a 2DA, then you’ll need to use it as well.
  6. Once you are verified, your Binance account will be linked to the wallet in which you have your funds. This can be verified on the account page of Binance, as well as on your Wallet Direct web page.
  7. When transferring, go to your Binance account and select “Receive.” Choose Wallet Direct, or whatever chain wallet option you have linked there.

Once the transfer settings are ready, you will be able to see your balance. Use the assets to transfer from one wallet to the other.

How to Move Crypto to Chain Wallet From Another Wallet

Binance also allows you to make a crypto deposit from a different wallet. For instance, you may transfer your BNB currency from the main Binance account wallet into the Binance Chain Wallet. Here are the steps you’ll need to follow when withdrawing from Binance.

  1. Go to the withdrawal page of your Binance account. There, you will be given two network choices. Select the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network.
  2. Once you are on the Binance Chain Wallet, select the option for “Binance Chain Native Token.” Hit “Receive” once you have done that.
  3. You will be given a place where you can either add an address for the withdrawing wallet or scan a QR code. Make sure to add the correct address based on the network that you are using (BNB addresses start with “bnb,” whereas BSC starts with “0x”).

Now you’re done moving crypto from one chain to another.

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The Bottom Line

Using the Binance Chain Wallet might feel rather challenging at first, but the process is quite intuitive. Plus, the more you use it, the faster you’ll be able to make your transfers. Just make sure to set it up right from the get-go, and you will be done.

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