Where to Buy IOTA

Posted by in Crypto | Updated on May 29, 2023

In today’s world, cryptocurrency has become one of the most attractive investment tools out in the world of finance. Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two most popular currencies on the market. However, IOTA is an emerging cryptocurrency that looks promising. In this article, we explain IOTA and why it should be an investment choice for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

What is IOTA?

IOTA is a new entrant to the cryptocurrency market, driven by innovation and research. IOTA ranks 12 on coinmarketcap.com out of 400 cryptocurrencies listed on the website. It is also not a blockchain. Instead, IOTA works as a chain of transaction blocks and a tree of transactions called the tangle. IOTA references the term Internet of Things to showcase its usefulness. Each transaction is confirmed and guaranteed by linking to other transactions within the tangle. There is no mining required within this process as validators or transactions are rewarded with handling new transactions.

Here’s why IOTA is the next big thing in the cryptocurrency market:

  • IOTA does not require much investment: only small devices are needed for participation.
  • Scalable: IOTA is highly scalable as greater network activity leads to lesser transaction time.
  •  Zero-commission/fee transactions: buy and sell IOTA with no extra money on commissions and fees.
  • Fast transactions: All IOTA transactions are confirmed and authorized within minutes of the process being completed.
  • Distributed: Since IOTA is a globally recognized cryptocurrency, it has a wide online network and is safe against any cyber-attacks.
  • Great quantum robustness: IOTA is resilient to new-age computer attacks due to Winternitz signatures.

Where to Buy IOTA?

There are several places you can buy IOTA from. We have listed two of the most popular websites for buying and trading IOTA on the internet:


Bitpanda is one of Europe’s leading crypto brokers. Bitpanda is a fintech company that aims to revolutionize and modernize the traditional finance and investment market. They are experts in investing, buying, and selling Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies like IOTA. They provide quick, safe, and efficient services to all their clients. Bitpanda has become a sought-after platform for training because of its PSD2 payment service provider license, airtight security, and smooth user experience.

Here is why you should invest with Bitpanda:

  • Bitpanda aims to provide its users with the quickest and simplest access to the hottest cryptocurrencies on the market, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and IOTA. Users have complete control over their investment portfolio.
  • Users can invest securely with Bitpanda as they use state-of-the-art cyber security tools to ensure the safety of their client’s wallets.
  • Users have access to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and IOTA any time of the day because of the automated order system, world-class servers, and well-designed API applications.
  • Bitpanda allows users to make payments and pay-outs through multiple options like Skrill, Sepa, Amazon pay, credit card etc.


eToro is among the leading social trading platforms on the Internet today. They’ve been a major player in the cryptocurrency market and have been operational since the early days of blockchain. As a fintech company, eToro aims to give its clients a full crypto trading package.

eToro is a pioneer in the social trading network with thousands of people registered on their platform. Users can choose from a variety of tools developed by the company for investing and trading in cryptocurrency. eToro started with Bitcoin trading in 2013 and has now expanded its offerings to other cryptocurrencies like IOTA.

Here is why you should invest with eToro:

  •  eToro has one of the largest repositories of cryptocurrency in the world. This allows the investor to have a diverse portfolio. Interested individuals can use eToro’s trading platform risk-free with about $100,000 in a virtual portfolio.
  • With eToro, users can manage all their investments from one profile on a single app. This makes the management of your cryptocurrency seamless and easy.
  • Users do not need to worry about security on eToro as it is regulated by the FCA/CySec. eToro uses state of the art security to protect its servers and clients.
  • With eToro, users have access to features like automated risk management, social features, and powerful analysis tools to make well-reasoned investment decisions.

Overall, eToro is at the forefront of all innovations happening in cryptocurrency and the fintech revolution.

How to Buy IOTA

There are two ways to buy IOTA. Here are the steps you need to take before you buy IOTA

Buy Another Cryptocurrency

IOTA can be bought only using cryptocurrency; therefore, it is important that you are the owner of a cryptocurrency like bitcoin or Ethereum prior to investing in IOTA. Interested investors can buy their cryptocurrency on Coinbase, a fintech company that deals with cryptocurrency. Once the investor has acquired their cryptocurrency using their initial fiat currency (pounds, dollars, etc.), investors can deposit their money to a debit or credit card and use a card to transfer the money to purchase cryptocurrency.

Another way of buying cryptocurrency is by transferring cash from your bank account to a cryptocurrency automated teller machine or ATM. The ATM will provide the buyer with a receipt for an online wallet.

Buy Another Cryptocurrency For IOTA On An Exchange

All online wallets and cryptocurrency sellers accept Bitcoin as a deposit; therefore, Bitcoin can be used to purchase IOTA. The process of converting cryptocurrency to fiat currency can take a long while. Thus it is easier to IOTA to bitcoin, as bitcoin tends to be less volatile and more acceptable on the market. Places to exchange and convert cryptocurrencies include Bitfintex, Binance, OKEx, and X-rates. Please companies and exchanges trading Bitcoin as well their phone acquiring Bitcoin here and using it to buy IOTA can be another investment strategy.

A Word About Volatility

Investment in financial instruments like cryptocurrency requires some amount of planning and strategizing. Emotional investing without much research can lead to unnecessary risks. Cryptocurrency is quite a volatile form of investment, and therefore it is essential that you spend on cryptocurrency based on your risk appetite. Typically the stock market operates on a 20% gain at a 5% loss principle. However, because the cryptocurrency market is so volatile and uncertain, there are chances of losing more than 100% of your investment, which could render your cryptocurrency completely useless. The best way to maintain a balance in your profile is to have a diversified investment portfolio with investments in not only cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or IOTA but also in the stock market, mutual funds, gold, and other popular financial instruments.

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Overall it is up to the investor to decide whether they want to invest in cryptocurrencies like IOTA or not. There are many safe, secure, and innovative ways to invest in IOTA. IOTA can be used to diversify an investor’s profile.