How to Buy Stellar Lumens

Posted by in Crypto | Updated on August 23, 2022

There are two reasons why you might want to know how to buy Stellar Lumens. 

Perhaps you make lots of international payments and you want to stop paying the ridiculously high transfer fees. In that case, Stellar’s decentralized international payment network is for you. Convert your international payments into digital currency, and the receiving party can transfer it back into their fiat currency. Fast, easy payments without the fees.

Or perhaps you understand the basics of the crypto market. But now you want to expand your crypto holdings beyond major players like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Investing in Stellar is a way to diversify your crypto holdings.

Let’s take a closer look.

What is Stellar (XLM)?

The Stellar network is an open-source, blockchain-based distribution ledger. It is focused on reducing the fees associated with storing and transferring money across currency values. 

The Stellar network connects banks, payment systems, and customers with each other. Stellar allows users to convert international payments into digital currency. This is then sent as assets to the receiving party. 

Stellar provides a decentralized international payment network. This means that fiat currency is sent to a trusted anchor where it is exchanged for digital credit. The digital credit is then sent to another anchor, exchanging it back to fiat currency. The decentralized nature of these transactions enables fast transactions with low fees. 

If you transfer money using standard methods, various transfer fees need to be paid. When using a blockchain-based distribution ledger, these fees are greatly reduced. 

Officially, Stellar is the name of the blockchain network. Lumens are Stellar’s native cryptocurrency. Its ticker is XLM. These terms are often used interchangeably when referring to cryptocurrency.

As a blockchain network, the Stellar protocol is a fork of the Ripple protocol. The main difference in the Stellar fork is that it allows for a much more altruistic payment network than Ripple currently offers. Ripple is a for-profit company that has many financial industry clients. The Stellar network is a non-profit foundation that aims to be a free for all payment network. 

Lumens are a capped cryptocurrency. 100 billion Lumens were pre-mined. Most of these are owned by the Stellar Foundation, with only about 20 billion Lumens in circulation.


How to Buy Stellar

Here are a few easy steps for how to buy Stellar Lumens.

  1. Get a Stellar Wallet – To store your Lumens you will need a wallet that can hold them. Many wallets support Stellar. Consider investing in a hardware wallet if you want a reputable wallet that supports Stellar Lumens and other cryptocurrencies. Ledger offers two models that come highly recommended – the Nano S and the Nano X. You can also use a software wallet, such as’s wallet. Software wallets like it can store Stellar Lumens and a wide variety of other crypto assets.
  2. Get your public address – Once you have your wallet, you will need to find your public Stellar Lumens address. This is known as your XLM address. Your XLM address is a long string of characters all uppercase that start with a “G”. For example GBPKZNCATMXQZZ622GZ57732XEVJCB7DDFLTJP2FXFOTJROELFNQIVSC
  3. Choose a crypto exchange – In most cases, you’ll need to open a brokerage account with a crypto broker before you can buy or sell any type of stablecoin or altcoin. The best platform for you will vary depending on the assets you need access to. In the next section, we will consider different platforms where you can buy Stellar Lumens.
  4. Find Stellar Lumens to buy – This is the part where you need to know how to buy Stellar Lumens. The Lumens carry the ticker symbol XLM. You are looking for these three letters on the crypto exchange. Not finding what you’re looking for? The Lumer ticker symbol recently changed from STR. Some exchanges may not have updated this change, so check for both when looking to trade.
  5. Buy Stellar Lumens – Place your buy order through your brokerage account. A buy order is a set of instructions that tells your broker which cryptocurrency you’re buying, how many coins you’re buying, and sometimes the price that the order should be executed at. You can pay for the XLM via a credit card or a wire transfer. When the order is complete, you’ll see your coins in your trading account.
  6. Send the XLM to your wallet – Using your XLM address, send your newly bought Lumens to your wallet. You now know how to buy Stellar Lumens!

Where to Buy Stellar

Many different crypto exchanges currently offer access to Stellar Lumens. Here are a few you could consider.

  • Coinbase – Coinbase is known for its simple order placements and intuitive fee schedule. With Coinbase, you can place a purchase order in as little as a minute, and you can purchase cryptocurrencies using direct fiat transfers.
  • iTrustCapital – iTrustCapital is a digital asset IRA trading platform. It offers an IRS-compliant investment platform to move money from your retirement accounts into the crypto market. 
  • eToro – If you’re new to cryptocurrency trading, you might enjoy learning through eToro’s virtual portfolio. The virtual portfolio provides you with $100,000 worth of fake currency to practice your trading strategy with. eToro also offers CopyTrader technology, which allows you to copy trades from top-level investors. 
  • – The fastest way to purchase Stellar Lumens (XLM) is with a credit card via As opposed to most other options, CEX can accept deposits via a credit card, debit card, SEPA, and wire transfer. 
  • Kraken – For more advanced users there’s the option to use Kraken. Kraken is a Bitcoin exchange that has expanded its currency selection and is a popular option. The system can be hard to master and Kraken accepts only wire transfers.

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Do you need to know how to buy Stellar Lumens?

If you make many international payments and you want to stop paying the ridiculously high transfer fees, Stellar’s decentralized international payment network could be for you. The Stellar network makes it easy to convert your international payments into digital currency to ensure fast, easy payments without the usual high fees (just don’t forget you still pay tax on cryptocurrency!).

Or perhaps you are expanding your crypto holdings beyond the big players like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Investing in Stellar is a great way to diversify your crypto holdings.

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