Webull Vs. Robinhood: What’s the Difference?

Posted by Frank Gogol
Updated on April 21, 2022

As a person trying to get more out of their future, you probably played around with the idea of investing. Luckily for us, we live in 2021 – so, trading is at pretty much every corner. You have an app for everything.

Among investors, two popular options are Webull and Robinhood. Both have their good points – but when it boils down to the best option, which one should you choose? For those wanting to make money with cryptocurrency and more, this article should give you the gist of both apps. Webull vs. Robinhood – who should win?

Webull Vs. Robinhood: Overview

Both Webull and Robinhood offer you the option of trading cryptocurrency, stocks, and ETFs for free. Still, while Robinhood caters to people who are only beginning with their investment journey, Webull is for the guys that have already had their taste of trading.

There are many similarities between these apps, but there is also one big difference: Webull gives you quite some sophisticated trading features that can help advanced traders. On the other hand, Robinhood is a simple, bare-bone trading platform without too many fancy features. This makes the app easier to deal with.

Both of the apps have their own pros and cons, but they depend on which type of investor you are. This is why you should do your research beforehand and choose the app that you want in accordance with your skills.


What Is Robinhood?

Robinhood is quite a popular investment platform. Founded in 2013 and launched in 2015, it has various free features and investment options that you can try out. You can buy cryptocurrency on Robinhood, trade stocks, and many more – taking you up the investment scale.

What Is Robinhood Best For?

Robinhood is the best choice for mobile users, as they have an easy-to-understand platform. If you are looking to handle margin accounts, individual taxable accounts, and cryptocurrency, then Robinhood is once more a good option for you.

Robinhood is also great for those who wish to handle cryptocurrencies, ETFs, options, stocks, fractional shares, and American Depository Receipts. With a simple interface, the platform is ideal for those who don’t have a lot of skill or time to trade much throughout the day.

For this reason, Robinhood is seen as a game for investors. It is very easy to use, without too many roundabouts and a fun layout. Even if you have little skill, the platform was made for swift use.

Pros and Cons of Robinhood

Before you decide whether Robinhood is an appropriate choice or not, you need to consider all of the pros and cons. Here is what you can expect from Robinhood.


  • Both the mobile app and web platform are very easy to use
  • Offers margin accounts and fractional shares
  • Provides commission-free ETF, stocks, options, and cryptocurrency trading
  • Features cash management accounts
  • Fast account and trading operation


  • Limited resources for education
  • Few investment research options
  • Doesn’t have joint accounts, IRAs, custodial accounts, and trusts
  • Users cannot designate a beneficiary or set up a transfer upon death

In the end, while Robinhood is a good option with few complicated bells and whistles, it is quite limited when it comes to its account options.

Who Should Use Robinhood?

While the competition between the two is great, Robinhood is by no means shy about its target user. Their plan is to get beginner traders on the market, helping them with an easy-to-understand system. Every aspect, going from the design of the app to the used language was made with the beginner trader in mind.

The app will suggest profitable trading options for those who don’t know the ropes just yet. It provides guardrails for those handling high-risk assets, allowing those who are yet to gather experience to find their way around.

Robinhood is also a good option for day traders, active traders, and margin traders that have little money to start with. Like Webull, it doesn’t have an account minimum, but at the same time, there are some free options that you can go with. Investors of every budget level can use this app.

Robinhood is not a good option for traders who are experienced in the field, as they might find themselves limited by the app. However, it is a good choice for those who want to be spared the fancy complications.

What Is Webull?

Webull can be described as a self-directed, all-in-one investment platform. At first, the company only acted as a research platform, which eventually started offering brokerage services. The app has seen continuous growth over time, and it is the perfect choice for seasoned traders that want to put their trading skills to good use.

What Is Webull Best For?

Webull is the best option for intermediate investors that already know the ropes around the world of trading. It’s the appropriate choice for those who want to trade stocks, options, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, and ADRs.

Since the platform started as one for research, it is also ideal for those who still want to learn about the trading world. It provides research, news, and real-time analyses from reliable sources so that you can place accurate, well-documented researches.

Pros and Cons of Webull

Like Robinhood, Webull also has quite a few advantages and drawbacks that you might want to consider first. Depending on your skills, you should be able to determine whether this platform is the right fit for you or not.


  • Doesn’t require an account minimum
  • Offers the option for margin accounts and cryptocurrencies
  • Commission-free trades for ETFs, stocks with US listing, and options
  • Real-time trading quotes free of charge


  • Educational resources are still quite limited
  • No option for joint accounts, education savings accounts, and automated accounts
  • Provides no option for fractional shares or mutual funds
  • You may only use bank transfers for withdrawals or deposits

In the end, Webull has quite a few convenient options for intermediate and advanced traders. However, like Robinhood, it is quite limited when it comes to accounts.

Who Should Use Webull?

Webull may be used by a wide category of investors, but it is a particularly suitable choice for those who take a more sophisticated approach to trading. It has a wide variety of tools that you may use, all of which will allow you to make a custom, well-informed trade.

Beginners may use this app too, particularly thanks to the research tools provided. With that in mind, they might also find the multitude of options quite intimidating, particularly since the interface was designed with advanced traders in mind.

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Both platforms have their advantages and drawbacks. Robinhood is a good option for those who have little knowledge of trading. Webull, on the other hand, is a great option for those who wish to go the extra mile. Both are very easy to use, but the difference lies in the number of tools that they provide.

In the end, you choose based on your skill. For example, while Webull is a highly rated trading app overall, it might be intimidating for beginners. So, choose the one that fits your skills and expectations.

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