Best Bitcoin Cash Wallet

Posted by Frank Gogol
Updated on April 26, 2022

When you work with a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin cash, you want to keep it safe so your hard work doesn’t go down the drain. Especially since Bitcoin Cash is one of the largest cryptocurrencies, you want to make sure the amount you gathered stays there so you can work on increasing it. Therefore, a safe and secured wallet can help you achieve this, but what are some good tools to let you store your Bitcoin Cash amount? This article will go in-depth about this matter so you can pick the best Bitcoin Cash wallet.

What Is a Bitcoin Cash Wallet?

Bitcoin Cash was made for Bitcoin transactions back in August 2017, and it was created in order to offer people faster transactions, but also lower fees. For this reason, Bitcoin Cash became one of the top five cryptocurrencies by market cap. But buying Bitcoin Cash will require a proper wallet where you can keep your cryptocurrency amount safe. That being said, a Bitcoin Cash wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet where you can store your Bitcoin cash.

10 Best Bitcoin Cash Wallets

While you may be aware of the importance of having a Bitcoin Cash wallet, you may not know how many wallets are available. This makes it harder to choose between them because you don’t know which one is suitable, or which one would be the safest and most reliable. To make your decision easier, below you will find a list of different Bitcoin Cash wallets you can use.

Ledger Nano S

What makes Ledger Nano S stand out is the fact that it’s a hardware wallet, and it’s also very portable, so you can take it with you wherever you want. Due to being a portable hardware wallet, it’s also very safe. All of your private keys are stored in a secure element, which you can only access using a PIN code. Besides, when authenticating, there is a 2-factor authentication feature available for extra safety. All you have to do is connect the wallet to the computer or laptop’s USB port and you’re ready.

It’s easy to set up the Ledger Nano S. It also gives you the possibility to work with over 20 cryptos such as Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and, of course, Bitcoin Cash. The OLED display makes it easy to check your transaction quickly. All you have to do is push buttons on the device in order to confirm any transaction.


TREZOR is also a hardware wallet, and because of that, it is a very popular choice for Bitcoin Cash wallets. It can be connected to your computer or laptop through the USB port, and for protection, you have a PIN code. With the built-in display, you can quickly check the details of your transaction before you confirm it. Just like with the Ledger Nano S, you will also have to use physical keys to confirm and verify transactions. You can set up the device quickly and easily.

The wallet is extremely safe not only due to the portability and PIN code but also due to the two-factor authentication.


Coinomi makes a very easy and straightforward way to store your Bitcoin Cash. The platform is available as a smartphone wallet, and it comes with a friendly layout. It also features private keys for security. It only works on Android devices, though. 

Electron Cash

What makes Electron Cash a convenient option is the fact that it can be used as a desktop and mobile wallet. It can be used on Windows, Linux, and OS X, but it is also available in the Android store. Also, to add some security, the platform has multisig functionality and it also gives you control of the private keys.

On the bad side, there is no app for iOS devices. So, Apple users cannot benefit from this platform.


One of the Bitcoin Cash wallets that can be used across multiple platforms and can also be used for multiple cryptocurrencies is Jaxx. The platform was meant to make cryptocurrencies easier to work with, but also more accessible to people. It has a very easy interface to understand and use. It is compatible with multiple devices, including Windows and OS X systems, but also through a Chrome browser extension or on iOS and Android devices.

The platform is not the best, though, because it doesn’t have a 2-factor authentication available. Besides, there was a wallet problem in June 2017 that ended up with $400,000 worth of cryptocurrency being stolen. is useful as a web wallet and a mobile wallet, and it makes it very easy to store Bitcoin Cash, as well as send it and receive it. It has an easy-to-understand interface, and you have 2-factor authentication and multi-signature transactions available for extra safety. Unfortunately, this platform is not as secure as a hardware wallet and it doesn’t support altcoins.

BU Bitcoin Cash Client

There was a new edition of Bitcoin Unlimited’s Bitcoin Cash, and it can now support BCH. But the release has been only unofficially offered. Therefore, this allows the BU community to vote on whether they want Bitcoin Cash or not. At the moment, it can be accessed from Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Bitcoin Classic UAHF Client

A desktop wallet known as Bitcoin Classic 1.3.2 was launched by Bitcoin Classic. It allows you to work with BCH. So, it will be a great way for anyone to follow the Bitcoin Cash chain. It can be used by people on systems like Linux, Mac, and Windows.


You can use a paper wallet too, such as Cash Address. You can get your wallets on the paper wallet script and make your own paper there. While this may be a safe option, it doesn’t beat hardware wallets.


KeepKey is a hardware wallet. It is safe and it now supports Bitcoin Cash, but it is quite large and bulky, which makes it a bit hard to carry. Luckily, though, the security and the 5-cryptocurrency support make up for it.

Atomic Wallet

Atomic Wallet comes as a great wallet that you can also use on your PC as an application after you download it to your computer. It allows you to store more than 500 tokens and coins. Users can also trade cryptocurrencies from within the wallet.

Sugi Wallet

With Sugi Wallet, your cryptocurrency and private keys are safe, as they will always be kept offline, and they will be on the device all the time. It is protected by a PIN, and it allows you to use cryptocurrency just like you would use bank cards. What’s even better is that the platform cannot block your funds or even touch them.

CoinBase Wallet

If you’re a first-time cryptocurrency buyer, CoinBase will be great for your Bitcoin Cash. CoinBase will verify you before you can start trading, and it is a regulated platform. Besides, it also comes with 2FA for protection, so your account and funds are always safe.

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The Bottom Line

Finding the best Bitcoin Cash wallet is necessary if you care about the safety of your cryptocurrency. So, you can compare the wallets above and make sure you choose one that fits your needs and offers maximum security.

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