How to Close a Venmo Account

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A Venmo account can be very useful and you might love it, but the truth is that not everyone has the same experience. After a while of using it or after signing up and not using it, you may be thinking of closing it. How to close a Venmo account, though? It’s not that difficult, but we will walk you through the steps so that you know exactly what to do.

Reasons Why You Might Want to Close Your Venmo Account

There are several reasons why you might want to close a Venmo account.

You might have created it and used it for a while, but you do not need it anymore. In this case, you don’t have to keep the account active. You can just close it and move to other methods of storing money or sending it.

Another similar reason would be opening an account but never using it at all. Sometimes, you might open an account “just in case”, and it doesn’t always end up being used, so the best thing to do is just close it.

In some situations, you probably simply found another digital wallet with better features and want to use that one instead. In this scenario, closing your Venmo account becomes a better option than keeping it open.

Steps to Take Before Closing Your Account

Don’t just jump straight to deleting your account before looking into the matter first. You might have funds in your account at the moment, so you should take the proper steps to transfer that money before performing any other action.

Transfer the money to another bank account before the account closure, or return the money to the sender. Otherwise, the funds will not be available to you anymore unless you contact Venmo.

Also, you should wait for the transactions to complete before closing the account. Closing it doesn’t mean the money will return to the original senders or will be transferred to your bank account instantly.

After doing everything, you should download a copy of the transaction history for your personal records. It’s important to have such a document, as you never know when you’ll need it. Either way, you will still receive a final transaction history email after the account is closed, in compliance with federal regulations.

On top of that, make sure you have access to a computer to close your account. Closing your account from a mobile device or app is not currently possible.

How to Close a Venmo Account

Are you ready to close your Venmo account? If the answer is “yes”, then here are the steps you should go through to close it.

Log In

On a computer, log into your Venmo account through the browser. Ensure you remember the password, and if you forgot it, request a new one so you can log into your account. This isn’t the case if you use the account very often and you have the password stored within the app already.

So, successfully log into your account and once you’re in, you will have access to your account closing feature.

Transfer Any Remaining Balance

As mentioned, you will not be able to close your account if there are still any funds available. Therefore, return the money to the sender or send the money to your bank account. Do this and wait for the transactions to complete.

This might take a few business days, so you might have to come back later to close your account.

Delete Your Account

Go to your account settings. Then, look at the bottom of the page where you see “Close My Venmo account”, and then click on “Next”. You will have to review the most recent statement on the account before closing it. Once you do that, you will have to click “Close Account” once again.

Check Your Email

The account should be properly closed when you finish the process, but there is one important step that will ensure your account is definitely closed for good. Go to your email address, and check for any new emails. Venmo is going to send you one last email to the address you have associated with the previous Venmo account. There will be a goodbye message, as well as transaction history.

Deleting a Venmo Account for a Deceased Person

If you know someone who passed away and has an active Venmo account, you can take action on their behalf to close it. This only applies if you’re someone responsible for monitoring the digital afterlife of another person. So, you’ll also be the one in charge of closing the account. Here is how to do it.

Log Into the Account

Log into the account if you know the username and password of the deceased person. After you log in, you should follow the same steps presented earlier.

If you know the username/email but not the password, you can try using the “Reset Password” option and use the email to reset it. Another thing you can do is logging into their phone in case you are responsible for their whole digital legacy. If the Venmo app is there, you will be able to change the login details, meaning you will then have access to the account from a computer as well, where you can then delete the account.

Contact Venmo

There isn’t any set policy for family members to follow, so if you are unable to log into the account of a loved one who passed away, you should contact Venmo. Try to call them at 855-812-4430. Explain the situation properly, and then make sure you’re ready to email or fax them important documents for proof, such as your ID and their death certificate. After all, they need evidence that you are indeed the person in charge of the digital legacy now.

Venmo Closing FAQ

Here are some commonly asked questions regarding closing Venmo accounts.

Can I delete my Venmo account from my personal computer?

Yes, you can. It is actually something you should keep in mind. This is a digital wallet and it stores a lot of personal and financial information. Using a personal computer is better, and you’ll be more secure. But if multiple people are using the computer, it’s best to delete it to prevent someone from hacking into your bank account.

How do I delete payment or bank account information on Venmo?

Log into your account on the app, and there is an icon with three horizontal bars. From there, go to “Settings”, and then to “Payment Methods”. Tap on the bank account or payment information you want to delete, and then tap on “Remove Bank”.

How do you delete transactions or transaction history on Venmo?

You cannot delete transactions from your Venmo account, but you can make them private. Go to “Settings”, and then to “Privacy”. After getting there, adjust the settings accordingly. So, only you and the person you sent the money to will see the transaction.

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Knowing how to close a Venmo account is important, whether you want to close yours or close one for a deceased person. Hopefully, this guide will help you with the process.