Guide to NRI Passport Applications

Posted by Frank Gogol

Are you a person of Indian descent or origin living and working abroad? Have you always wanted an Indian passport, but you weren’t sure whether you qualify? 

The good news is you could qualify for a non-resident Indian passport. Below we take a look at how you can make an NRI passport application and get your Indian passport. 

What is an NRI Passport? 

Non-resident Indians (NRI) are people of Indian birth, descent, or origin who live outside of the Republic of India. If you are classified as a non-resident Indian, you can still apply for a non-resident Indian passport by making an NRI passport application. 

How to Complete and NRI Passport Application

If you want to make an NRI passport application, you must go to (CKGS website). Don’t go directly to the Government of India website

Once you arrive at the CKGS website, you can follow the steps below to make your NRI passport application. 

Step 1

To get started, click on ‘PASSPORT Application – Get Started.’ 

You will need the following information to complete your NRI passport application: 

  • Recent original Indian Passport
  • Details of your U.S. legal status
  • If you are a minor – your parents’ passports.

If you’ve lost your original passport, contact the Embassy of India or Consulate in your jurisdiction. 

Remember, don’t print any documentation on both sides. If you print the documents on both sides, your application won’t be accepted. 

Step 2

In the next step, you will be guided to a widget that will ask you questions. The widget will help you determine whether you are eligible for a passport. It will also help you auto-fill the NRI passport application forms (if you qualify).

Step 3

In step 3, you will get the following information: 

  • Document checklist
  • Passport fees
  • Processing time
  • Temporary number.

Make sure you read the document checklist carefully. This lists the documents, forms, and letters you will need for your NRI passport application and will indicate whether you need a copy or an original of each document. It will also state whether the document must be self-attested or notarized and how many copies you’ll need. 

Keep your temporary number safe. This is the number you’ll use if you want to return to your application later (or if you accidentally get disconnected). 

Step 4

In step 4, you have to complete the information that hasn’t been auto-completed yet. Hopefully, with the help of the widget in step 2, most of your basic information has already been completed. 

You will also need to complete the supplementary forms and letters. Only complete the blank spaces. 

Once you’ve filled in the blanks, you can

  •  Review and check the completed forms and letters
  • Print the forms from the “My Account” page
  • Sign the forms and letters where indicated
  • Check which documents are copies of the original you will be submitting
  • For the documents that are copies, check which have to be notarized and which have to be self-attested to and get that done
  • Print the document checklist and tick all the relevant boxes. 

Step 5

Your next step is to include your photograph on your application and to sign. You must attach one photograph to your Online Passport Application Form and your Change of Appearance / Signature Form. These photographs have to be in color. 

There are a lot of detailed requirements your photographs have to meet. Take a look here to see all the requirements and to make sure your photograph meets them! 

Your signature must be kept strictly in the box, as your signature/thumbprint will be scanned and printed on your passport. 

Applicants who are illiterate can put their left thumbprint instead of the signature. If your left thumbprint is permanently disfigured and unfit for use, you can put your right thumbprint. If you do, make a note at the bottom that it is your right thumbprint you used. If you are a minor, you still have to include your own signature or thumbprint. Parents should not include theirs on behalf of the minor. 

Only blue or black ballpoint pen ink will be accepted for the signature. 

Step 6

In step 6, you choose how you want to submit your application. You can submit your application through Shipping or through Walk-In. 

If you choose Walk-In, you have to choose between “Appointment for Application Submission” and “Appointment for Form Filing.” Continue online to complete your appointment process. You have to select your appointment date and preferred time slot. 

Once you’ve selected an open date and time, you will receive a confirmation of your appointment. When your designated appointment date arrives, you can come to your appointment in person and submit your NRI passport application

If you choose Shipping, you will send your completed application through IPAC. You can simply print the label (which is automatically filled in for you) and attach it to your package. 

There are very specific dos and don’ts around using the Shipping submission method. Read more about these requirements here.

Step 7

Step 7 is your pre-final step and requires you to pay for your application. You can make payment through money order, pay the order, cashier’s check, or banker’s check. Payments must favor “Cox and Kings Global Services USA LLC.”

You can see the details of the fees you have to pay here. Each applicant has to make a separate payment. Payments can’t be bundled together. Cash or personal checks will also not be accepted. 

In this step, you will also get a new application reference number from the Government Online NRI passport application form. You can use this new number on the CKGS website to return to your application.

Step 8

You can now complete the Government of India Passport form. Once you’ve completed the Government of India Passport form, you can switch back to your original CKGS website tab. You will use your Government Web Reference Number (ARN Number) you received from the government website as a reference. 

You will also have to provide your:

  • Web Reference Number
  • Current Indian Passport Number 
  • Date of Birth
  • Contact number
  • Email address.

When you’ve completed this online process, you can submit your physical application through the method selected in step 6. 

Your final steps will be to –

  • Arrange your filled and signed completed forms, documents and letters in the order stipulated on the document checklist
  • Check all your documents (do you have the correct number of copies, have the required documents been self-attested or notarized)
  • Tick off the boxes on the documentation checklist as you put the documents into your final pack
  • Enclose one copy of the documentation checklist in your envelope with your application. 

Your NRI passport application will only be processed once your physical application package has been delivered. 

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Submitting an NRI passport application is simple and easy – even if you are a U.S. immigrant. Just follow the steps we provided above, and you will be well on your way to getting an Indian passport! 

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