Complete Guide to Latino Credit Union in the U.S.

Updated on September 25, 2023

Latino people are quite underserved when it comes to getting credit from a bank – which is why most of them even avoid going there in the first place. That being said, while it might be difficult to find a good Latino credit union, it’s not impossible. You just need to know where to look for it.

What Is a Credit Union?

Credit unions are nonprofit financial institutions that function in a similar way to banks: they offer loans along with savings or checking accounts. However, unlike banks, credit unions return all profits to the members. For this reason, you will find better savings rates and much lower interest rates (along with likely a better banking experience) in comparison to the traditional bank.

Latino Credit Unions in the U.S

There are various Latino credit unions in the United States, with most states having at least one or two options. Here is where you may find a Latino credit union based on the state that you live in.

Latino Credit Unions in Arizona

MariSol Federal Credit Union

The Marisol credit union has quite a low fixed rate APR of 9%. Loans can go from $50 to $30,000, and you can choose the fixed payments to go anything from 12 to 60 months.

Vantage West Credit Union

Vantage West offers several benefits for its members, as well as loans with very attractive rates. Plus, it is one of the very few credit unions that allows you to skip a payment every year if you do not have the funds in a particular month – no penalties added.

Latino Credit Unions in California

Community First Credit Union

This credit union offers loans at 7.07 APR for youths trying to get the first credit.

Kern Federal Credit Union

With a low average for loans of 3.5% APR (depending on the loan) and 7.25% for credit cards, the Kern Federal Credit Union is quite an attractive choice for many Latino people living in California.

Kinecta Federal Credit Union

The Kinecta Credit Union is quite a good option in California if you are looking for an emergency loan. It also offers general assistance, deferred payments for loans, and assistance with your SBA paycheck protection program.

Santa Cruz Community Credit Union

If you want to make a quick loan application, the Santa Cruz community credit union offers a well-set online application program.

SCE Federal Credit Union

With the vehicle loans going as low as 2.24% in terms of APR and home loans starting at only 4.00%, this credit union is perfect for Latino folk looking for a loan.

Self-Help Federal Credit Union

This credit union was made to offer affordable loans to Latino people that have become victims of wildfire and other natural disasters.

Travis Credit Union

Featuring quite attractive low rates, this credit union is ideal not only for Latino folk but also for anyone looking for attractive rates in case of emergency.

Latino Credit Unions in Colorado

Fitzsimons Credit Union

Not certain how to get a line from a credit union? This one in Colorado is very popular for its smooth process.

Partner Colorado Credit Union

Many people of Latino origin go to Partner Colorado for home loans. Their rates are quite affordable, regardless of the type of loan that you are looking for.

Latino Credit Unions in Connecticut

Members Credit Union

If you are looking to get loans and open credit union accounts for every member of your family in Connecticut, then Members is what you should be looking at.

Nutmeg State Financial Credit Union

With auto loan rates going as low as 2.99% APR, this is the perfect option for everyone, including Latino folk.

Latino Credit Unions in Florida

Jetstream Federal Credit Union

If you are in Florida looking for a quick loan, then the Jetstream Federal Credit Union is one of your best options – it’s one of the most popular out there.

Manatee Community Federal Credit Union

When every penny counts, the Manatee credit union should be your choice. It has quite a simple app that is handy to use.

Self-Help Federal Credit Union

If you are looking for a quick loan in the event of an emergency, then the Self Help federal credit union in Florida should be able to help.

Suncoast Credit Union

The Suncoast credit union is one of the largest credit unions in Florida – making it the perfect choice if you are looking for big deposits and attractive rates.

Latino Credit Unions in Illinois

Illiana Financial Credit Union

The Illiana financial credit union in Illinois is a highly convenient choice if you are looking for smooth digital applications.

Self-Help Federal Credit Union

Self Help also has a branch in Illinois – so, if you need a quick loan in case of an emergency, you may go there.

Latino Credit Unions in Iowa

Ascentra Credit Union

Ascentra is the most popular option in Iowa in terms of savings accounts, but may also provide attractively rated mortgages and vehicle loans.

Community 1st Credit Union

If you are looking to buy your first house or first car in Iowa, then the Community 1st Credit Union of Iowa should certainly be able to help you out.

Des Moines Metro Credit Union

If you are looking for attractive rates as a Latino, then this Des Moines Metro Credit Union is also worth checking.

Latino Credit Unions in Michigan

Community Promise Federal Credit Union

While it may be the only notable credit union in Michigan, Community Promise can certainly help you in need.

Latino Credit Unions in Missouri

Holy Rosary Credit Union

Holy Rosary helps those in financial need, so if you are looking for a student loan with low rates, this is the credit union for you.

Latino Credit Unions in New Jersey

1st Bergen Federal Credit Union

If you are searching for efficient online banking in New Jersey, then the 1st Bergen federal credit union should be your first stop.

North Jersey Federal Credit Union

The North Jersey Federal Credit Union is also a fantastic choice if you are looking for good credit options in New Jersey.

Latino Credit Unions in New Mexico

Guadalupe Credit Union

If you want a good mortgage to finance your dream home in New Mexico, then you can certainly give the Guadalupe credit union a try.

Rio Grande Credit Union

Rio Grande offers quite an attractive option for you to get a loan, bringing low APR for those with not-as-stellar income.

Latino Credit Unions in New York

Brooklyn Cooperative

Among the credit unions in New York, the Brooklyn Cooperative is one of the most popular options for getting a good loan at attractive rates.

Genesee Co-op Federal Credit Union

People of Latino origin can get many benefits from using this credit union, providing fast deposits and attractive rates.

Lower East Side People’s Federal Credit Union

If you are looking for a fast cashout, then the Lower East Side credit union is perfect, particularly for Latino.

Neighborhood Trust Federal Credit Union

Featuring quite a high level of trust, this union is ideal for Latino people that have bank issues.

Latino Credit Unions in North Carolina

Latino Community Credit Union

North Carolina does not have many credit unions, but this one is popular for its aid towards Latino people.

Latino Credit Unions in Oklahoma

True Sky Credit Union

With rates going as low as 1.49% for car loans and 2.75% for home loans, it is a great choice for financially-struggling Latino folk.  

Tinker Federal Credit Union

Looking for fast processing in Oklahoma? This credit union gives you a loan on the same day.

Latino Credit Unions in Oregon

Point West Credit Union

Point West Oregon is quite popular for the staff and wide array of loans, which is why it is a good place to look for a loan.

Latino Credit Unions in Texas

Alliance Credit Union

The Alliance Credit Union provides several loan discounts, regardless of their place of origin.

Amarillo Community Credit Union

If you want fast checkout in Texas, then the staff at Amarillo could get you funded right away.

Beacon Federal Credit Union

The Beacon Federal credit union has everything you might expect from such a service, from digital experience to very attractive rates.

Border Federal Credit Union

Alongside the attractive rates, this Credit Union has the option of allowing you to skip a payment.

Caprock Federal Credit Union

If you are looking for stellar online banking in Texas, then the Caprock federal credit union should help you.

Coastal Community Federal Credit Union

The coastal community federal credit union is known to provide attractive rates and discounts for those of Latino origin.

Community Resource Credit Union

Community Resource has all the features so that people of Latino origin can take a quick credit.

DATCU Credit Union

If you are looking for good service, then DATCU is quite a popular option.


EECU has some very attractive rates for people of Latino origin looking for a loan.

First Central Credit Union

Are you looking to make your first loan in Texas? In that case, First Central has some good rates for you.

FirstLight Federal Credit Union

If you want to start up a savings account, then FirstLight brings some good rates to Latino people.


Providing auto and home loans for Latino people in need, GECU has quite attractive rates.

Generations Federal Credit Union

Families looking to open savings accounts can easily benefit from working with the Generations Federal Credit Union.

La Joya Area Federal Credit Union

If you have difficulties getting a line of credit as a Latino in New Mexico, then you may try this credit union instead.

Neighborhood Credit Union

Neighborhood Credit Union is perfect for Latino people that are looking for a small to medium loan. Depending on your credit status, you may even get a bigger loan.

North East Texas Credit Union

If you live in North East Texas, then you may want to try this credit union, as it has quite a smooth process and attractive rates.

One Source Federal Credit Union

If you need a quick loan with a fast turnaround, then you may want to try the One Source credit union.

People’s Trust Federal Credit Union

People’s Trust branches out in Texas as well, and you may get quite some attractive rates here.

Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union (RBFCU)

This credit union may be smaller, but it efficiently caters to the needs of Latino people living on a budget.

Resource One Credit Union

If you are looking for efficient customer staff and great rates, then you might want to try the Resource One credit union.

River City Federal Credit Union

Latino people in River City, Texas, may easily take advantage of the rates provided by this credit union.

Security First Credit Union

If you fear credit card frauds, then the security measures taken by this credit union should put your mind at ease.

Security Service Federal Credit Union

If you are a Latino person low on documentation, this credit union should allow you to get an attractive loan.

Shared Resources Credit Union

Are you looking for good online banking? In this case, shared resources should prove efficient.

Shell Federal Credit Union

Latino people that have bad credit and are looking for a loan might find some good rates here.

Southwest 66 Credit Union

Do you live near Southwest 66? In that case, you might want to try the credit union there as well.

Space City Credit Union

Space City credit union is perfect for those looking for an attractively rated loan with smaller payments.

Unity One Federal Credit Union

Are you low on documentation? Then you might want to try the Unity One federal credit union.

Velocity Credit Union

The Velocity credit union is perfect for those that are looking for low rates and quick turnover.

Latino Credit Unions in Utah

City Center Credit Union

It may be the only credit union for Latino people in Utah, but it has some attractive rates.

Latino Credit Unions in Washington

Lower Valley Credit Union

The Lower Valley credit union in Washington is the perfect choice for Latino people looking for low APR.

Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union

If you are living in Seattle, then the Metropolitan credit union can give you some very attractive rates.

Latino Credit Unions in Washington, D.C.

DC Credit Union

Those living in Washington DC might want to try this credit unit, no matter if they are looking for a credit card or a car loan.

OAS Federal Credit Union

If you barely have any banking history in the U.S., this bank requires little paperwork from those opting for an account.

Latino Credit Unions in Wisconsin

Marine Credit Union

Those living in Wisconsin might want to try the marine credit union for its advantageous rates and quick cashout.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are numerous credit unions that Latino people may use. You just need to choose the Latino Credit Union that is closest to you.

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