Top 100 Best Business Schools in the U.S. (2021)

Posted by in Education | Updated on November 15, 2022
At a Glance: The US is home to many of the world’s best business schools, including University of Pennsylvania (Wharton), Stanford University, Harvard University, MIT (Sloane), and the University of Chicago (Booth) as well as many others.

Business makes the world go round. In a world where everyone wants to be an entrepreneur, you need to get the proper education if you wish to be successful in your life. However, this is slightly difficult to do, unless you go to a good school where your professors are actually invested in teaching you.

That being said, not every university is the same – so, if you want to be a successful businessman or businesswoman, then you might want to choose carefully where you decide to get your higher education.

Top 10 Business Schools in the U.S.

Each business school will have its own charm. Some programs might be part of an actual business school – whose entire campus is focused on that area. Others might be a wing of a particular big university – which we will learn about soon enough.

1. University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)

The Wharton wing at the University of Pennsylvania provides a variety of departments that you might find an interest in – including accounting, e-commerce, entrepreneurship, and a variety of courses that might interest you. Plus, you can go for both full-time and part-time courses, depending on your availability.

2. Stanford University

Stanford University has always been popular – for good reason. Their Graduate business school is also highly efficient, focusing on a variety of departments that will get you very high on the business scale. However, bear in mind that tuition here is full-time – but this does not stop students from having a job at graduation.

3. Harvard University

There is no university that makes a better ring in the ear than Harvard University. Its programs are indeed extensive – but at the same time, they permit you to learn properly the art of business. Plus, considering that this school focuses more on experience and case methods rather than theory, almost 80% of its students are already employed at their graduation. It may take a lot of studying – but you are generally guaranteed to get a good job afterward.

4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan)

This program might initially be part of a technology institute – but who said you can’t be a tech expert and a business expert at the same time? This university provides concentrations and departments related to economics, entrepreneurship, and a variety of different fields. Plus, it has a variety of courses that spread on an international basis, which is why this university tends to be a popular choice among non-U.S. citizens. The campus facilities are also packed with everything you need – from libraries to business clubs and everything to help you study more efficiently.

5. University of Chicago (Booth)

The University of Chicago also ranks pretty high when it comes to universities – and its business branch is recognized worldwide. The Booth School of Business provides departments on accounting, economics, finance, entrepreneurship, and whatever else you may need to get yourself up as a business person.

You can go for both part-time and full-time tuition – depending on whether you want to pay per year or per credit. If you are only interested in following up with a few courses, this should be the ideal school for you.

6. Columbia University

Found in New York and established in 1916, Columbia University is one of the oldest in the world – which also places it at the top of the Ivy League ranking. Found right under Harvard and at a tie with Yale, Columbia University has some of the best business programs that you could attend – regardless of your particular domain of interest.

7. Northwestern University (Kellogg)

Found in Evanston, Illinois, the Kellogg branch of the Northwestern has a variety of bachelor, masters, and Ph.D. programs that might be of interest to you. Their focus here is on team leadership and teamwork. Many projects are based on group work – which further on initiates you properly in the business world.

8. University of California – Berkeley (Haas)

The Berkley Haas School of Business is a university that is as old as it is beautiful. Founded in 1898, it was one of the first business schools that were part of a public university – marking the start for many entrepreneurs after they have gotten a degree.

9. Yale University

Yale has never failed to impress – and considering that it is also part of the Ivy League, this university is perfect for you to get a degree in business. You can go for any courses and research areas, from behavioral economics, leadership – all of which can be learned on-site or through student exchange programs.

10. Duke University (Fuqua)

Those of you looking for professional development in the business domain might want to give the Fuqua Business School of Duke University a try. Considering that Duke University holds great value for cultural diversity, it is the perfect place where you can get a degree as someone that was not born in the United States.

Top 100 Ranking U.S. Business Schools

1University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)Visit
2Stanford UniversityVisit
3Harvard UniversityVisit
4Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan)Visit
5University of Chicago (Booth)Visit
6Columbia UniversityVisit
7Northwestern University (Kellogg)Visit
8University of California–Berkeley (Haas)Visit
9Yale UniversityVisit
10Duke UniversityVisit
11University of Michigan – Ann Arbor (Ross)Visit
12Dartmouth College (Tuck)Visit
13New York University (Stern)Visit
14University of Virginia (Darden)Visit
15Cornell University (Johnson)Visit
16University of California – Los Angeles (Anderson)Visit
17Carnegie Mellon University (Tepper)Visit
18University of Southern CaliforniaVisit
19University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill (Kenan-Flagler)Visit
20University of Texas – Austin (McCombs)Visit
21Emory University (Goizueta)Visit
22Indiana University (Kelley)Visit
23University of Washington (Foster)Visit
24Georgetown University (McDonough)Visit
25University of Florida (Warrington)Visit
26Rice University (Jones)Visit
27Washington University in St. Louis (Olin)Visit
28University of Notre Dame (Mendoza)Visit
29Georgia Institute of Technology (Scheller)Visit
30Vanderbilt University (Owen)Visit
31Ohio State University (Fisher)Visit
32Brigham Young University (Marriot)Visit
33Arizona State University (W.P. Carey)Visit
34Pennsylvania State University – University Park (Smeal)Visit
35University of Minnesota – Twin Cities (Carlson)Visit
36University of Wisconsin – MadisonVisit
37University of Georgia (Terry)Visit
38Michigan State University (Broad)Visit
39University of Texas (Dallas)Visit
40Texas A&M University – College Station (Mays)Visit
41University of Maryland – College Park (Smith)Visit
42University of Rochester (Simon)Visit
43Boston College (Carroll)Visit
44Southern Methodist University (Cox)Visit
45University of California – Irvine (Merage)Visit
46University of Pittsburg (Katz)Visit
47Iowa State University (Ivy)Visit
48University of California – DavisVisit
49University of Illinois – Urbana – ChampaignVisit
50Boston University (Questrom)Visit
51University of Alabama (Manderson)Visit
52Cuny Bernard M Baruc College (Zicklin)Visit
53University of Arizona (Eller)Visit
54College of William and Mary (Mason)Visit
55University of Tennessee – Knoxville (Haslam)Visit
56University of Utah (Eccles)Visit
57Baylor University (Hankamer)Visit
58Northeastern University (School of Business)Visit
59Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey – Newark and New BrunswickVisit
60University of Oklahoma (Price)Visit
61George Washington University (Neeley)Visit
62Babson College (Olin)Visit
63Fordhan University (Gabelli)Visit
64Tulane University (Freeman)Visit
65University at Buffalo (Suny)Visit
66Howard UniversityVisit
67University of Kentucky (Gatton)Visit
68Auburn University (Harbert)Visit
69Louisiana State UniversityVisit
70University of California – San Diego (Rady)Visit
71University of Missouri (Trulaske)Visit
72Oklahoma State University (Spears)Visit
73Case Wesern Reserve University (Weatherhead)Visit
74Pepperdine University (Graziadio)Visit
75Purdue University – West Lafayette (Krannert)Visit
76University of Massachusetts – Amherst (Isenberg)Visit
77University of South Carolina (Moore)Visit
78Clemson UniversityVisit
79Florida State UniversityVisit
80University of Colorado – Boulder (Leeds)Visit
81University of ConnecticutVisit
82Stevens Institute of TechnologyVisit
83Drexel University (LeBow)Visit
84Chapman University (Argyros)Visit
85North Carolina State University (Poole)Visit
86University of Arkansas – Fayetteville (Walton)Visit
87University of LouisvilleVisit
88Binghamton University (Suny)Visit
89Syracuse University (Whitman)Visit
90University of California – Riverside (Anderson)Visit
91University of Denver (Daniels)Visit
92Rochester institute of Technology (Saunders)Visit
93University of KansasVisit
94University of Houston (Bauer)Visit
95University of South FloridaVisit
96University of Cincinnati (Lindner)Visit
97University of Oregon (Lundquist)Visit
98Alfred UniversityVisit
99American UniversityVisit
100Appalachian State UniversityVisit

Wrap Up

Education is the most important thing that everyone should get in their life. The right school will teach you how to become a socially acceptable person, how to financially grow on your own – and in this case, how to be a proper businessman. Getting into one of the best business schools should certainly put you on the path of a bright, well-paid future.

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