What Is Form I-134?

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At a Glance: Form I-134 is a supporting statement given by a person who has agreed to sponsor a visitor or tourist visa for a person planning to come to the U.S. It is of particular importance to B2 and K1 visa holders.

If you are looking to invite one of your friends or relatives to visit you or take a holiday trip to the United States, you must have heard about Form I-134. So what is it? Let’s find out.

What Is Form I-134?

Form I-134 is a supporting statement (affidavit) given by a person residing in the U.S. who has agreed to sponsor a visitor visa or tourist visa for a person planning to come to the U.S. It is a legal contract between the sponsor and the U.S. government. The affidavit is a way to ensure that the visitor has adequate financial support and will not become a U.S. government liability.

Who Needs to File Form I-134?

The sponsor must be a natural U.S. citizen or a resident by law (green card holder). The sponsor may have to show they possess an appropriate income to support their own family and the visitor(s) being sponsored. The details of that can be found on the USCIS website or form I-864P.

Form I-134 is of particular importance to B2 visa holders, K1 visa holders, and K2 visa holders.

Required Documents for Form I-134

Since the sponsor is required to declare sufficient financial resources to ensure that the person being sponsored doesn’t become a state charge, the following documents are required to be submitted (in duplicate):

  • Bank statement, duly signed by the presiding officer, clearly stating the date when the account was opened, and the amount deposited in the last year and current balance.
  • Copy of latest federal income tax return.
  • Signed letter from sponsor’s employer detailing the nature of employment, salary paid, and tenure at the company.

How to Fill Out Form I-134? The 4 Parts

Filling out any kind of form can be dreadful for many people. We continuously worry about filling in something incorrectly or forgetting to enter some important information. Not to fret, we’ve simplified it for you here:

1. General

  • Print Form I-134 back to back on a page.
  • One form is required per family.

2. Information About You

This is the part where you need to fill in all the details about yourself including bank accounts, assets, employment, etc.

  • Questions 1 – 7: You are required to provide your name, last name, mailing address, and date & place of birth.
  • Question 8: Enter your alien registration number if you are a green card holder.
  • Question 9: Fill in your Social Security Number.
  • Question 10: Put in your USCIS online account number.
  • Questions 11 – 12: Number 11 deals with the type of U.S. citizenship you hold i.e. by birth or by naturalization/via marriage etc. In question 12, state when you started living in the U.S.

3. Information About Beneficiary

  • In this section, you are required to fill in details about the beneficiary.
  • Provide all the personal information and details about a spouse or children traveling along with the beneficiary.4.

4. More Information About the Sponsor

You are now required to provide even more information about yourself, such as:

  • Place of employment.
  • Income and assets.
  • List of dependents as mentioned on your federal income tax return.
  • Any past obligations or sponsorships given to other foreign nationals.
  • The extent of support you are willing to provide to your visitor.
  • Re-visit the information provided by you and sign the form before submitting it.

Where to File Form I-134?

A properly signed and completed Form I-134 should be sent to the foreign visitor it is intended for. The visitor then submits the form to their U.S. consulate along with a visa request. Note that a form with a digital signature or a faxed/emailed form has a higher chance of getting rejected.

How Much Does Form I-134 Cost?

Filing and submitting Form I-134 has no cost attached to it.

Form I-134 Processing Time

Once the completed form is submitted, the USCIS goes over the form with respect to all the details provided. If the details are not complete, the USCIS rejects the form. At times, if required, additional information is requested in support of the affidavit. It can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days for the form to get processed.


Where should I send my filled-out Form I-134?

Form -134 is submitted based on the location of the visitor being sponsored. Although, the best way forward is to send the original form to the visitor, who then can submit the form along with their visa request.

How much does it cost to file Form I-134?

The USCIS does not charge any fee for filing Form I-134.

How long does the Form I-134 petition process take?

If all the required information is provided and the form is properly completed, it should take something like 1-2 hours to process the form.

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Final Thoughts

Form I-134 is a sponsorship document that tells the U.S. government that an international visitor will not become a liability. It cannot be taken as a substitute for a declaration of personal financial information. One must keep in mind that sponsorship is not a guarantee of the issuance of a visa.

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