Complete Guide to H4 Visa Interview Questions

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Everyone feels nervous about interviews to some extent – particularly if it is your visa interview. After all, on these interviews, your stay in the United States will be pretty much decided. You do well, you stay; you don’t, you go home. This is why you feel like all the pressure is falling down on you – so, you are very stressed and anxious.

However, if you make preparations ahead of time, you should no longer feel that anxious – and will be much more at ease. A great way to take the edge off is to take the interview questions and practice them. Bear in mind that as long as you provide honest and truthful questions, you should be able to make a good impression that will grant you your visa.

Check out our video guide “H4 Visa Interview Questions & H4 Documents Checklist” or read on to learn more!

What Is an H4 Visa Interview?

The H4 Visa interview is a set of questions for a marriage-based visa – one that determines the basics and truthfulness of your marriage. Granted, when you are applying for a visa, you will provide the necessary paperwork to prove that you are married – but the truthfulness of that will be determined by the way in which you go through the interview.

To put it simply, there are many people that get married just so that the immigrant can get a visa and enter the U.S. There is no love involved there – just two people “marrying for benefits,” so that they may get a loan or receive other citizen benefits. These questions are there to determine whether the marriage is a sham or not.

Sample H4 Visa Interview Questions and Answers

When you are preparing to attend the interview, you may want to be as truthful and honest as possible. That being said, this does not mean that you cannot prepare for the questions beforehand.

Questions about the H4 Visa

The first section involves questions regarding the visa. The questions may differ from case to case, but the “correct answer” will depend mostly on the individual. Here are the questions that you may come across:

  • What kind of visa are you applying for?
    • Tell them that you are applying for an H4 visa.
  • Why do you need a USA visa?
    • You can mention that you wish to accompany your spouse.
  • Who made this appointment so that you may attend the interview?
    • Offer a truthful answer, whether it was yourself, your spouse, or someone else.
  • How did you get the documents necessary for the visa interview?
    • Answer honestly. For instance, you may say that your spouse gave them to you.
  • When did the spouse receive their own visa stamping? (If the case asks for it)
    • State the year and the month when they received their stamp.
  • Why haven’t you attended the interview when your spouse did? (If the case asks for it)
    • Answer truthfully. For instance, you may say that you were busy with your studies, or that you only got married later on.

Remember: the more truthful you are with your answers, the clearer it will be that there is nothing unusual going on in your case – and you may be granted the visa.

Questions about You

These questions will go around you and your current situation. Here is what you may expect the interviewer to ask you:

  • What are your plans for when you are coming to the USA? What do you wish to do?
    • You may answer that you wish to be a homemaker.
  • Are you planning on working in the USA?
    • Answer truthfully, whether it is yes or no.
  • Do you have any other family in the USA, aside from your spouse?
    • Answer yes or no, depending on the case – and if it’s yes, give a brief description of your relatives.
  • What is the address where you are currently staying?
    • State the place, city, and state where you are currently staying at.
  • Who are you currently staying with?
    • Answer this truthfully.
  • Where do you plan on staying in the United States, when you get your visa?
    • Here, you may say that you are planning to stay with your spouse.
  • While in the United States, who is responsible for financially supporting you?
    • Most likely, the answer here will also be your spouse.
  • Who is going to pay for your trip as you are going to the United States?
    • Your spouse will pay for the trip.

In most cases, the chances are that your spouse is going to be your answer for everything – but you do have to make sure that you add every other detail that you believe to be relevant.

Questions about Your Marriage

Here, you will have to bring proof of marriage – to show that your marriage is actually legitimate. Here are some questions that you might want to expect:

  • Can you show us a marriage certificate?
    • Yes, and show them the marriage certificate.
  • Can you show us your wedding album?
    • Yes, and show them your wedding album.
  • Can you show us the wedding invitation cards?
    • Yes, and show them your wedding invitation card
  • How long has it been since you got married?
    • State how many years it has been since you got married.
  • On what date did you two get married?
    • Say which month and year you held your wedding.
  • Was it marriage out of love, or was it an arranged one?
    • Answer according to the truth.
  • If it was an arranged marriage, how did it happen?
    • Explain the circumstances of your arranged marriage.
  • When was it that you met your spouse for the first time?
    • Answer accordingly to how it happened.
  • How did you first meet your spouse? Under what circumstances?
    • Tell them the story of how you met your spouse.
  • Where did the two of you get married?
    • Tell them the place, city, and state where you got married.
  • Has your marriage been registered?
    • Say yes – because after all, it should be.
  • How much did it cost for you two to get married, and who paid for it?
    • Answer this truthfully.
  • Did you go through an “engaged period” prior to getting married?
    • Answer this truthfully – and if you have proof, show it.
  • Where did you two go for your honeymoon?
    • Answer this truthfully – and if there is proof, also show it.

Obviously, you will once more have to answer accordingly and truthfully. If you can bring supporting proof to your answers, it will also make your case much easier to plead.

Questions about Your Spouse

This section involves your spouse – or mostly, how much you know about your spouse. This one will determine exactly just how involved you are with your marriage – and with the person, you are planning to spend the rest of your life with:

  • When is your spouse’s birthday?
    • Answer accordingly using the day, month and year.
  • Did your spouse graduate from university? Where did he/she graduate from?
    • State the name of the university.
  • What is the highest school or university degree that your spouse received?
    • Answer truthfully. It may be a high school degree or all the way up to a Ph.D.
  • What is the name of the company at which your spouse is employed?
    • Say the name of the company.
  • In what city and state does the employer of your spouse live or is located?
    • State the city and state where your spouse’s employer is located.
  • Where is your spouse’s client company found?
    • Also, state the city and state to answer their question.
  • What is the line of work of your spouse? What do they do?
    • Explain in brief terms – e.g. they work in computer programming or as a physician. If they ask for details, provide them.
  • How long has your spouse been living in the United States?
    • Say the month and year since they came, or for how many years.
  • How long has it been since your spouse started working with their current employer or sponsoring company?
    • Once more, say when (month, year), or for how many years.
  • How much does your spouse earn every year?
    • State the approximate or exact amount.
  • Can you show us the bank statements and pay stubs of your spouse?
    • Yes – and show them the bank statement.
  • Is your spouse a citizen – and if not, have they applied for a green card?
    • Answer truthfully, whether it is yes, no, or I don’t know.

Once more, for all of these, you should answer truthfully. Keep the answers brief and using simple terms – but provide details every time you are asked. Once they see that there is nothing odd about your answer and that everything adds up nicely together, you will be on the track to getting your H4 visa.

4 Tips to Prepare for Your H4 Visa Interview

You may learn all the answers by heart – but to ensure that your interview goes smoothly, here are some tips that you might want to remember.

1. Keep Your Documents

You may have given all the necessary documentation when you applied with the H4 visa form – but ideally, you should also keep a copy of those documents for yourself. In the event that you are asked questions about your marriage – or any other questions that require some kind of proof – it’s ideal that you keep a copy of those documents at hand to strengthen your point.

For example, you might need a copy of your marriage certificate, a bank statement, or the visa form – anything to make a summary of your situation there. Considering that there are so many visa interviews going on at all times, the interviewer can’t be expected to go through everything in your file. Therefore, if they ask you for it, you have to be ready to provide that documentation to them.

2. Answer Clearly

Give brief, yet clear answers about everything. Don’t mumble, and whatever you do, don’t sound vague. Those are generally seen as red flags – and will suggest that something is wrong with your application. This is why you need to be as honest as possible, and not beat around the bush when it comes to giving out answers.

3. Do Your Best to Be Calm and Collected

It’s very easy to become emotional when such an important interview is concerned – but what you have to remember is that acting emotional won’t do you any good. Take a deep breath, relax, and try your best to remain calm and collected. When you maintain that calmness of the mind, it will be much easier for you to come up with truthful answers, reducing your chances of your H4 visa application getting rejected.

4. Review Your Documents Carefully

Granted, you have to make sure that you have all the documentation on you – but you also need to ensure that all the information there is correct. All that information will go on your visa – so, make sure that there aren’t any mistakes in the name, birthdate, visa type, etc.

Furthermore, you might want to check the visa carefully upon receiving it for any potential mistakes. The documentation might have been correct – but if a clerking error occurred during the visa process, you have to immediately report that problem.

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Wrap Up

Interviews can indeed be very stressful – even if it is or not your first time attending one. The stress doubles up when an H4 visa interview is involved because it tells whether you can remain with your spouse or not.

Now, you don’t have to study the questions and learn them as if it was the Pythagorean theory – but it can’t hurt to know what you should expect. This will bring you one step closer to spending the rest of your life together with your spouse.

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