Everything You Need to Know About Divorce Loans

Posted by in Loans | Updated on November 15, 2022
At a Glance: There are many online lenders who will offer you divorce loans. Don’t get caught with your guard down as you look for help. Ask for some help from family and friends you trust to help choose a suitable lender.

Life doesn’t always pan out the way we planned. Often times, couples part their ways and end up in divorce. You might be in the middle of a divorce settlement and it’s weighing heavy on you. As if the emotional load isn’t enough, you also need to find ways to finance this ordeal. What can you do?

Have you heard of divorce loans? Loans for divorce legal fees can help finance this troubling yet necessary time. This is how it works.

Why Is Divorce So Expensive?

Many times, people are afraid to file for a divorce, for the sole reason that it’s too expensive. While getting married is relatively cheap, a divorce can be enough to make you want to run for the hills. Why is divorce so expensive, though?

More often than not, the spouses fight over a lot of matters, such as who will be able to pick up certain items. When your former lover is uncooperative and seems to throw punches at you over everything, it really makes you wonder how to pay for divorce.

For instance, they could be fighting over items that are barely worth $20, simply because they want to get some sort of revenge. For this reason, attorneys are being paid really well to keep the fight going. In other words, divorces get so expensive because spouses would rather drag each other through the mud for a long time than let it go peacefully and move on to the next stage of their life.

How Much Does a Divorce Typically Cost?

From the statistical perspective, filing for divorce in the United States is going to cost you $215 on average, while the average charge for hiring an attorney will cost you around $11,000. On top of that, there are other possible costs to account for such as alimony and/or child support payments. If a recent survey by Nolo is to be believed, the average cost of a divorce in the U.S. is around $15,000, while it may very well reach six figures in certain cases. So, there certainly can be a valid reason to be concerned.

Hidden Costs a Divorce Loan Can Prepare You For

Unfortunately, not every cost associated with the divorce can be accounted for in black and white. There are certain grey areas when it comes to reaching a financial settlement — aside from the legal fees you are required to pay.

You may have to sell your house as part of the alimony, even if the real estate market trend remains unfavorable. You may have to get rid of your investments during a stock market downturn. Then there are down payments on getting a new house or paying rent for a new apartment, as well as packing and moving costs.

Other possible costs may include having to take leave from work to meet your attorney quite frequently. Ongoing costs related to childcare is another possible hidden factor to take into account. You may need to seek help from your financial planner to separate your finances from your spouse and plan for your own future. In case there is an outstanding shared debt, there would be an additional cost to figure out how to split the debt between the two of you.

Professional counseling could also be a necessity to properly deal with emotional difficulties — which can also cost a significant sum of money. Last but not least, you may have to invest financial resources to restart your life all over again.

Loans for Legal Fees

If you feel like you don’t have the money to deal with a divorce at the moment, yet you can’t handle your spouse anymore, you have a solution. Loans for legal fees are available, respectively loans for attorney retainer fees. These loans are used to pay a lawyer in advance before any legal services are being provided.

If you’re lucky enough to be accepted for these loans, you can fund your adoption, child custody or divorce case.

It’s a better option to talk to the other party and come to an agreement. Sadly, divorces are often too messy to make this possible. So, if you need cash for a divorce, keep in mind that you should borrow it based on your individual income and not on your household earnings.

If children have been born as a result of the marriage, and a fight over the custody erupts, expenses will be needed again. However, it will be harder to find grants for child custody fees.

Are There Loans for Divorce?

Yes, there are. But it’s actually not called a divorce loan. The official name is a personal loan. You can use a personal loan for whatever you want to. You also don’t need to disclose to your lender what you need the money for. You simply need to be eligible, apply, and get approved.

Personal loans are unsecured. You don’t have to supply something of value as security against your loan. These loans generally have fixed interest rates which gives you a steady interest rate on your loan even when the government raises the interest rates. This helps to keep your monthly payments from increasing unexpectedly and your budget from having to deal with sudden increases in expenses.

You may even find divorce loans online which doesn’t ask for a co-signer. This will help you to get a credit facility without having to find someone who is willing to accept responsibility for the loan with you. Co-signers accept to pay for the loan if you default (are unable to make payments).

Loans for Divorce Legal Fees

You’re in a difficult situation. Your money and assets are tied up for the time being until your divorce is settled. And you also need to contend with your former spouse’s demands and needs. You’ll only have access to your assets once all of this is settled. But, in the meantime, you need a rather large sum of money to help pay for your divorce’s legal fees. How much do you need to budget for this process that lies ahead?

Divorce Legal Fees

What does a typical divorce cost? Well, each divorce case is different. The estate in question differs from one family to another. Family businesses and complicated company groups can also come in to play which will push up the legal fees. But here are a few general figures you can consider to wrap your mind around the possible cost of your divorce.

It costs about $215 to file for divorce. The average divorce attorney hourly fee is around $250. People generally spent around $11,000 on lawyer fees. Then you might have to consider alimony/child support payments as well which can come to an additional $15,000. This is a large amount of cash needed to settle the matter. It’s okay if you don’t have the cash available. Consider loans for your divorce legal fees to help finance it.

How to Pay for a Divorce

When things have gotten so cold between you and your spouse, staying together is no longer an option. The mental state of both partners will only deteriorate further, and it does no good to any of you. So, in this case, you might be wondering how you can pay for a divorce.

Arrange a payment plan with your attorney

One way to pay for your divorce is by making an arrangement with your lawyer. A payment plan can be put into place, and the process will go by in a smoother manner. You have to first pay your initial retainer. After this step is completed, your lawyer could make sure to structure payment plans, so your needs will be met.

When you’re making the plan, you have to talk about the maximum amount of payments you’ll have to do on a monthly basis, not to mention the timelines. An interest rate might also be included, but it’s not obligatory. Ask the attorney beforehand just to be sure, and get to know how much it is going to be.

In addition, a transaction fee could also be included.

Pay with marital funds or ask the court to order your spouse to pay fees

One partner might have a lower income compared to the other, which will make it difficult to pay for divorce expenses. In this situation, you can pay for the divorce with marital funds, like joint bank accounts, for example.

If the other party wants the matter to end quickly and move on, you can ask them to pay the fees. It might not always be the best option to ask them for funding, but if they want the divorce so much, it will be in their advantage too, in the end. You can have your solicitor ask the spouse for you if you can’t do it.

Borrow money from family

Family is always there to support you no matter what. So why not ask them for help in this situation? It can be a little embarrassing when you’re a grown-up and should be able to deal with your problems, but they might understand the situation. Nevertheless, it might still be better to talk to someone you trust – it’s also cheaper than having to borrow from a lender or a bank.

You can do this by getting a formal agreement. If you don’t, the court might not even consider the loan since you have to divide the finances.

Also, it should go without saying that the money will have to be paid back. Make sure you have ways to do that. Otherwise, it can ruin the bond with your family members.

Use a personal loan

Did you know that a personal loan could be used to pay for your divorce expenses? It might not seem the best option at the moment, but when your spouse gets on your nerves, you’d rather deal with a personal loan than their continuous muttering.

You have to take into account that the amount you will be able to borrow depends on the lender you choose, as well as your condition. The loan will go on for a certain amount of time, and the monthly payments and interest rate will be set depending on your circumstances and the amount borrowed.

Can You Pay a Lawyer with a Credit Card?

A lot of attorneys accept credit card payments, so you can go with this option depending on your circumstances, and how convenient it is for you. In fact, there are many clients paying with credit cards for a divorce. You can open a credit card in your name and get divorce charges on it.

So, can you pay a lawyer with a credit card? Sure, but make sure that the bank account you use isn’t shared with your spouse, as it might end badly. If needed, open a new one that’s only in your name.

Where to Find Divorce Loans Online

Who would have thought you would look for divorce loans online? Gone are the days where you queue for hours on end to get access to financial services. You can now search and apply for loans for divorce on the internet.

There are many online lenders who will offer you divorce loans. But, make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully. Don’t get caught with your guard down as you look for help in this emotionally vulnerable time. There are many online loans for divorce legal fees that try to prey on uninformed customers. They’ll try to charge you extremely high interest rates or they’ll charge all kinds of administrative fees to drive the cost of your loan higher.

Compare options to find the best and cheapest loan available which works for you. This loan should help to settle your divorce. It shouldn’t cause you long term financial stress. Ask for some help from family and friends you trust to help choose a suitable and reputable lender.

How to Get a Divorce Loan Online with Stilt

Stilt offers personal loans to all kinds of people. You only need to comply with the simple eligibility criteria. People with fair credit and even immigrants can qualify for a loan with Stilt. You also won’t need a co-signer to accept responsibility for the loan with you. This is how it works.


You can apply online for loans for divorce up to $25,000. The interest rate (APR) start as low as 7.99%. Submit all the required information and paperwork with your application.

Get Approved

The best applications get the best offers so make sure you don’t leave anything out. Within 24 hours someone will contact you. Please supply any additional required information.

You’ll get a promissory note with your personal loan offer. Sign and return the note if you wish to accept the loan offer.

Start Repayment

The loan will be disbursed into your U.S. bank account within 2-3 business days. Set up your repayment method and start repaying. An autopay option will help you to pay on time every month.

It’s that easy! No fuss, no queuing, and very efficient. Apply for your divorce loan now.

How to Get a Divorce with No Money?

Getting a divorce with no money seems impossible. How are you supposed to split with your former lover when your wallet and bank account leave much to desire? If you’re in a tough financial spot and constantly ask yourself “How do I get a divorce with no money?”, here are a few methods that will help you out.

Step 1

If you want to know how to get a divorce with no money, make sure to go to the local courthouse and take a petition. This petition should open the divorce case. If you don’t want to go all that distance, you might be lucky enough to find the form for completion online.

One thing to keep in mind is that you must have lived (for a while) with your spouse in the country or state where you file the divorce.

Apart from the divorce case petition, you should also look for a fee waiver petition.

Step 2

The next step is completing the petition. You will have to fill out the form with your personal information like your address, possible children in the marriage, the names of both you and your spouse, and the divorce reason. The latter is not always a requirement, though, depending on the state. You can simply specify “irreconcilable differences” in some situations.

Step 3

Now that you’re done with the divorce case petition, you have to move to the fee-waiver petition. This one is meant to show that you want a divorce but don’t have the money to pay for the fee.

Nevertheless, you will have to provide some additional documentation, such as proof of your income, savings, checking accounts, investments and so on. So, make copies of any documents that will be useful in this situation. The petition will have to contain your signature and you’ll have to take it to a notary.

Step 4

The last step for the “how to divorce with no money” situation is taking the divorce petition and the signed, complete fee waiver petition to a court clerk. The clerk will have to get the documents checked by a court member and schedule a meeting with a judge to agree on the fee-waiver document.

If you’re lucky and get the fee-waiver petition approved, a marital settlement agreement must be done between you and your spouse, after which a hearing will be scheduled.

Thankfully, some states make the process simple, so it’s done quickly and free of trouble.

Loans for Legal Fees with Bad Credit

Loans for legal fees bad credit are possible too. Having bad credit won’t tarnish your ability to get loans for legal fees. It’s normal for a bad credit score to appear when a family breaks apart since finances go down the drain too.

The qualification process for a divorce lawyer usually depends on your personal income and/or on the expected divorce settlement. So, a bad credit score is usually understandable and won’t affect your ability to take out loans when a divorce is needed.

3 Smart Ways to Manage Divorce Costs

When you are going through a divorce, legal fees is the last thing you want to worry about. Not to mention the financial stress that comes with it. So here are a few tips on how to keep your divorce expenses as low as possible to make sure you don’t get yourself into a difficult situation.

1. Setup a Payment Plan with Your Attorney

It’s common practice amongst lawyers to allow their clients a payment plan. In doing so you can break the total sum into monthly installments. Ask your attorney if they offer the service and make use of it to help ease the burden your budget needs to carry.

2. Use Marital Assets to Pay for Court Fees

In some cases where the context of the situation allows it, the court may order that some of the marital assets be sold off to cover the legal costs of both parties. It may also be possible that the sole breadwinner of the marriage is ordered by the court to pay for both parties’ legal costs.

3. Reach Out to Friends and Family

This is a trying time where you’ll probably lean on friends and family for emotional support. You can also consider asking them for some financial support as well. There is no harm in asking. Better yet, your family might be more lenient than a lender and give you more than enough time to repay.

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Divorce isn’t easy and it certainly is not cheap. How will you cover your legal fees? You can consider a personal loan and use it as a divorce loan. Divorce loans help you pay the expensive legal costs necessary to settle the matter. Loans for divorce also help to finance your legal expenses as you repay the loan in monthly installments.

Taking out personal loans for divorce legal fees need careful consideration, though. There are some loans out there designed to prey on vulnerable people going through a divorce. So be careful. Once you have taken action you can also consider our divorce cost-cutting tips to help you manage your legal expenses in this difficult time.

Apply today for a divorce loan and make sure to choose the best and cheapest loan available to you.

Need a Loan? Get One in 3 Simple Steps

If you are considering applying for a personal loan, just follow these 3 simple steps.


Apply online for the loan amount you need. Submit the required documentation and provide your best possible application. Stronger applications get better loan offers.


If your application meets the eligibility criteria, the lender will contact you with regard to your application. Provide any additional information if required. Soon you’ll have your loan offer. Some lenders send a promissory note with your loan offer. Sign and return that note if you wish to accept the loan offer.


The loan then gets disbursed into your U.S. bank account within a reasonable number of days (some lenders will be as quick as 2-3 business days). Now you need to set up your repayment method. You can choose an autopay method online to help you pay on time every month.


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