Step-by-Step Guide for Renewing or Reissuing an Indian Passport

Step-by-Step Guide for Renewing or Reissuing an Indian Passport

Passports are documents that last a long time and renewing or reissuing them might not be something you do very often. Maybe, you never had to renew your passport or have it reissued to you, or perhaps you simply want to get a refresher and stay updated on how the process works. This scenario comes up for thousands of people with Indian passports around the world and we want to make sure you get through the process correctly.

Some questions that might pop up in your head for this process are whether or not you would need a police verification letter for the renewal or re-issue, whether or not you need an affidavit from a notary or a letter from someone like a District Collector, a Military Officer, or an SP, and more importantly, whether or not you would need an intermediary like an agent for your renewal or reissue.

There are many more questions you might have to help you understand this process in order to get through it without worrying about not having proper documentation or following the right procedure.

That is why we have a detailed guide that will show you all the steps you need to know in order to renew or re-issue your passport. For this example, we will be going over a situation where a passport is set to expire in less than 6 months and the passport has been renewed before the expiration date.

The set of documents needed for this process may vary, depending on your certain situation, but for the most part, the process should be the same as the one outlined here, even if you have an expired passport.

Renewing or Reissuing an Indian Passport

What’s the difference between renewing and reissuing a passport?

Just so that you are aware, renewing and re-issuing are used interchangeably in the article; however, there is a subtle difference between the two terms.

When you renew a passport, you are trying to extend the expiration date on a Short Validity Passport (SVP) so this process will require that you get an entirely new book.

A re-issued passport is one that you get because you have used up all your pages and your passport is reaching the end of its validity. These steps outline the most common experience, and the one you might be facing, which is a passport re-issue. Just be advised that the terms are used interchangeably.

Should I hire someone to handle my passport renewal?

You might feel you need an agent to handle your passport renewal but the truth is you do not. The process has been streamlined and automated so that anyone can do it without needing an agent. The only reason you would need an agent would be if you were illiterate, and if you are reading this, I believe you know what you are doing.

You also might want to hire an agent if you do not know how to use a computer, which would make you unable to fill out the online form in the process. Again, I am assuming you know how to use a computer and fill out an online form if you made it this far on the internet.

Before we start, we want to clarify one thing that might cause some confusion about whether or not you should be reading an article specifically about renewing your passport, or specifically about re-issuing it. We will start here before we dive into the guideline we have set up.

The 4 Steps to Renewing or Reissuing Your Indian Passport

  1. Register Yourself Online at Passport Seva Website

The very first thing you should do when starting this process is to register yourself with the Passport Seva Website. You can do this by going to the website, clicking ” New User Register” and commencing the registration that way. When you register you will have to:

  • Select the passport office that is connected to your current residential address
  • Enter your name, date of birth, email, login ID, password, and hint question
  • Activate your account using the email they send to you so that you can access your account.

Once the login is complete, you will see an option in the menu that states: “Apply for Fresh Passport/Re-issue of Passport”. After clicking on this link, you will proceed to fill out the application. This is the second step of this process.

  1. Fill out Your Online Application

Filling out your application is the core part of your passport re-issuing and renewal process. You will be presented with two options to fill out the application form and they will be presented as two alternatives. The option you choose does not matter because the process works out the same. The alternatives are:

  • Alternative 1 will put your application in a PDF form that can be downloaded and filled offline.
  • Alternative 2 will be inputted directly into the form you are using.

It is always good to have documentation you can easily access your information, especially sensitive information like this that you might need to change or update as you go along when filling out the application. That is why it is recommended to choose the first option with the PDF form because you might not have some of the details the form might require available to you at the time. The PDF form is also very clear and easy to fill out because of the way it is set up.

If you are using the PDF form option, you will need to enter the city or town you are in and then click Validate and Save. You will then have to save your file as an XML file and then save it under an appropriate name that you can easily find later. You will then need to upload that file in the section where you just downloaded the PDF form. All the details will be automatically created and you will just need to look over it and verify it before saving since you will not be able to change the details after this step. If anything is wrong, you will be able to change it at the passport office but try to confirm everything as best as you can.

No matter which case you choose, you will have to fill out the same details. Both options get you the same results; it is just a matter of preference on how you would like to fill it out. The information you will need includes:

  • Current address
  • Information on your Spouse as requested by the document
  • Two local references including their full names, addresses, and phone numbers

This is the most important part of the information to fill out because they might be needed for police verification. These are the people in the villages, towns, and cities of your area that will vouch for your character or who you are if police need to do an extra investigation.

  1. Get Set for Your Passport Renewal Appointment

Once your application is created, the next step is to check for available slots so that you can make an appointment to get all your documents checked out. You will also have to pay to submit the application. We will go through this process so you can see exactly how to do it.

Once your application is submitted there will be an option on the left stating “View Saved / Submitted Applications”. After you click this option, you will then have to select your application by clicking on the radio button. Then when the options are shown with links connected to them, you will need to click on “Pay and Schedule Appointment.” This link with take you to a page with the option for payment. You will be allowed to either pay online or pay with challan I recommend to do it online because it is generally easier.

Once you select Online Payment you will have the option to select the Passport Service Kendra and the time slot. It will show the available time slots you can choose for your appointment. Once you select your time slot, you will then be directed to the payment page where you can select which source you want to use to pay for the application.

Some of you filling this form out might be eligible for a walk-in appointment instead of having to pick a slot. If so, you can cancel the appointment and print the page out of the cancellation page to take to your appointment. You will also have to print the payment receipt page for the walk-in appointment. Present these documents at the walk-in hours listed for the office you will be having your appointment at.

Your payment receipt will have a barcode on it as well that will be scanned at your appointment. Please make sure that your printer has proper ink so that the payment confirmation information and the barcode are completely and 100% legible. If you encounter an error in your receipt make a note of it and tell the person who will be reviewing your passport.

Make sure you arrive at Passport Seva Kendra about 15-minutes earlier so as to not miss your appointment. Getting there on time will suffice, but it is always better to be earlier than later and sorry!

  1. Find the documents needed for your Passport Reissue or Renewal

You want to make sure you have all the required documents so that you do not run into any issues when you present your documents at your appointment. In the home page where Document Advisor for renewal / re-issue is listed; you will find a form with options listed for you.

Click the respective option that is similar to your case and a list of documents that you need to take to your appointment will be listed. You will not need any additional documents apart from the ones listed here. Do not worry about what other people say in regards to the issue. The only documents required are the ones listed on this page.

Documents needed for the Indian Passport Renewal/Re-issue

This is the list of documents you need. At the end, you will see the information about documents proving your address, as well as documents needed if your address has changed from the previous passport you owned. You will see respective information for other changes like spouse changes.

  • Online form that you printed out with the Application Reference Number (ARN).
  • Original expired or expiring passport
  • Proof of address as a utility bill: water, telephone, electricity bills, etc.
  • The utility bill should show statements for at least 2 months. One from the current year, and one from the previous year
  • If you are submitting a utility gas bill, PSK will ask for two proofs of gas connections from the previous months
  • Ration Card with address
  • Bank Statement for 1 year, and the passbook of bank account with the address on it.
  • Aadhar card, Voter ID, or another national identity card

If your address is the same address as the one in your old passport you only need a photocopy of your passport first page, last page and the page with your ECNR info. You will then do a self-attestation of the validity of this address. You can also carry current address proof through the documents listed before like with your utility bill, bank statements, or national identity card like a voter card.

If you have had a change in address that is different from your old passport address you will also need a copy of the first, last and ECNR page of your passport that will require the self-attestation. You will have to provide proof of the change in address with any of the documents listed before.

If you have a new spouse or have had a change in spouse you can add your spouse’s name and verify he/she is your spouse with an original copy and an extra photocopy of your marriage certificate -the photocopy that needs to be self-attested. If you plan to change any details of your spouse’s information from the one you had before, you need to carry the original marriage certificate proving this as well as a photocopy signed by you.

The documents listed above are the most basic ones you need for this process. As stated in step 3, you can find a more comprehensive list on the website.


We hope this list has outlined everything well enough for you so that you can renew/reissue your passport without any problems. If you have any questions about the process or need any help with clarifying the steps we have listed above, please let us know. Remember! You do not need an agent to get your passport renewed/re-issued! Just follow the instructions in this guide, and it should be smooth sailing from there!

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